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Best Practices for Successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become one of the most dynamic and profitable advertising venues in the history of advertising. In just the third quarter of 2013, Facebook earned over $2 billion in revenue thanks to its successful advertising model. There is a reason why Facebook has been able to generate so much revenue: advertisers on Facebook have access to a large and captive audience that can be narrowly targeted based on income, interests, location, etc. for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

However, not everyone that advertises on Facebook is getting their money’s worth. There are certain tactics and strategies that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your advertising dollar. The following are some best practices everyone should adhere to:

Write simple and straightforward copy: The content of your ad should be simple and easy to understand. People on Facebook aren’t looking to read a long treatise, especially when it is an ad, so make sure your message is clear, specific, and simple.

Include a call to action: This advertising technique has been used for decades, and it remains true today. Every ad should directly ask the viewer to act. Whether this is visiting a website, taking advantage of a limited time offer, or anything else, make sure everyone that sees your ad and is interested in it knows what the next step is.

Narrowly target your advertisement: Facebook offers an advertising experience that traditional outlets like TV and radio simply cannot. With Facebook ads, you can drill down to a very specific audience. This means that an 19 year old single boy will not receive an ad for a retirement home.

Track the data: Facebook offers a suite of tools to track how each specific ad is doing. Use these tools to divert advertising funds away from campaigns that are not working and towards campaigns that are.

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The Secrets to a Successful Website

There are many different successful companies out there today that have a less than successful website. Maintaining a successful website takes hard work and dedication and unfortunately some people aren’t willing to put in that effort. If you are willing to put in a bit of work and follow these simple and effective tips for creating a successful website, you’ll already be one step ahead of the rest.

3 Secrets of a Successful Website

  • Appearances are everything. Your well designed website should show the world that you are stable and successful. You want readers to take you seriously and come back for more. You should take the time to create a visually appealing and easy to navigate site. Break up content with pictures, videos and links to other information. The main thing to remember here is to keep your reader entertained.
  • Update content often. You should be updating your site every few days. Readers want to come back and see something new. Whether it’s a new blog post or new pictures, make sure you are providing new content for your readers to enjoy on a regular basis. Give visitors the option to contact you and give feedback as well. The best way to hear what your readers want to see is directly from the source itself.
  • SEO is your new best friend. In order to drive traffic to your site you need to brush up on your Search Engine Optimization skills. Using keywords to your favor is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Having a site rich in SEO keywords helps you to become visible on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. By becoming visible on different search engines you are essentially investing in free advertising for your site!

Keep these secrets in mind when building your successful website. If you follow these simple steps and are offering your readers plenty of content to keep them engaged, you can be sure they’ll be coming back for more.

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The Solution to Retail Mobile Marketing

In today’s society we are all practically glued to our smartphones; in fact, I bet the majority of you are reading this blog post from a 4.5” by 2.3” screen. It is no secret that small and large businesses have been trying to crack the mobile marketing secrets for years. From failed text messaging advertisements to recent QR codes, mobile marketing has been a necessity that has yet to deliver the desired results – until now. Apple has once again stepped to the forefront with a mobile marketing tactic that is affordably available to big and small retail players.

Have you ever heard of the iBeacon? The iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a transmitting beacon around regions, which alerts your store’s app when a user enters into the beacon’s space. Imagine that you are approaching a Macy’s store. As you enter into the Macy’s iBeacon region your phone will transmit customized coupons and even walking directions to the specific aisle where a discounted item is located. iBeacon can go so far as to prompt customers with special promotions or a personalized recommendation based on past shopping history.

A recent Bloomberg article examined the mobile marketing implications of the iBeacon. According to Bloomberg analyst Bill Carmody, at just $99 for three 50-meter transmitting beacons, “It’s as if you just added Google Analytics to your physical store – the real-life equivalent of being able to analyze page views and click throughs.” iBeacon allows retail store owners and manufactures to analyze retail traffic patterns, specific hover zones, and purchase patterns.

The possibilities for targeted mobile marketing are now endless. As we enter the busy holiday shopping season we will soon discover if iBeacon proves to be the mobile marketing breakthrough that it currently seems to be.

[Source: Business Week –]

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How to Effectively Utilize Google+

The most successful businesses are constantly looking for methods and techniques to expand and find new customers. For businesses looking to connect with new customers and expand their reputation, Google + offers the world’s second-largest social networking website in the world. Through Google + users have the opportunity to create their own profile and connect with others through the formulation of “circle” groups. Google Plus users grow their network by posting useful information, posts, images and videos that can quickly go viral. Below, we will examine how to effectively utilize Google +.

1. Link your Google + Account to Other Forms of Social Media:

To generate more traffic and interest in your product or service, consider placing your Google+ Badge on your company website, blog and social media site to generate new and loyal customers. Because Google + can be linked and shared to thousands of users, the content on your profile can go viral in an extremely short period of time. Invite your friends, business partners and existing clients to your Google+ circle where it can be shared and viewed by all of their contacts and associates too.

2. Market to the Right Audience:

Prior to launching a Google + profile, spend time considering who your target audience is. Once this is determined, market your Google + profile to cater to these individuals. If you are trying to connect with a younger demographic, post and share content that is relatable to their age group.

