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4 Keys To Success With An Email Campaign

If you are attempting to increase sales/subscribers to your online business, then you may be trying to decide on the best marketing campaign to help you achieve this goal. An email campaign can be a very smart way to drive potential customers to your website. However, in order for your campaign to be successful, you need to be strategic with the planning and implementation. Here are 4 keys to success with your email campaign:

Create a valuable & interesting message

Before you send out any newsletters to your subscribers, you need to ensure that the message is engaging and useful to your audience. If you provide information that is boring or irrelevant, then you risk possibly losing perspective customers.

Compile a careful list of contacts

When gathering a list of subscribers, you want to do so carefully. First of all, you need to ensure that those on your list are truly interested in what you have to offer. You can determine this according to how you attained their contact information. You also need to ensure that your list of contacts is “permission-based.” Permission-based means that these customers have actually requested to be placed on your mailing list.

Allow subscribers the option of unsubscribing

The last thing you want to do is lose potential customers, but this can and will happen at times. It is important to your reputation to provide your subscribers with the option to unsubscribe to your newsletter or other email information. You definitely don’t want to “force” people to receive your information if they’re no longer interested. You could set up your system to discover why a customer is unsubscribing, which can help you to make helpful changes that will increase your chances of retaining future subscribers.

Choose the right frequency

If you’re sending potential customers emails several times a day, then it might be too often. Consumers that receive too many emails from a business will unsubscribe, even if they were extremely interested in what your company has to offer. Don’t bombard your list of contacts with emails, but instead, choose a specific schedule in which to send information.

If performed properly, email marketing can be a very effective way to gain the customer base that you desire. As long as you follow these 4 tips, then your email campaign should produce amazing results.

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What makes an integrated online and offline campaign effective?

Whether your goal for integrating an offline business with online presence strategy, or developing offline and online marketing approaches for your online business, you can effectively optimize both with an integrated campaign. Your marketing options, like social media ads, public events, radio ads, and content marketing for your website needs three key concepts to successfully integrate your online and offline marketing plan. Develop workable ideas for consistency, pairing together a combined campaign strategy that works well together for both online and offline approaches, and capitalize on the momentum.

You’ll want marketing channels that will promote your business brand, develop a consistent presence, and exhibit the availability of your services and/or products, using a consistent, repeatable and recognizable approach. Customers want to be able to rely on you and know what they can expect. Match colors, content, visual and voice.

It is a solid plan when you have established the same goals for your offline marketing strategies, as for your online strategies. Each method must be complimentary to each other. For example, offering a bonus, a free product, sample items, ebook or report of some kind – but not all. Direct your interested readers, website visitors, and listeners, all to the same form – on your webpage, with the same offer. Be sure all modes of advertising bring these clients to the same form to gather their information before giving out the freebie.

As you launch your pay-per-click ads, also combine the print advertisements, and radio spots to be launched at the same time. This will build a great momentum, your campaign will appear more visible or present, and the timing for your promotional offer will will conveniently begin and end with consistency. Using some offline marketing strategies will integrate well with your online marketing. You can expand product or service awareness, and help you to meet perspective customers or clients where they are.

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How Multichannel Campaigns Are Evolving

Multichannel campaigns use multiple venues of access in order to reach a customer base. Advances in technology directly affect the way we communicate, and so, naturally, they affect your connection to your customers. Marketing once targeted customers through flyers in windows. This evolved to catalog and newspaper advertisement, then radio and television, then telephone correspondence, and so on. Technology now incorporates online access through desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, as well as various social media sites. The logical conclusion is that change is inevitable.

The next evolutionary step for multichannel campaigning is actually not a new system of channels, but an upgrade on the existing ones. This upgrade is a matter of increasing points of view. The objective is no longer spotlighting the product and identifying the potential customer because that way of thinking is restrictive and limiting. Modern consumers are much more savvy and require, almost to the extent of demand, that sellers cater to them. It should not be a taxing experience for them to spend their money.

The consumer experience is now the focal point, and omnichannel techniques are the key to successfully servicing your customers. Advancement in technology also means that traditional factors, like budget, are becoming irrelevant. How much money you spend will be secondary to what kind of access you provide. This means increased competition.

