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Why Advertising in Newspapers is Still Effective

Should You Consider Newspaper Advertising?

Each year, articles appear online bemoaning the death of newspapers and saying that websites will soon put old fashioned broadsheets out of business for good. Yet, each year, some newspapers continue to thrive as others shut down, suggesting there is still a viable market for newspaper publishers who know what they are doing. One of the most lucrative areas for any newspaper is advertising, which includes the ads that appear throughout the publication as well as the classified listings. Advertising in newspapers is still effective for many business owners, including larger chains and small, locally owned businesses. There are a few reasons that advertising in a newspaper can be effective.

Lack of Distractions and Competition Make Newspaper Ads Effective

Unlike the internet, where distractions abound, most readers of a printed newspaper are focused on what they are reading. Online, the same story that appears in print may be surrounded by ads, links to stories on related topics and weather and traffic information. On the average printed page, there are only a handful of ads, generally from different industries. This singular focus gives advertisers in a printed newspaper a much better chance of keeping the customer’s attention and closing a sale.

Reach Different Segments of the Market with Newspaper Advertising

Another factor in successful newspaper advertising is the desired target market. Certain segments of the reading public simply prefer the feeling of holding a publication in hand and turning the pages. Others are not as internet savvy as they could be. As a result, newspaper advertisers are actually reaching a coveted segment of certain audiences. If your product is aimed at seniors, grandparents or those who are not extremely technologically proficient, a newspaper ad can be much more effective than one that appears online.


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Ideas for Your Next Print Marketing Campaign

Ideas for Your Next Print Marketing Campaign

Print marketing is certainly not dead, as some internet devotees would have you believe. It still holds an important place in your overall marketing plans. Here are some ideas that will help your next print marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

Print Marketing Is More Unique

The competition for customers online is extreme, which makes it more difficult to stand apart from other companies in your field. Since most businesses focus on internet marketing, print media helps you to grab attention.

When you see ads in your email, how long do you usually spend looking at each one? Long enough to delete it, or perhaps to mark the email as spam. Checking your postal mail is entirely different, according to Marketing Profs. You probably bring your mail into your home and at least glance at each piece, before throwing some of them away and keeping some for sales in which you are interested. This means that print materials may receive a good deal more attention than online ads.

Print Marketing and Social Media

Many companies use social media sites to engage their customers and potential customers. Look back a bit farther. Before there were social sites online, there were business cards. Handing someone a business card is a social contact in the most basic sense. You can also integrate print marketing with social media.

Print Media with QR Codes

More people than ever connect with companies like yours online. The technology is still developing, and as it does, print media develops ways to use it. A QR code, that unusual square logo that Smarthphones can read, allows potential customers to scan your print media into their phones, and be taken to your website.

QR codes are customizable with various patterns and colors to integrate into your next print marketing campaign. This type of technology can connect people to your website, but it can do more. It can also play videos or distribute files, or share features that will encourage potential customers to seek you out and engage with you, and even share your company sales with other potential customers.


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Three Effective Tips for Making Print Interactive

Have you been looking for ways to improve your print marketing efforts? If so, there’s great news. By following three simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to making your print ads, labels, and content come to life.

Start Using QR Codes

QR codes might look like funny barcodes, but they are an excellent way to bring valuable information to your customers. In fact, when a customer scans a QR code using a mobile device that’s connected to the Internet, he or she will then be taken to your online site or application. It’s here that customers can watch videos relating to your services and products, leave feedback and lots more.

Always Incorporate Social Media Profiles

When it comes to bringing life to your print, social media is the way to go. On all printed materials that you supply to customers, make sure to let them know that you are active on an assortment of social media platforms and that you would love to connect with them. Once the two of you connect with one another, you’ll then be able to interact like never before.

Include the URL to Your Website

If your customers don’t know the link to your website, how are they supposed to visit your online store? Because of this, make sure that all of your printed materials include the URL to your website. Also, if your company hosts a blog, make sure to include the URL to it as well.


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Are Your Social Pages Doing Well? The Importance of Goals and Indicators

Social Media has reshaped marketing, and the rules of social media are constantly changing. Business should be prepared to track the health of their social media investments, and must constantly evaluate and reevaluate the right indicators to measure.


