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5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Direct Mail Marketing

In our world where email paperless billing has shrunk the amount of mail delivered by the post office, the fact remains that direct mail marketing is still a viable option or getting new customers and making more sales because most people still love getting mail, especially when it’s not bills.   However, if you have a business campaign that is a bit lackluster, then you may be searching for a way to revive your direct mail marketing presence. Five tips that will help you do just that are highlighted here.

Change your approach

Long gone are the days of creating a thin, cheap looking pamphlet to mail to customers. Instead, you need to create a great looking piece of mail that seems important. This way it will not be thought of as “junk mail,” but rather an important piece of correspondence that will garner attention and interest.

Target the right customers

It is important that you are not blindly sending mail into the world. Instead, find out who your target customer is and ensure they are the ones who receive your direct mail. This will help to optimize your marketing dollar, ensuring the highest possible potential for a sale.

Don’t go overboard

When it comes to a direct mail marketing campaign, it is essential to keep it simple. If you try to put too much information on a pamphlet or other piece of paper, or do not make the message you are trying to convey clear enough, chances are your mail will not have the desired effect and will go straight into the recycling bin.

Consider using recycled paper

While the environment may not be on the forefront of your customer’s minds, it is something they will notice if you are taking steps to protect it. Using recycled paper shows you care.

Include an online presence

When you send customers direct mail, you should include an online URL or other resource. For example, are you promoting a product? If so, include a URL where a customer receiving the direct mail can actually order that item.

Direct mail is not dead. But it may require a bit of reviving if you have not given it any thought recently. Use the tips here to bring new life into your direct mail campaign.

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The Advantages of the Print Industry

The Advantages of the Print Industry


In marketing using traditional methods such as print ads in magazines and newspapers has taken a hit in recent years with the surge in popularity of social media marketing or digital marketing. Yet did you know that it’s estimated that over half of all ads that appear on social media are completely ignored? It seems that the importance of print media is not to be understated. People still pay more attention to ads seen in magazines and newspapers. Catalogs and circulars also are an important way to advertise by getting that ad in the customers hands you stand a better chance of getting them to buy the product or service you are offering. So print media isn’t dead yet, and is experiencing quite the renaissance lately.

Print stands out precisely because we tend to skim over things we see in digital form. Whereas when we are engaging with an actual object like a magazine, we slow down, and take it all in more slowly. We are also more likely to remember things we see in print versus things we see online. The best part about print media is that with all the advances in technology, printing the latest and greatest in color is easier, and less expensive then you might think.

When you are marketing something it’s important not to overlook the power of print media. In conjunction with the newest advances in social media, by using both forms of marketing will probably net you the best results for your business.

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5 Rules For Fantastic Content Marketing

Our world is dominated by a constant flood of new content. Some of it is great, most of it is not. It takes a lot to impress today’s information-obsessed consumers. So, how do you market content that people will pay attention to?

Think like your audience.

The old adage of “know your audience” still rings true, but today that simple idea has grown. Now it’s important to really consider what it’s like to be on the other side of a marketing campaign. By putting yourself in your target audience’s place, you may be able to get a better stance on how engaging your content is. One trick is to imagine yourself presenting the content in person to a member of this audience. This way you can specify your content even more for that target.

Tone means everything.

The way you speak to a friend is likely different than the way you would speak to your grandparents. Likewise, the tone you use in your content should be suited for the audience. People are drawn to interesting content, but what intrigues one audience may be boring to the next. This is where thinking like your audience plays a key role: Present them with something they can’t ignore. The best way to do that is…

Create attention-grabbing headlines.

This doesn’t mean lying, typing in caps, or using an exorbitant amount of exclamation points either. Rather, reel them in with an interesting fact, anecdote, or wit. A good headline is often all someone needs to spark interest in content. Of course, once they’re in, you’ll want to be sure you followed our first two points to make them stay.

Mix it up.

Most people like a bit of variety. The best way to satisfy that desire is to turn your content into a multimedia paradise. Content that utilizes images, graphics, videos, or even freebie offers like e-books or podcasts can boost traffic and lead to better conversion rates. Visually stimulating work is often more likely to get shared on social media too.

Optimize your content.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is kind of a big deal in marketing circles. In short, it’s a way of using the key words and phrases people search for to make your content show up higher on search results pages. Again, thinking like your audience comes in handy here, because you’ll be more likely to choose the terms they would search for. A word of warning however: Try to avoid stuffing too many keywords in your content. Smart readers are good at recognizing “keyword stuffing”, which can make your content look phony.

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Bring Video to your Print Successfully

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that creates automatic links to multi-media and text-files like websites. To assess the information, one scans the QR codes using a smartphone camera. The QR codes have enabled authors, publishers and businesses to make the printed material become more attractive. The Quick Response codes allow one to transform a lifeless paper into an exciting sensory material. The Anti-QR codes came up in a bid to fight piracy. The QR codes were seen as a threat to the music and movie industry as they promoted piracy.

Brands that placed QR codes on the products to prove their validity and originality claimed that the codes are open-sourced. That made the names readily available to anyone as the counterfeiters could copy the pages quickly after copying the codes. The QR codes are beneficial only to brands that would like to make their products readily available like pharmaceuticals, beauty companies and nutritional firms. The consumers’ can then scan the codes to confirm if the selected products are genuine. The QR codes can however be secured by creating a complex backend server to secure the system. Secondly, the codes can be placed inside the product where they are unreachable. The counterfeiters will therefore find it hard to interfere with the codes.