The difference between you and the other guy is going to be personal for the consumer. Ask yourself questions from a consumer’s perspective. Determine just how user-friendly your channels of access really are and refine your system accordingly. These venues need to be integrated so that no matter how the consumer initiates contact, future encounters will not be made tedious because they chose a different venue of access. Make sure that the multiple channels you already have in place are integrated in complementary ways so that they provide a more stable, smoother, and continuous consumer experience.

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How Mailing Data Helps Customer Relations

Whether it’s for fun, fashion, or hobbies, everyone subscribes to email newsletters. The companies behind these newsletters craft them in a catchy way; the subject line needs to be interesting and engaging so that the customer clicks on the email. The content within also has to spark the customer’s interest to keep them reading.

These emails sent from a company to a customer are known as mailing data or database marketing. With this type of marketing, a customer volunteers their email address through a form on your website. You then begin to periodically (either weekly, monthly, or quarterly) send out emails to your customer base.

Of course, you want the most customers possible, and there’s a few ways to make that happen. First of all, you have to promote your company’s mailing data. Whether through your website, blog posts, or social media updates, attempt to get more customers to subscribe to your emails. Word of mouth is also very useful. Including buttons so that the customer can forward the email or post it on social media allows new eyes to see it that just may become subscribers and customers.

Once you start gaining momentum with your amount of customers, you need to keep them hooked in. Just as someone can subscribe to your emails with the click of a button, they can unsubscribe just as easily. In order to prevent this, you need to make sure that your messages are informative and brief. Pepper in links and include discounts, giveaways, and freebies as applicable.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you’re still sending out emails to actual customers. People shut down their email accounts all the time or switch to new ones. Some software lets you check if certain email addresses are dead so that you know to exclude these from the mailing data.

Overall, emails are a simple but effective marketing tool that can increase your amount of customers and improve your relationship with them. By not sending out emails too often (like daily), keeping the messages short and sweet, and asking that your customers share the emails to draw in new customers, you can market your company effectively.

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Why Your Small Business Needs Mobile Marketing

Make the Necessary Mobile Marketing Transition to Grow Your Small Business

America has made the transition to using mobile devices, and your small business needs to make the transition as well in order to cater to the new mobile marketplace. Today, consumers research and purchase products through their mobile devices, and your business can tap into this burgeoning market.

Your small business needs to either build a website that is mobile-friendly, develop a mobile app that grows your business or, in some cases, both. Why should your website be optimized for mobile? A responsive mobile website will create a better user experience for visitors, your website will show up higher in search rankings and you will tap into the rapidly growing mobile market. Given that hundreds of millions of smartphones have been sold, now is the time to tap into that market, and making it easy for mobile users to navigate your site will pay dividends.

Even better, the big search engines love mobile websites, placing them higher in the rankings and boosting your small business in search results. This will make a critical difference in the amount of traffic driven to your business. Once you have optimized your website for mobile use, it will be compatible for tablets, smartphones, netbooks and desktops alike, allowing your business to increase its exposure to the widest possible audience.

A mobile app will grow your small business for many of the same reasons that a mobile-friendly website grows a business, particularly if you are selling products. One key benefit of mobile apps is that a strong app can build customer loyalty and reach more customers with less competition. There are millions of websites out there, but any given smartphone user will use a mere handful of apps by comparison. As such, developing a feature-rich app greatly increases the chances that customers will engage with your app on a regular basis and grow your business.

No matter which mobile marketing strategies you implement, one thing is clear. Smartphones are here to stay, so your small business needs a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy in order to compete for business in the rapidly growing mobile marketplace.

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3 Main Reasons to Keep your Marketing Data up to Date

There is a requirement under the Marketing Data Protection Act 2009 that for everyone who process marketing data to keep that information up to date. It is difficult for a business to do this alone. For example, if you move business, you are likely to tell your bank, credit card companies, utility companies but unlikely to tell the company you booked a holiday with last year so they can stop sending you brochures. Some information is better than other information. For example, one needs to decide how reliable the information is. This is particularly important, as decisions are usually made on this basis of the information. The three main reasons why marketing data should be kept up-to-date are:

The accuracy of the information
For every business to successful operate, every detail should be accurate. This will enable the business to avoid some misleading information o its clients and sometimes can also give a wrong figures to the business. This is a very important aspect of marketing data.

