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Using Social Media to Get to Know Your Customers and Prospects

Find Your Prospects Where They Are

Your customers are already where you can find them. Online studies show that customers spend more time on social media websites than they do on their own email sites. The increase in availability of potential customers has grown exponentially over the past three to four years. With the popularity of professional or work-related websites, there are more opportunities than ever to connect with new clients on a daily basis.

You can strengthen your relationships with your customers as well as develop new ones with new customers and prospects by using specialized discussion groups in social media. For example, if you want to invite customers who are interested in your products to become involved, find a topic that is of concern to your target audience. Set up a discussion group in a social media platform like Linked-In and ask a question you want people to contribute answers and ideas to.

Listen to Your Target Audience

This format includes interested readers, it isn’t just your own writers contributing to the informative process. If you structure your topics thoughtfully, you can have your contributors giving valuable insight to new readers which starts a vital communication group.

These groups have a tendency to grow in membership very quickly. People enjoy sharing information, and if this information is related to your product line, it is an easy next step to begin offering access to your website through personalized emails.

Offer a Fun Game

Another very popular approach to getting information from potentially interested customers, is to offer a fun and informative quiz. People hate to take up time with surveys, but if you can gather the same information through a fun game in the form of a quiz, people not only enjoy taking them and finding out where they rate, but they pass the quiz on to their friends and families as well.

Some popular quizzes used recently on social media sites like Facebook are, “What Kind of Animal Would You Be?”, “What Flower Are You?”, “What Personality Type is Your Best Match?” Making your own quiz means you can ask the questions you want answers to, but always offer an answer for them on how the quiz takers rated, – Your Profile is a Tiger, or Your top rated match is Type II Personality.

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Using Email to Generate Print Sales

More and more people are moving toward digital communications today, instead of using print services. Fortunately, the two can work together. It’s possible to use options like email as a way to reach out to people who would be receptive to print communications.

By contacting them via email and gaging their interest, your company can avoid spending a lot of money on mailers or other print items that are not going to be well-received. That can make a significant difference in your bottom line and the level of profit your company sees.

No matter what you’re selling, reaching out in print will always cost more than sending something digitally. Don’t make the mistake of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on mailing something out to people, when you could get a hold of them through email.

Taking particular care with your subject line and the opening sentences of your email message will be crucial, as people won’t spend much time on your email if they aren’t interested in what you’re saying right away. Many emails get sent to the spam folder, too, if they aren’t from people the recipient recognizes.

You don’t want your email lumped in with ads for inappropriate products and people from Nigeria wanting money. Set yourself apart through your subject line, always use a professional email address, and make sure your message body is direct and to the point. If your email reads like an infomercial, you’ll have less luck getting the recipient’s attention.

With a great email, though, you can get people interested in what you’re offering. That will make them more receptive to buying from you in print. Whether it’s books, magazines, or something else, you want to see your print sales continue to grow. Remember that email isn’t the enemy of print, and you’ll have a better chance of attracting more customers.

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Why Should Your Content Marketing Plan Include Print and E-Mail?

If you’re looking to launch a successful content marketing campaign, then you’re probably already considering the ways in which you can utilize e-mail marketing as part of your efforts. After all, having an e-mail list is a quick and easy way to send out notifications on promotions, updates, and other information relevant to your site or business.

Unfortunately, all too many content marketing campaigns these days seem to be overlooking the huge impact print can have on the success of a campaign. If you think print is dead, you’re wrong–and here’s why.

Print is Guaranteed to Reach Your Audience

For starters, when you send out a print ad, you can almost guarantee that it will reach your audience. That’s because, with print, there’s no spam filter to worry about. Your print will be delivered in your audience’s mail box.

Print is Seen as More Credible

Furthermore, print is generally seen as a more credible source than media content. It’s a well established medium and, overall, a quite respected one. Therefore, when you send out print ads as part of your content marketing plan, you’re more likely to be taken seriously.

Print is Becoming Increasingly Unexpected

Finally, because fewer and fewer businesses are utilizing print in their marketing campaigns these days, the few businesses who take advantage of print tend to be quite successful. That’s because people don’t tend to expect print ads anymore. Therefore, when they do receive one, it’s seen as more of a surprise and they’re more likely to take a look at it.

While there’s no overlooking the effectiveness and importance of e-mail marketing in your next campaign, you should also keep print in mind if you want to get the best results out of your efforts.

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Marketing Tips for Mail Service Providers

Marketing in general is changing at a dramatic pace and many different types of businesses are struggling to keep up. Fifty years ago, the most effective ways to market involved purchasing ad space in front of the highest rated show on television or taking out an ad in the newspaper. Those days are long gone, sadly, the potential audience for businesses is becoming increasingly fragmented. If you’re trying to maximize the return on investment of the marketing campaign for your mail and service provider, you’re always going to want to keep a few key things in mind.


One of the most important marketing tips that you can use involves making sure that you’re establishing a consistent brand image across all channels. This is especially important when advertising in both the print and digital realms. The logo for your business should look the same in an email as it does on your print materials. Any slogans or other techniques that you use should be consistent as well. Zeroing in on that brand consistency will not only help your organization stand out in a crowd, but it will also help the customer learn what to expect, regardless of the type of material they’re actually looking at.