Social media goal setting may not initially seem as complex as other areas of business, but there is often less clear guidance and direction, paired with constant change. Harvard Business School is currently studying “deep indicators” of business model success, since indicators aren’t always obvious, easy to identify, or easy to track. This is one aspect of social media complexity as well, with constant change as an added complexity.

Meaningful Goal-Specific Indicators

You can easily misjudge social media site health if your goals are unclear. A simplified breakdown of common goal categories are those associated with:

  1. Increasing web traffic or increasing sales, and
  2. Brand awareness and expanding online presence.

Not all data are meaningful indicators. Likes, followers, and views may indicate success toward #1, but although they may be a component of a more complex set of indicators for #2, they are less likely to be independently meaningful. The second group represents an increasingly important but more complicated realm, possibly requiring ‘deeper’ indicators. These include indices of user interactions and engagement, using data pertaining to re-posts or re-tweets.

Using your properly identified goals and indicators, and awareness of change, ensure that you are using the right tools to meet your goals. Your assessment is most useful if you are applying your strategy in the right setting. Considerations should include:

  • Best venue or platform for your goals
  • Familiarity with site-specific analysis tools
  • Current KPI trends and interpretation


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Email Marketing and Small Businesses

Time has changed for everyone in the world, especially for anyone in business. Whether the business is small, large or a corporation, technology has changed the way businesses market their company. Technology is everywhere in businesses and private homes and the Internet is becoming the fastest way to keep in contact with customers. Email marketing is what helps to keep the business profitable.

Email marketing is an affordable way to contact customers for any number of reasons such as, product information and problem solving, perks, rewards, coupons and promotions. Businesses find email marketing cost-effective and when small business email marketing done in the correct fashion can build their brand and form a group of loyal clients.

Most companies send out newsletters and there is no better way to do this than through inexpensive emails. Emails help businesses to tailor their products and their customer services through emails.

If a small business decides to correspond with their customer base through emails, they must decide if they need an HTML. There are pros and cons to this question and the small business owner must research these pros and cons and decide if an HTML is going to fit their needs. Next, the small business needs to ask themselves if they are going to offer a newsletter as many other businesses do for their customers.

Newsletters offer information about specific products, services, sales and special tips. Add a bit of humor to your new email newsletter and people will sit up and pay attention. There is an old saying that says it just right, “Why I am too broke to even pay attention.”

Surveys find that more and more businesses are establishing themselves on solid ground through a business website. When small businesses start email marketing like the big companies it puts them in the race and gives the small business owner the same advantages when it comes to competing businesses.

The small business owner must get in and run the race for profits through their use of Internet marketing and email marketing to stay profitable and compete with other small businesses offering the same products and services.



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Common Email Marketing Mistakes

An email marketing campaign should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. However, an email marketing campaign needs to be done right or you might as well have not bothered to do one at all.

The emails you send to your customers, and your potential customers, are the face of your business. In most cases, your emails are what your customers see the most because they will generally receive your emails more often then they will visit your facility or your website. Therefore, your emails must convey your message in a way that will grab your customers attention and keep them coming back for more.

There are several common mistakes that many email marketers make. Here are the most common email mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Not Using Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

The first thing your customer will see when they receive an email from you will be the subject line. If the subject line doesn’t grab their attention, your customer will likely not even bother to open it. A great way to deliver attention grabbing subject lines is to scour the emails you’ve received, then make a swipe file to record the subject lines that you found most effective. You can then use that swipe file to help create the subject lines for your future email campaigns.

2. Unorganized Email Content

Not only do you need to provide your customers with high quality, engaging content, but you also need to include a hyper-linked table of contents at the top of all your emails. People are busy and many of them don’t have time to read a lengthy email. A hyper-linked table of contents will help your customers navigate directly to the part of your content they want to read. This will help keep you from losing readers due to them not wanting to read the entire email just to get the one piece of information they need.

Additionally, you should always use sub-headings, numbered lists and bullet points to make your emails easier to read. And always make sure your emails are optimized so they can be easily read on mobile devices.