Most anti-QR organizations claim that the QR codes have encouraged people to use their phones to unlock images and the real world for an instantaneous static action. The firms also state that the word QR in itself is ugly and nerdy, not suitable enough for a tech world and dampens consumer interest. The anti-bring video to your print aims for a more interactive way of dealing with clients. QR codes are believed to be dying since they are a one-dimensional web link and are not a patented product hence prone to misuse by consumers.

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Why its important for businesses to utilize multi-channel marketing (including printers)

Multichannel marketing has become essential because it creates a diverse way for a business to generate profit and create shareholder value. Most customers deal with multi-channel marketing because of the different experiences and individual tastes and ways of interaction. Clients exhibit different responses depending on the channel used to market a product. The sales of products also depend widely on the efficiency of the channel. Marketing products online often appeals to people depending on their lifestyles. Those who surf the Internet and carry out online jobs tend to get more appeal from the online adverts than the people who prefer reading the ads in newspapers. Research has however shown that using multimedia tends to increase the profitability of the marketing firm as different people in different areas and scenarios get access to the products.

Multichannel marketing gives a company the ability to reach multiple segments and provide flexibility for customers and also build a vast database of purchase information. A company can diversify its store-based business to include an active catalog, an online channel and even printers to create posters for marketing. The most successful consumer product company’s communication involves mass marketing approaches that diversify the whole promotion process. Adverts that are in the form of printed ads are as useful as broadcast ads because one may not watch the show on television, but the printed ads may get his attention. Printers are therefore quite relevant to this multichannel marketing era.

Online ads, viral marketing, blogs and social networking, printed adverts are effective when used as multichannel because of the audience they get. Major television and print advertising are effective ways of carrying out broad marketing for a firm. The fragmentation of the media has also made it possible for entrepreneurs to increase their marketing strategies and promote their products more. Multi-channel marketing is also important because they help ease the traffic in social media hence that is when the printers become active. More importantly, the social media can provide a company with a significant customer base when effectively used.

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How to Maximize Your Direct Mail Campaign’s Response Rates

Make your marketing campaign unique

If you use the same old worn out campaign along with the same ideas, designs and psychological ‘appeal’ as everyone else, then your scheme will lack and be treated just like everyone else’s work in that mode – thrown in the trash.

Make your purpose concise

Don’t veer off the subject of what your product does or what you are trying to sell. People have short attention spans and won’t pay any more attention than they have to. Be sure everything you want them to do (and see), your product details, what the product can do for them, contact information, and etc. is all on one page. Sending them on a horse chase will keep them from the original plan – purchasing your product.

Make responding easy

Provide a way for clients to reach you. Nothing is more annoying to mature adults who want to buy a product and can’t reach the company because there is no phone contact. The same goes for the upbeat, young moderns who wants to purchase online but can’t because there is not e-commerce available. Provide your mailing address, web address, telephone contact and email in the mail and there is no excuse for them not to reach you.

Test your marketing plan

The look of your design, its color, the people in it, the type of logo; all these components have an impact on prospective buyers. Showing people what they need to see to influence sales depends on the effectiveness of your campaign. Make certain what you put out there works.

Include a call to action

Information alone never induces people to act. Telling people to call reminds them of the need to purchase your product right away. Persuade them to act.

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Print And Mobile Marketing – What’s The Connection?

Marketing is a difficult thing to understand for even those that are well versed. That being said, with new developments like mobile marketing it is now more important than ever to understand how these new marketing strategies sync up with older marketing practices. Print has long been the standard when it comes to advertising, but it is now more important than ever that marketers understand that mobile marketing can improve traditional print campaign response rates when they are utilized together.

There are a few different ways that print and mobile marketing can come together to make for a very useful and effective marketing campaign. With new inventions like QR codes, we can now add mobile marketing and print marketing into one another. With QR codes that can be scanned by your smart phone, you can now make your print ad part of your mobile marketing. That is not the only progress that has been made, it is now possible to add elements to the print ad that can again link back up to the mobile ads.

With mobile marketing on the rise, there are other ways that mobile and print marketing can be one in the same. More and more people are using print ads to help lead customers to the online and mobile marketing. Print ads are most likely not going to be the only means of marketing in any campaign and they are often used in sync with mobile marketing to reach as many customers as possible. A print ad can be somewhat complete to serve the needs of the older crowd but it can also have additional content with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is growing and is far more popular than ever before and it is certain to rise and continue to grow in popularity.

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Business Communication Strategies For Social Media Marketers

Social media has opened up an entire new world for marketers. It also has made it far easier to communicate with potential clients and current customers. However, in order to best use social media, marketers need to take into consideration a few different business communication strategies.

Respond Quickly

Social media is not just an extension of the company’s website. The word “Social” is in there for a reason. Social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ open up the potential of clients interacting with a business. It is important for the business to respond as quickly as possible. This shows the client they do matter and what they say is important. Should a company fail to actually respond to a client’s interactions, the individual who sent the message or post is more likely to turn away and use the competition.

Post at Different Times with Different Accounts

There are tools that allow a single post to be send over an assortment of social media accounts at the same time. While this makes it far easier to update all the social media accounts at once, it does not improve the chances of reaching more people. Most people check their Twitter feeds and Facebook accounts around the same time. By sharing the same content at once, it ensures those who see the messages are more likely to see it twice, while others do not see it at all. By posting an update on Facebook at one time and then on Twitter a few hours later, it helps more people see the updates and gives them more of a reason to interact with the posts. Post interactions are more likely to increase due to this, which is exactly what social media marketers want from their accounts.

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