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How to save money using direct mail

No other advertising platform has stood the test of times better than direct mail marketing. Below are some tips to get your campaign started.

1. Start out with a standard template.

Templates create the foundation for all your mail campaigns and are as easy to use as personalized business letterheads, envelopes and stationary. This template should include all the basic information including your contact and location plus an interesting design/logo to catch the prospective client’s attention. Make the template easy to edit and update by creating certain areas where you can easily make the necessary changes. For instance, you can have your basic info and design, then have four ‘text boxes’ formatted to easily remove or add text and pictures as you need them. This way you can use your template again and again.

2. Use EDDM

Every Door Direct Mail allows you to work smart instead of hard. This is a mail service where small businesses get direct mail discounts without the hassle of getting permits or using application forms. EDDM goes straight to the post office and is distributed to local clients from there. This marketing tool is a powerful service that deals with a broad area without focusing on demographics. EDDM is an effective medium used to distribute newsletters, flyers and postcard by retail stores, grocery stores and lawn care companies because it’s great advertising at a lower cost.

3. Keep Up With Existing Customers.

Pare down your mailing list to target existing clients. These are the best customers to work with as they are familiar with your product and are interested enough to patronize your business. Sending postcards and newsletters keep your business alive while acting as a reminder to your present clientele. Many small companies lose business not because of poor service, but because their customers forget about them. Think radio advertising; a constant audio reminder of what customers want – direct mail has the same power.


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Targeted, Personalized, and web-to-print expected to grow fastest

In order to grow your business, targeting marketing practices is extremely important. The more personal the advertisement, the greater the chance of the information landing home with the potential customer. In order to do this, utilizing different forms of marketing is key. One of the fastest growing methods for performing this action, especially at the local level is through a Web to print (also known as Web 2 Print) format. This method of marketing uses both traditional, print based marketing and Internet based options in order to best reach a perspective client.

The fact of the matter is some people respond better to local advertisements they receive in the mail while others are more likely to interact with an ad they see on their social media account. Due to this, it is very important for any business to obtain and source their information and use variable data they receive in order to convert their Internet visitors and possible clients into print recipients of marketing material, which can help drive sales up through the roof.

With the help of Web to print marketing, a company can obtain all of the specific information they need o a key demographic, ranging from the products they are more likely to purchase to the kinds of services they like. From there, they can alter their print marketing campaign and send out the mailers, posters or other marketing material directly to the customers. This way, the company uses the benefits of the Internet while producing the close, personal material of a traditionally produced marketing campaign. With the utilization of both of these formats, it is possible to take advantage of all of the different benefits and services available and to also grow the company faster than ever thought possible.


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Cross-Selling Your Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to increasing the bottom line of your business, cross-selling is one of the first places to look. It’s commonly accepted that it’s far more expensive to win new customers than to retain existing ones – up to 7x more expensive, according to Kiss Metrics – and so getting your current customers to spend more becomes an attractive alternative.

To persuade people who already do business with you to buy more of what you sell, certain marketing considerations need to be taken into account to make the most of the opportunity.

Learn Where Cross-Selling Works: Not all of your products or services will be suitable to suggest associated items that the customer might also want. Take care to market only those that make sense as a combination, and be sure to test those assumptions against actual sales figures.

Pick Your Channels Carefully: Some marketing channels lend themselves more to cross-selling than others, depending on your brand and the industry you serve. Try them all, but only keep those that you can prove drive a bigger spend.

Target to the Correct Customers: There are some customers who simply aren’t a good fit for broader sales. Certain types of returning customer can actually cause you to lose money, so it’s important to target only the right ones, as this Harvard Business Review article explains.

Don’t Ignore the Data: If your sales figures say that certain campaigns aren’t working, don’t be afraid to pull the plug. Your efforts are better spent on those that spike your sales, and ineffective cross-selling runs the risk of alienating customers.


Done well, cross-selling can be the perfect antidote to a slow sales period. Just make sure you’ve targeted correctly and keep testing to prove your tactics are truly working.


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Benefits of an Effective Web-to-Print Strategy

Using a web-to-print strategy to build a brand’s reputation or to launch a new business is a great way to do so while saving time and money. In addition to saving time, there are numerous benefits of utilizing a web-to-print strategy that can allow any new company reach goals in terms of marketing, reaching local customers, and even generating potential leads online.

Reach an Expanded Audience

Web-to-print strategies allow you to reach an expanded audience by providing you with various methods of marketing and advertising to choose from, regardless of your brand’s overall mission statement, objective, and purpose. Using locally-mailed newsletters, an official website, and updated social media branding is essential when you want to maximize the exposure of any new business or brand in play.

Build Your Brand’s Reputation

Building your brand’s reputation should also be considered as a priority, especially if you are new to the industry or looking to make a positive impact and impression on others who are also in similar markets. Using a web-to-print strategy is a way to quickly build a brand’s reputation with wide distribution and professionals by your side assisting through the process to ensure the campaigns you launch run smoothly.

All-In-One Services

All-in-one services are ideal when you not only want to save money, but also time when getting a new business and brand off of the ground and running. All-in-one services help for consistency any time you want to create a new brand or if you are implementing an entire design overhaul for your business.

Having a clear understanding of an effective web-to-print strategy that is right for your idea or current company is a way to get started whether you are re-branding yourself or if you want to take your business to the next level of success.