3. Inviting People to Join your Circle is only Half the Battle:

If your Google+ account is not updated on a regular basis with new and interesting posts, people who are in your circles will forget about your profile. Start with an introduction post that tells your connections what you are offering and continue to update this information with useful content.

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Are Forms on Your Website Beneficial?

A well-designed website form is a way to effectively collect useful data while giving your website a professional appearance. Executed correctly, website forms can easily do in a couple of minutes, what it may have taken countless man hours to do by hand. For that reason, and many others, forms are valuable tools that can provide a dearth of information and potentially boost sales for your business.

If you aren’t currently using website forms on your website, you may be missing a huge opportunity for growth. Forms can be used to order a product or service, collect feedback, register for an event, collect survey results, or collect contact information. The benefits of collecting such a dearth of information can help your business expand exponentially.

Once all of this data is collected, it can be saved, organized, and utilized. Whether you use that information for marketing campaigns, to disseminate new information, to provide product updates, or to follow-up with customers, you now have an arsenal of information that can be flexed in any number of directions.

Website forms are an easy way to collect consumer information. Brief, clearly-worded fields create an easy access point for consumers to share their needs and opinions while getting your company the information it needs to adapt to the needs of its customers. Setting a form up is relatively easy to do and can yield endless advantages for your business. It is an instant and cost-efficient way to put at your fingertips all of the valuable market research that you need to create a thriving a business.

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Benefits of a Monthly e-Newsletter

In today’s economy, it is harder than it has been in a very long time to get the customer to open up his wallet and give you his credit card information. Due to this, small businesses that fail to innovate or, worse still, fail to connect with their existing customer base, simply fail. One of the simplest ways to make this vital connection with an existing customer base is to produce a monthly e-newsletter.

In addition to the obvious benefit of making the customer base feel appreciated and “in the know,” a monthly e-newsletter allows for experimentation within that group of people. By taking the core of your consumer base and subjecting it to things such as new schemes for sales, you are given a quick and dirty look into how well this new idea will fare with the cross-section of the population with the highest response rate toward your personal product. This high response rate also extends to the ability to leverage your existing customer base to provide free product reviews, free general marketing information, and free off-the-record critiques by simply asking them. People are often quite pleased when they learn their opinions not only valued, but specifically asked for. Use that impulse.

For those with very small businesses, the production of a monthly newsletter is just another regular cadence that can prove to the IRS that you are a business and not just a hobby. Remember, hobbies don’t pay the self-employment income tax, but cannot offset losses with deductions to anywhere near the same extent as a business. For those who are transitioning to a larger, more stable business, having as many sources of proof that you are serious about this as you possibly can will help enable you to classify yourself as a business.

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3 Best Practices for Content Marketing

Content marketing is a quick way to reach any business goals that you may have. This is one market that is rapidly growing and making a name for itself in the business world. Content marketing is great to use for any type of business that are you are trying to expand.

  1. Taking Things Behind the Scenes: When you give your audience a behind the scenes look at your business, they feel special. When your audience feels special, they are more likely to become interested in what your business has to offer. If you are considering offering a behind the scenes sneak peak, you will have to gather and present interesting information that will be interesting to your audience.
  2. Being Able to Provide Exclusive Content: The best way to make sure that your business stays ahead of its competition is to create unique content. When you are providing your audience with content that they are not able to get anywhere else, your business will become the number one source that they go to. This will generate a substantial amount of traffic for your website.
  3. Provide a Q&A Form: Providing a question and answer form is a great tool to use to help your audience receive answers to the questions that they are looking for. Make sure that you update this section of your website so that your audience is aware of new concerns. When you constantly update your website and its sections, you will be able to constantly provide up-to-date details about the achievements and new events that are occurring within your business.

These are three basic steps that you can use for content marketing strategies to help you expand your business and gain a broad customer base. Keep in mind that your business is only as great as your customers and without customers, your business can suffer greatly.

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How Can Your Business Benefit From Digital Printing and Copying?

Given the technological advances in digital printing, there are differences and distinct advantages that translate into a direct impact on your bottom line.

Is There a Difference Between Offset and Digital Printing?

With offset printing, the technology requires the use of metal plates in order to transfer (“offset”) an inked image onto a rubber blanket, The image is then rolled onto a sheet of paper. During the offset printing process, ink is never directly transferred onto paper.

The advantages of digital printing become evident with short runs. For example, If you need 100 or even 400 4/C brochures or sell sheets, offset printing is definitely not the way to go. With offset printing, there are costs that involve labor, setup and the technical steps required to make metal printing plates. With this type of short print run, the only cost-effective solution is digital printing.

Digital printing involves the transfer of a document from a personal computer, or other digital device to a variety of media through the use of a device that accepts graphic output and text. In order to facilitate its reproduction and storage of the data, the document information is digitized (reduced to binary code). It’s also very easy to make change, revise, and update files.

Additionally, digital printing gives you the flexibility and convenient option of on-demand printing along with a much shorter turnaround times. And, there’s never a need for traditional plates, metal plate mounting, or ink keys.

Digital copiers provide many advantage for business. For starters, since they contain fewer moving parts, there are fewer mechanical problems and breakdowns. Digital copiers are not only much quieter, they provide a combination of functions such as copiers, network printers, scanners and fax machines.

As far as the reproduction of photographs and fine lines, digital copiers win hands down.

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