Another one of the best tips that you can use for mail and service providers involves marketing not just your organization as a whole, but the value that you stand to offer the customer in question. Value is a hugely important quality that both regular consumers and businesses look for, especially during difficult economic times. If you can zero in on what makes your business more valuable than the competition and on what you have to offer that they don’t, you have a much better chance at making a real connection and completing the sale.

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Sales Tips for Printers

Even though information has moved into a cloud-based world in the last few years, printers still have their place in both the home and the office. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have made it easy to take information with you wherever you go. You don’t necessarily need to print out 100 documents to take home with you on the weekend – you can read everything on your iPad. Despite that, printers are still a hugely important tool for day to day life. If you’re trying to sell printers more effectively, there are a few key things to keep in mind.


One of the best ways to sell printers is to identify a problem that the customer has and explain how a particular printer can solve it. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem the user knows that they have, either. Remind the customer that today’s modern printers still work with all of the latest mobile devices. Maybe the printer has the occasional desire to print documents, but finds the process too cumbersome. Remind them that a printer can easily be connected to a home network to be made available to every compatible device in the home – including devices like smartphones and tablets.


Another key sales tip for printers involves focusing not on the features that all printers have, but on what sets the particular type of printer that you’re selling apart from the competition. Focus on the things that make the printer different from every other one on the market. Maybe it’s compatible with a wide variety of different sizes of paper. Maybe it has a high “dot per inch” ratio and is great for flyers and pamphlets. Whatever makes the printer you’re selling unique, focus on it at all costs for the best chance of success.

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How Printers Can Benefit from Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is seen as the next great frontier for businesses of all types. When you look at the logistics of the situation, it’s easy to see why. Most smartphones, tablets and other devices have full multimedia capabilities. They can play audio, video and display graphics in wonderful quality and brilliant colors, all from a small device screen. The best part is that consumers carry these devices with them literally everywhere that they go. You no longer have to hope that the consumer stumbles onto your website late at night after they return home from work – you can connect with them on the subway, on their lunch break, while waiting for a movie to start and more.


Printers can benefit from mobile marketing in a few different ways depending on the situation. One of the biggest things that consumers will be looking for is a deal. As a result, one of your best chances at connecting with consumers on a very real level is to offer coupons, discounts and other incentives throughout your mobile marketing efforts. You can send a coupon to certain customers based on geographic location – for example, one coupon may be automatically sent to their phone when they’re within one mile of your business. Not only are you targeting people in your physical operating area, but you’re also using mobile to actually get people to come to your physical store.


Another great way that printers can benefit from mobile marketing involves using the platform to make information available to users at a wide scale. Consumers love to comparison shop. If you can provide them with the information that they’re looking for during their research using mobile marketing, you can also establish an intense level of trust in your brand at the same time.

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3 Essential Steps in Sales Lead Follow-ups

After doing all the work involved with generating sales leads, don’t let your efforts go to waste. Following up on those leads in a timely manner boosts your chances of converting them into solid sales. If you’re not sure how to go about this, use the following steps as a guide to help you successfully make the most of those leads and increase your sales volume.

Act Quickly

The longer you wait, the lower your chances are of converting a sales lead into a sale. If you deal with online sales leads, this is even more important. Be ready to respond promptly if your lead sends you a query. Harvard Business Review found that firms that reached out to leads within an hour after receiving a query have the highest chance of converting those leads than firms that took more than hour to respond.

Research Your Lead

Before making a phone call or sending an email, take a little time to look up key pieces of information on your sales lead. You don’t have to do in-depth research, but you should at least pull up any relevant information that might help you turn that phone call or email into a sale. Check social networking sites or your company’s CRM system, and focus on finding information that helps explain why your lead might need your product or service.

Limit the Small Talk

While it’s important to establish a positive rapport with your lead, don’t take up their time with small talk. Instead, get right to the point of why you’re calling and how your product or service could benefit them.

Stay True to Your Word

Honor any promises you make to your lead, such as offering to send a free trial within a certain number of days. This helps build trust between you and your lead, which makes them more likely to become a customer.


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How Printers Can Improve Their Marketing Efforts

Marketing materials, especially for franchised companies with a strong online presence, is important to the branding of your merchandise with your name and logo. An online store for your marketing materials is no longer a convenience for your clients but a necessity and expectation. There are plenty of companies that specialize in such sites to make management of your online store quick and simple without need to hire an in house employee specifically to fill that role.

Latka Communications is one such company with a proven track record of success with filling the needs of company marketing materials and the handling of their orders. They specialize in providing your custom printing solutions, with custom printed items from newsletters to books. Items can be published to your website, or mailed in physical form directly to a client or to a retail storefront. This service allows you to focus on your own job of running the company successfully while we take care of the daily chore of providing these solutions to your clients.

The solution should be simple to use and easy to explain, with affordable set up to get your online store up and running. Latka Communications makes your job easier by accounting for shipping logistics by incorporating shipping with confirmation, verifying placement of an order through email, and allowing for re-order and replenishment purchases based on your client’s use of the product. Billing is customizable according to your company’s needs.

Latka Communications offers the perfect service for your online site service of marketing materials. Visit the website to see these most commonly offered features along with more detailed descriptions of customization options. By incorporating and using their knowledge and experience you can help your company increase profits through online sales.

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