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Advertising in the Digital Age (Including Print!)

Advertising a new startup or brand is possible in the digital age with online and print marketing strategies. Launching a successful campaign in print and with web resources is possible with an understanding of some of the best advertising techniques available today.

Local and Online Newsletters

Local and online newsletters help to reach an expansive audience, especially when targeting a wide group of potential customers in a regional area or a specific state. Local newsletters are intimate and help to quickly build the name for local businesses, while online newsletters are great for international exposure and maintaining communication with online followers, customers, and fans.

Social Media & Direct Advertising

Social media is another effective method of advertising in the digital age. Entrepreneurs now have the ability to integrate “paid campaigns” when creating updates and new content for thousands and millions of followers. It is also much easier to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns with the use of built-in trackers and analytic services. It is also possible to directly advertise on relevant blogs in your industry by contacting webmasters and other entrepreneurs you have networked with in the past yourself.

Web-To-Print Solutions

Web-to-print marketing and web development services are ideal for new companies and brands looking to build their image. Using an all-in-one package to re-brand any company and create new marketing campaigns is an effective method of reaching any target audience or demographic you have in mind.

Implementing some of the best methods for advertising in the digital age with the inclusion of print is a way to reach a wider group of potential customers while also engaging those who are interested in your brand through multiple mediums. Expanding your brand’s image and reputation is an effective method of making a name for any company, regardless of the market or industry you represent!


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How to Make Your Printed Collateral Stand Out

In this increasingly digital world, creating eye-catching print collaterals is not a simple task. Everything counts when it comes to first impressions, so your collaterals should strive to make a lasting impression. The designs main goal is to catch the eye of your customer.

Here are some elements to help make your print collaterals stand out.

Choose Your “Look” Carefully

Most businesses has a distinct logo and a color scheme, and smart companies display these logos, color schemes, fonts and overall look on all collaterals across all platforms to create a consistency of branding across everything they create. Pick a brand design with one or two accent colors and use fonts that stand out against the generics.

Go Beyond the Basic Shape

Die-cutting is a unique design element to use if you really want to stand out. Adding a creative shape to your collateral can make a large impact, without breaking the budget. Instead of designing a “standard” brochure, think about making it the shape of your logo, or something that connects with your brand.

Embrace White Space

Flyers or posters with multiple colors and graphics can seem muddled and difficult to read, but a neat and accessible piece of visual marketing is hard to bypass. If there is a key piece of information you want your audience to notice, make sure you create a design that welcomes white space to make your content stand out.

Paper Selection

Your print design is important, but so is what you say it on. Basic cardstock is okay but it’s not likely to catch someone’s attention. Make your printed collaterals special by using textured or glossy paper, or even fabric. Also, darker paper with lighter print is sure gain attention against the typical white flyers.


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Best practices for incorporate QR codes into direct mail

When it comes to direct mail advertising nothing is more effective than a fun and easy tool called a QR code. Everyone has seen these codes, these fun little squares can unlock content that is not readily available to everyone which is appealing to many people. With more and more people buying smart phones, even kids in some cases, it is now easier than ever to use QR codes in advertising and direct mail

When it comes to advertising it is far more effective to spend your budget on one large impact item than it is to spend it on something like customizing mailing lists. With QR codes however, you can send out direct mail that has been tailored to your company or product without spending all your money on the campaign. For instance, say you create a commercial for your site, product, or business, it is impossible to send out a copy of this content to every person you wish to reach. If you use QR codes however, you can allow those on your mailing list access to the content without having to send it out on every letter or email.

One of the best ways to use a QR code is to provide just enough information to pique the interest of those that you are mailing to. Get your mailing list interested but do not provide all the information they need on the main letter or email. Instead, supply just enough information to support your QR code and make them want to see what the code contains. It is easiest to create content around your content code that is going to get your mailing list eager to see what you have to offer. QR codes are fun, easy and great for those that want the most from their advertising buck.


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Best practices for incorporate direct mail into a multi-channel marketing strategy

Businesses that employ a multi-channel marketing strategy should make consistent use of direct mail. The multi-channel approach is quite effective at reaching potential customers and engaging them in content. Out of the multitude of typical marketing channels, the best is direct mail. Let’s take a look how it can be an integral part of a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Direct mail has many distinct advantages over other marketing channels. A direct mail campaign should initially be incorporated with a test message. Don’t commit to a single message right off the bat. Direct mail affords you the flexibility to test a variety of messages to see which approach works the best. While other marketing channels can be quite costly to produce, direct mail is very affordable in comparison. If your initial test message doesn’t produce the desired results, you can still afford to tweak it until you’ve found something that works.

Another clear advantage of a direct mail campaign is that it enables a business to strive for several different goals. With direct mail, your customers are more likely to keep your advertisement around and they might consult it more than once. This means that it is the ideal platform to tout your company’s other marketing efforts on different channels. Use direct mail campaigns to inform potential customers about these efforts. Tell them all about your company’s website and social media presence on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Simply put, a direct mail campaign has the potential to do more than inform customers about your products and services. It has the potential to reinforce other aspects of the business, including its diverse marketing efforts.

Direct mail also allows a business to alter its message based on the time of the year. Other more expensive marketing channels don’t permit such flexibility. Direct mail campaigns can be timed with precision to capitalize on seasonal changes, economic changes and just about any other current event in order to maximize response rates.


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