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Cross Media Marketing and Your Printing Services

Building your brand as a printing company locally and online is possible with the right marketing campaigns and techniques in place. Understanding how to implement cross media marketing to boost the sales of your printing services is a way to take your business to the next level of success.

Launch an Official Website

Building an official website for printing services that you provide is necessary to captivate a larger audience, whether you are working locally or providing services remotely online. Having a website is not only a way to attract new customers, but it is also essential to build your brand and professional image within the market. Maintaining a modern and accessible website helps to boost professionalism while allowing you to create a reputation for yourself as a reputable provider for printing services.

Develop Your Online Presence

Develop your online presence with official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts to promote your work and spread your portfolio with social media. Using multiple platforms is a way to quickly boost your reputation while gaining traction and additional followers who are interested in your services.

Offer a Newsletter and a Local Subscription for Followers

When you want to provide local mailing lists as well as online newsletters, offer both options with your official website and when promoting marketing material with social media. Offering potential customers the option of subscribing online or off is a way to quickly increase your subscription list to help generate potential leads and future clients.

Utilizing online and offline marketing methods is a way to reach a wider audience regardless of your target demographic. The more you implement cross media marketing methods, the easier it is to generate leads and gain followers and fans who are genuinely interested in the printing services you have to offer.


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How Print Marketing Has Changed

Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful company. However, the digital revolution has forever changed the way this is done. Print marketing is one area highly affected by the changes brought forward by the digital revolution. Fortunately, a wise marketer can use these changes to his or her advantage.

But in today’s modern marketing era, a change has come.

In the past, print marketing involved leasing space in newspapers or magazines. These advertisement were effective because so many people read the publications. Today’s e-readers and tablets have all but replaced the newspaper for younger readers, though older citizens still prefer the traditional method. Fortunately, print marketers can contact online publications and advertise there. E-magazines typically target a specific demographic just like traditional publications. However, e-magazine subscriptions are on the rise while traditional publications are struggling to keep an audience. One reason for the decline of traditional publications is their cover price. Since the e-magazine is sent electronically, expenses such as paper and ink don’t affect the price.

Fortunately, most e-mags have reasonable advertising rates and they’re more directly advertised to the target demographic. If a company advertises in LIFE magazine, there’s no telling who’ll see the ad. if the same marketer advertises in Under the Juniper Tree, he or she is far more likely to reach a young adult audience. Someone wanting to reach an older audience should stick to traditional publications as many elderly people prefer the newspaper over the Internet. The people being targeted by the advertising campaign really determine where the ad should be placed. This has always been the case for print marketers, and the digital revolution has provided another avenue to reach new costumers.


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Generating Sales Leads With Direct Mail Marketing

With all the hoopla surrounding online advertising, many businesses abandon other forms of marketing and pump all of their resources into Internet platforms. This is a big mistake. Despite what those online “gurus” say, print marketing isn’t down for the count. A meticulously planned direct mail campaign can generate leads and have new customers kicking down your door.

Direct mail marketing is so effective because businesses can:

  • target their demographic
  • customize adverts to fit their needs
  • integrate it with other forms of advertising
  • measure results
  • reach people who don’t use the Internet

Marketing campaigns have a better chance of generating leads when they are targeted towards your ideal demographic. Direct mail allows you to zone in on your target market so you can choose where your mailers end up.

Direct mail is versatile in that it can take the form of letters, post cards, coupons, catalogs or brochures. You can customize the color, size and style of the mailers to reflect the message you’re trying to convey to customers. You can even address potential customers by name as a way to capture their attention faster. The best thing about direct mail is that you can reach the 20 percent of the population who don’t have Internet access.

Direct mail is easy to integrate with radio, billboard, television, online and other types of media and print advertising. This helps to boost your lead-generating prowess so you can reach larger audiences. And with direct mail, you can measure your results by tracking how many mailers you send out and how many people respond to your advertisements.

Before you think about scratching direct mail off your list, remember that no matter what’s going on in the virtual world, people still check and sort mail in the real world. This means your direct marketing mailers have a good chance of landing in the hands of people who will purchase your products.


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Improving a Customer’s Experience Online

To improve your customer’s experience online, consider these three tips.

Don’t make them have to hunt you down.

Online customers can easily get frustrated and give up and leave if they can’t swiftly find a way to contact you with questions about your products or services. Don’t make them scroll all the way to the bottom of your website to finally unearth a dusty contact link in grey, 3 pt. type. Don’t make them navigate away from your product page to the home page in order to find the contact link. Don’t force them to consult a site map to find a contact link either, unless you prefer to be completely unreachable.

Instead, at a minimum, have a clear, large contact us link that shows up on every page of your website, so customers can quickly get answers to impromptu questions.

Take a page from the old print catalogs.

Years ago when print catalogs were in style, customers were given multiple methods to place an order. Buyers could mail it in, phone it in, or fax it in. Do the same for your customers. People have varying favorite ways to place orders. Offer an 800 number as well as an online order form, and perhaps let them order via Live Chat. By doing this, you’ll appeal to a much broader range of customers.

Don’t make them wait.

Don’t make your site visitors wait for splash pages to finish, and don’t make them wait for pages to load. This is akin to making your customers wait outside the shop door while your employees finish their merchandising displays. By the time you open the front door, your customer could be long gone. Your website developer should be able to design a site for you that loads quickly, with web-optimized graphics that won’t hang up your customers’ ISPs. When in doubt, always choose faster download times over razzle dazzle.


