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Measuring Your Print Campaigns

Despite all the new technology found on the internet, the old fashion methods of reaching new customers are still powerful and effective. Companies literally spend billions of dollars each year on print marketing ads and campaigns.

Managing a successful print campaign is possible when business owners can answer two of the most important questions in marketing? What is your company’s goal, and what are you hoping to accomplish?

Perhaps a new product has great potential and the market is ready for something new and exciting. What better way to introduce the newest product to potential customers, than print ad marketing and campaigning. Completing an analysis of the marketing demand can increase brand awareness, and increase sales and profits.

To measure a successful and profitable print ad campaign, just follow these simple rules:

Have a system for locating and tracking the success of a print ad campaign. Make sure the trail leads back to the company’s marketing department.

  • Perform self initiated analysis and assumption, and plan accordingly. Know how many ads to print, where to distribute them, and which audiences are targeted.
  • How many responses are expected, how much does the project cause and what profit is the business expecting in ROI.
  • Custom print materials can track sales and customers. Using codes and coupon with special numbers imprinted, can track sales and responses.
  • Train personnel and customer service representatives to ask the important questions. “How did you find us?” “What products or services are you interested in?” and “How can I make you happy today?”

Print marketing is concrete. Potential customers see an item that want, that pass the print along to the people in their circle. This form of networking, gets the print moving in new directions, and can actually increase sales in unexpected geographic locations.

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Why You Should Incorporate Qr Codes Into Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns need to be effective beyond anything else. While it’s also a good idea to make sure they are colorful and informative, they need to be effective. This means that you have to use all of the latest tips and tricks to make sure that readers see the benefit in what you are putting in their mail box.

The QR code is a great way to make sure people are able to benefit from your direct mail campaign. If you have a hard-to-type web address, you can simply place a QR code on your flyer so that people can scan it with their mobile device. They will then be taken to the website where they will learn more about your business.

More and more people are learning about QR codes. Not exactly sure what this code is all about? It stands for quick response and is designed to carry a lot of information inside of it. Mobile devices often have an app that will scan the QR code and decipher it. Depending upon how the QR code was created, it may provide an image, bring you to a website, or send off an email for you.

It’s very easy to incorporate a QR code into a direct mail campaign. It’s not going to cost you anything to create.

There are lots of websites that make it easy to create a QR code to your website or anything else for free. Then you simply add it onto your catalog, post card or anything else that you want to mail to your mailing list.

QR codes make it easier for people to take action. They can go to your website. They can view your menu. They can send you an email. Plus, a QR code makes people want to take action. They want to know what your code is going to reveal to them. So go ahead and make sure your direct mail campaigns are using QR codes.

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Is Advertising In Newspapers Still Worth The Cost?

It used to be that if you wanted to make sure people were reading about your business, it was necessary to advertise in newspapers. Now, it’s important to ask the question: is it worth it? Newspapers are still selling advertising space, but it’s expensive. Is it worth the expense?

There are plenty of ways for you to advertise that are more effective than newspapers. Target audience has a lot to do with how you choose where you will advertise. For most people, the newspaper is not a place where they get a substantial amount of information any more. There are many people who no longer subscribe to the newspaper in their community simply because everything that they need is online.

With so many places to advertise, why advertise in the newspapers where it’s not as cost effective?

The reason that some people are still advertising in the newspapers is because they don’t know where else to advertise. If you don’t want to advertise online, direct mail is still an option for you. You simply create a campaign with a postcard, brochure, or catalog, get a hold of a mailing list, and advertise inside of everyone’s mailboxes.

Direct mail can be more affordable than advertising inside of a newspaper. You aren’t limited by space and you are able to get your advertising message into more hands simply because you are putting your message into a mailbox where everyone goes at least a few times a week.

Especially when you are in a new area, advertising to a large audience is important. When you are looking for a place to advertise that gives you mass appeal, it’s not as cost effective to advertise in newspapers as it once was. Try direct mail and you will see an increase in your business as a result.

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5 Ways To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are meant for standing out amongst the competition. You need to make sure your booth has more people crowding around it – and that may be harder than it looks. If you go to any trade show, it’s the companies with the best looking booth that has the biggest crowds.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you stand out and get the crowds that you need to make sure your sales increase.

1. Signage. You have to have well-created signage to make sure you are seen. This means large signage at the top of your booth with your logo. As soon as people enter the trade show facilities, they need to be able to spot where you are.

2. Banners. Banners along the sides of your booth will make it easier for people to know when they have spotted you. Just as you need far away signage, banners will act as your close signage.

3. Lights. You need lights, even if it’s in the middle of the day or in a well-lit conference hall. The lights will make it easier to attract people and ensure that people are able to read all of the information that you have available at the show.

4. Giveaways. All trade shows have booths that give out something. Some people give out business cards, some people give out tootsie rolls, and others give out really cool things like pens, note pads, and even tote bags. These items should be printed with your logo so they know how to get in touch with you when the trade show is over.

5. Printed materials. Some people don’t want to talk to a sales person at the tradeshow. They just want to come by to collect information. If you are going to stand out, you have to provide material about your product or service to give people when they leave.

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Direct Mail: Why Do You Still Need It?