For the benefit of its clients
An organization requires customers and clients to keep it advised of changes in their circumstances, such as change of address and change of name. However, it is not necessary to for an organization to update marketing information forms to show the new address. The client record should show the correct address; other documentation or records might show marketing data correct.

For proper advertisement
Business should always ensure their marketing data are up-to-date so that the kinds of advertisements they provide in their websites show the right information and usage of a particular product. This will help the company from providing misleading documents or advise to its clients and customers.

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What Is “Every Door Direct Mail” and How Can It Help Your Business?

Finding ways to reach a higher number of potential customers while still staying within the limits of your marketing budget can be a challenge. Thankfully, the United States Postal Service has made this goal much easier for businesses to accomplish with its Every Door Direct Mail service.

How Does It Work?

Every Door Direct Mail provides you with online mapping tools, so you can easily locate prospective customers who live close to your business. You can use these tools to find customers along specific postal routes based on certain demographics, such as age range or household size, then select those routes for direct mail service. USPS will deliver your marketing materials to each home along those routes.

What Are the Benefits?

Every Door Direct Mail service saves your business time and money by ensuring that you reach every potential customer in a certain area. Instead of buying several mailing lists to find all these customers, all you have to do is use the online mapping tools to locate them. The only cost to your business is the price of postage for your marketing materials, which will vary depending on size. USPS also saves you time by letting you print out your postage online, so you don’t have to wait in line at the post office. Keep in mind that you can also conveniently create your marketing materials online with the Every Door Direct Mail service.

Are There Any Restrictions?

USPS does require your marketing materials to meet certain size limits, and you must make sure that everything you’re sending is correctly labeled. As long as you keep these requirements in mind, you’ll have an efficient and cost-effective way to reach hundreds of prospective customers and help your business grow.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Direct Mail Services

Direct mail still works. In an age dominated by digital communication, direct mail is still effective as a marketing tool. This blog post provides 5 compelling reasons why a company should invest in direct mail services.

Consumers Enjoy Mail

Consumers relish the opportunity to open mail. According to the DMA’s 2014 statistical fact book, between 70% and 80% of people polled open all of their mail. This includes mail labeled as junk. This stands in stark contrast to passive forms like TV and Banner ads. Physical mail is more difficult to ignore and is often opened and viewed.

People Respond

Direct mail is more of an active form of advertising than TV, banner ads or email campaigns. As such, consumers are much more engaged and are likely to respond to the call-to-action.

The Call-to-Action can be digital

A direct mail campaign can be a hybrid endeavor. The utilization of digital mediums in conjunction with a direct mailing campaign makes use of the best of both approaches. Including a QR code or SMS can dramatically improve the response rate.


Mail can come in many different shapes and sizes. A direct mail campaign is flexible and diverse. This flexibility offers an intangible benefit, that of enticing a consumer to read the mail. No other marketing form contains the mystery and tantalizing nature of mail.

Direct mail is highly targeted

A direct mail campaign is a highly targeted endeavor. Marketers are able to target behaviors, demographics, geography, income and interests. Being able to know your consumer is key to a successful marketing campaign. Direct mail is measurable and controllable. The highly targeted nature provides highly measurable results.

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Why is location targeting important for your mailing campaign

There are several reasons why it is important to target by location for your mailing campaign. Some of these include your budget for the business, the success of the campaign, and the return on investment for time and money spent on the campaign. In order to achieve success without throwing away your money, you should target an area that is close to your business or an area that your service. It is important to not go outside of that area because you will be less likely to gain success and even if you do, you will spend more money servicing those customers since you will have to travel further.

As a business owner, you should stay close to your budget. By targeting a specific area you will be able to budget correctly for the mailing campaign. If you extend the perimeter, not only will you spend more money for he campaign, but you will have to spend more money to offer the services. You will also tend to be more successful if you target in your business area as potential customers like to get their services from close to home. It is not often that they will hire a company that is based 100 miles away. Customers think of this as inconvenient and may even see it as a way for your company to increase the price. This is why they prefer to stay close to home and why you should do the same.

When you are determining your area of service, I would limit the locations targeted to current areas that you service. To expand much further could cost you more in the end. Stay close to your business and you will likely see success from your campaign. Do not expand too much as the results could be overwhelming. You want to find the right customers, not just any customer. Good luck with your mailing campaign!

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