3. Not Including A Strong Call-To-Action

You spent all that time researching an engaging topic for your email, writing out an attention grabbing subject line and the content you thought your customers would enjoy. Then you spent more time formatting your email in a way that would be visually appealing. So why did you do all that? Because you want to keep a customer and hopefully make a sale – right? If you want to make a sale or achieve a specific customer response, you must include an effective call-to-action. If you don’t tell your customers exactly what it is you want them to do, they won’t do it.

Do you want your customer to:




Whatever action you want your customer to take, you have to tell them exactly what it is you want them to do – if you want them to do it.


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How to Scale Your Marketing Plans

Marketing is not always the most popular component of running a business, but whether you are running a Fortune 500 company or a little shop on the corner, marketing is a necessary part of success. But of course, each of these companies are likely to implement very different strategies that work best for their intended customer base and their budget. In all cases, the best marketing strategy is one that is flexible, shows awareness to the changing needs of the customer, and seeks to build relationships with customers that will encourage them to talk about your business in a positive light, and return themselves. To accomplish this, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Who is My Customer?

Chances are, the answer to this question isn’t simple, because customers serve many roles. It is likely that you will have to subdivide your potential and existing customers into groups based on what they need. Market research helps to identify what these needs might be. Once you discover this, you can look at your own strengths and figure out the best way to reach those customers.

Finding the Right Path

There are many possibilities when it comes to advertising. Some hold exhibitions, undergo public relations campaigns, embrace the Internet and social media, or ask those who sell their product to give an extra push in order to try and boost sales.While a large company may be able to throw in everything to “see what sticks,” this may not be an option for a start up or a small to medium business. because the budget just isn’t there. It’s better to pick a couple affordable options, and monitor the results in order to see which is most effective.

Keep Your Eyes Open

It’s often said that the only constant in business is change, so you need to watch for it and stay ready to react. That means continuous evaluating of the demand of your product or service and watching what the competition is doing. Always keep a look out for new demographics that may be interested in your products, but don’t forget your “tried and true.” Loyal customers will likely be there for you, but only as long as they believe that you are there for them. Stay attentive to customers, acknowledge their different needs and approach the relationship accordingly.

Customer service is a cornerstone for a good marketing plan, because it brings free advertising. But the main goal for marketing is to make a profit, and for most businesses, around 80% of profits are yielded from 20 % of customers. Know who these customers are, find out what they need to stay happy, and give it to them.Continue to follow up and analyze, and remain flexible so you can overcome the challenges you are presented with.


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Tying Print With Mobile Devices

Some observers believe the marriage of print media and mobile devices is a new advertising genre. Many experts have been touting the value of print advertising, now that so many companies better understand the benefits–and the “warts”–surrounding digital advertising campaigns.

According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the Best Buy coordination of mobile marketing with their weekly sale circular, begun in 2010, has capitalized on the interactive benefits of mobile devices with the power of print advertising. Mobile device marketing offers an important advantage over traditional print marketing: Active calls to action.

This marriage of print and digital media offers benefits unavailable with other marketing options. Immediate and personal calls to action are a graphic example. There are other advantages you can enjoy.

  • Perfect your online presence with a great website and relevant social media pages.
  • Publish a regular newsletter with free subscriptions for your customers and prospects.
  • Combining print and mobile marketing helps deliver the “feel” and quality of your products.

Using coordinated digital and print advertising campaigns maximize your audience reach in all demographics and gains Facebook “likes” and more Tweeter followers. This combination typically results in more customers, too. More customers equal more revenue.

Your website, social media and newsletters offer another benefit. You’ll get some interested new leads that you can convert to customers. Melding print advertising with mobile devices creates engaged fans of your products or services.

Just as Best Buy uses this combination to increase sales with interactive calls to action, you can do the same for your company. Combining quality print pieces with mobile marketing campaigns gives you the cutting edge multimedia tools you need to succeed.

Integrating marketing campaigns with combinations of print and digital media can return outstanding results. When integrated with effective email marketing, print and mobile channels can increase ROI (return on investment), revenue and profitability. Using one of the top companies, like LATKA Communications, to coordinate mail or email campaigns makes it easy for you to get the most out of your advertising efforts, while enjoying budget-friendly solutions.


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