Direct mail is still an important part of a comprehensive advertising campaign. While some people may view direct mail as old-fashioned, there is still a significant demographic that can be reached via this tactic. Everyone in the world gets, and opens, their mail, and using direct mail advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach a specific geographical demographic. Online advertising is extremely valuable, but it’s also extremely variable: the people that you reach can be demographically and geographically spread out. For companies that need to reach a core demographic in a specific area, direct mail can be the best way to target advertising and get a higher return on their advertising dollar.

Direct mail can be effective in many ways that online advertising simply cannot. Direct mail has more substance, and can be delivered in many eye-catching and interesting ways. Many consumers have a tendency to become blind to online advertisements over time, which can make direct mail an easier way to catch their attention. Direct mail can also reach certain demographics of consumers more easily than online advertisements, such as older consumers or consumers that just aren’t as likely to go online.

Advertising in direct mail can be fairly cost-effective as long as discounts are used for the postage and the mailers themselves are kept simple. There are many methods of cutting costs for direct mail advertising, and experienced marketing companies will be able to make suggestions to a company about ways they can reduce the overall expense. There are also direct mail companies that specialize in mailing out vast quantities of advertisements for a low per unit price. Direct mail can also be used to bring traffic into a website that the website would have otherwise been unable to reach.

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How To Make Cross-Media Campaigns Cost-Effective

Cross-media campaigns can often be expensive. This is because you are creating individual campaigns for each type of media that you want to work with. You may be using telemarketers, print catalogs, a website, and much more to try and market your business. There are ways to save money when you create a cross-media campaign.

1. Establish your target audience

2. Market online and offline

3. Deliver your message

These are the only three things that you have to do in order to be successful with your marketing. It sounds simple, but it only gets complicated when you begin to over-complicate things.

You can use social media, which is a free tool, to help you market. For example, you can market that you are offering a free sample on Facebook. If someone actually wants a sample, they will message you and provide you with their mailing address. You not only get an address for your mailing list but you save money by sending samples to those who are interested instead of sending out a mass mailing.

When you use print media, you want to include all of your other marketing campaigns. Include your Twitter handle, your Facebook profile, and of course your website address. Want to make it easier for people to get to all of these places? You can create a QR code for each of these things as well – and the code itself doesn’t cost anything.

If you’re going to send something out in the mail and pay for both the printing and the mailing costs, then you might as well make it a cross-media campaign by including all of your online information. This way you are making sure people have an easy way to get in touch with you. Remember that some people like to hold a catalog but place their order online.

When you start to appeal to more people, your revenue will increase. You just have to create cost effective campaigns.

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Improve Your Marketing Campaigns with Videos

Videos have become an important tool in a marketer’s arsenal, and for good reason. Video has long been the best possible way to reach consumers, as shown by commercial advertisements throughout history. However, up until recently it wasn’t feasible to include videos in marketing campaigns because the bandwidth simply wasn’t there. Today, you can get unlimited bandwidth through a variety of video hosting websites, and consumers have extremely fast internet connections that allow them to download videos without hesitation. This perfect blend of technology and creativity has led many marketers towards engaging, exciting and above all memorable video marketing campaigns.

Video can reach consumers in a way that text and image documents simply cannot. Creating a video is very much about creating a relatable experience that relates to your clients. Anyone can set up a webcam and create a video, but a professional marketing campaign needs to take the time and care to set up a clean and attractive video. This means that the video needs to be staged appropriately, it needs to be scripted and it needs to have a qualified person in front of the camera. Making a marketing video is a lot like creating a miniature movie: it requires time and preparation to be successful.

If you’re creating your own marketing campaign videos there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Editing is very important, and you should always cut down your videos to just the basics. The average viewer simply doesn’t have a very long attention span. You should make sure that the audio comes across crisply and cleanly, and that no one has to strain their eyes to read any text that’s on the screen. Above all, you should make sure that the video remains professional and informative throughout.

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Make the Most Out of Your Direct Mail Marketing

For companies that run direct mail campaigns, the ability to effectively measure the highs and lows of those campaigns is vital to the success of their advertising as a whole. The following tips will have you well on your way toward making the most out of your company’s direct mail marketing:

  1. Utilize a tracking software system that will measure the statistics of your campaign easily and efficiently:  Yes, there is no denying that it may cost less money to send emails than it does to send direct mail. However, if the act of sending direct mail to your audience could bring you better results, wouldn’t you want to do that? Of course! However, we must put forth the effort to prove that is true.  This may primarily mean that we set up our campaigns and landing pages in a way so that direct mail responses are measured differently than responses to your emails, social media posts, or activities on another channel.  Response mechanisms such as QR Codes and personalized URLs can help us measure direct mail effectiveness as well!
  1. Select a focused audience versus conducting a blind mailing effort, thus increasing the potential for successful contacts: The days of spray-and-pray must be a thing of the past. This is certainly true from a budgetary perspective. But it also should be true from the fact that technology makes it easier than ever to create targeted, personalized materials and by doing so, we can increase our response rates.  By segmenting our audiences, we can deliver direct mail pieces that may have text, images, and offers that are relevant to each individual.
  2. Ensure that your direct mail pieces are both informative and aesthetically pleasing: We must never forget marketing fundamentals. Sure, it can be fun to get excited about new marketing channels; however, we must not neglect putting forth an effort to ensure our direct mail pieces look good and tell a compelling story.

These are just a few of the ways that companies can successfully incorporate direct mail into their marketing mix.

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