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Online and Offline Presence-Building for a Business

It’s a buzzword phrase business folks hear all the time these days – “you need to expand your presence!” Unfortunately, while this action seems to be an agreed upon need in the digital world, not as many people full understand what it means.

In reality, expanding a business presence online or off is about developing and building brand awareness and reputation. It’s about developing a name, service delivery, and recognition that is synonymous in consumers’ minds with a particular product, need or service. So every time people think about a particular tool, the company’s name comes up immediately instead of just a generic tool.

While the online side of things involves websites and social media presence, businesses shouldn’t forget about the realtime, real world side of things. Local and regional presence has been developed for decades with the use of fliers, advertisement, mailers, newsletters and multiple other print options. No surprise, business sales and revenue still comes from people remembering about a coupon, an address on a pen or notepad, or seeing an add on a billboard on the side of the highway or commute road.

Another aspect about expanding presence is that, unlike the digital world, an offline presence can remain a bit more static. Time moves slower for printed material, so there’s not as much need to keep updating information to stay on a particular search engine. The biggest search engine in the print world is the local yellow pages phone book, and that only gets updated once a year.

So if your business is looking to boost its name, the digital world is a fine place to do so, but don’t forget printed hardcopy marketing tools as well. Sometimes the old tried and true is still a better path to take, especially when building local name recognition.


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Measuring The Real Results of Social Media

If you are like many business people, you may wonder how much time and money you should invest in social media on large networking websites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. You might havealready invested in these platforms, but you are not sure that you can measure any tangible results. While it’s nice to see a growing number of fans and followers on your business pages, it would be even nicer to correlate that with an increased number of leads and sales.

Measuring Social Marketing Performance

One of the most difficult things about assessing the benefits of social media efforts is that some important benefits are intangible. For example, brand awareness might be one of the main goals of your campaign, but it can be hard to measure the way that increased awareness has impacted your sales unless you do absolutely nothing else to generate sales and leads.

Information Today is a website mostly aimed at librarians and information gatherers, and they have published some topical insights for business people who need a way to quantify the results of their efforts. They suggest these simple tactics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign:

  • Analytics: If your goal is to increase the number of visitors to your website, you should have tracking in place on your site to see where visits originate. If your goal is to get the phone to ring, you can either dedicate a phone number to your efforts or simply train your representatives to ask where the call came from.
  • Search results: Spend the time to measure your ranking in popular search engines, and you should do this both before and after a search media campaign.
  • Internet mentions: Google Alerts is a great tool to alert you to mentions of your business website or social media page on other Internet properties.


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Millennials and the Mailbox

While there are many people who love getting coupons, flyers and other marketing messages in their mailbox every day, the millenial generation is probably one group where your paper marketing methods will fall flat. If you want to reach the younger generation, you’ll have to find ways to reach them where they’re already gathering information: the internet.

More Connected than Ever

A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation reports that 80% of millenials sleep with their smart phone next to their bed. This means that those smart phones are probably the first thing they check every day. The same study also reports that millenials shift their online focus to different platforms more than 27 times in a single hour. A focus on digital media and a short attention span means your online messages have to be present and quickly digested to be effective.

Doing Business Online

Another sign that messages in the mailbox might be ineffective for millenials is the fact that 88% of them are paying their bills and performing other banking tasks online. Where older generations still make the trip to the mailbox to collect their bills, millenials are getting their important information in their email inboxes and via smart phone apps and dismissing the paper mail as advertisements.

Get Social

The millenial generation relies on personal interaction and recommendations from friends when it comes to choosing where to spend their money. This means that instead of dropping advertisements around the web, companies need to interact with the millenial generation using social media outlets. Companies also need a solid inbound marketing strategy so that when millenials start searching the web for solutions, they are easily found.

Direct mail campaigns are still an effective strategy for many age groups, however, when it comes to millenials you’ll need to put your best digital foot forward to meet your goals.


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Why Print Marketers Have To Think Differently

In the glory days of print marketing, advertisers could produce just about anything they wanted and it would attract the desired attention. From listings in newspapers to colorful spots in magazines, some quality artwork and a quick catch phrase often proved all an advertising company needed to prove successful. However, this day is long gone and it has changed drastically over the past decade. Now, the majority of marketing takes place over the Internet as it is easier to target a specific demographic and know exactly what these individuals might want. This does not mean print marketing is dead, but it does mean print marketers have to think differently.

Target Demographic

A print marketer needs to understand now who is more likely to come in contact with their advertisement. If the ad is to appear in a newspaper spread, fewer and fewer young professionals are reading newspapers. This means marketing towards a younger crowd requires more integration with the Internet than ever before. It also means that a print marketing company needs to target specific publications in order to increase the chance of even reaching their younger demographics. Publishing content in smaller newspapers or magazines that target a more focused audience is now more important than spending more money for the major newspaper in the region, as this readership is lower than ever before.


Integrating other forms of marketing with print is essential, not only to reach the target audience but simply for survival. Without this ability to use the Internet, most marketing companies are going to fold due to the lack of revenue. Marketing is now a progressive, ever evolving game mixed with the growth and development of technology. Without integrating this technology into the marketing platform, the company has very little chance of success.


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