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Benefits of Incorporating Direct Mail and Email in the Same Marketing Campaign

According to Karl Dukes, a UK marketing executive, when combined with email marketing, print mail campaigns produce more conversions than either medium used alone. In order to leverage these two mediums, you must know how to use them together effectively. Although most firms are investing in digital marketing, half of all consumers delete email messages as soon as they receive them.

As an advertiser, your challenge is figuring out how to combine the effectiveness of direct mail with the efficiency of email to increase your marketing campaign response rates. Almost three-fourths of all consumers who receive a direct mail piece open and review the mailer. In contrast, this percentage drops to one-third of email recipients. Most consumers enjoy receiving mail and are even disappointed when their mailbox is empty and, rather than discarding a marketing piece immediately, will keep the mailer for later review.

You can effectively increase consumer engagement by combining direct mail and email marketing in your advertising campaigns. Direct mail pieces make a consumer feel important and are more effective at gaining a consumer’s attention than email alone; over twice as many consumers that receive a direct mail piece, versus an email alone, will remember your brand message. Adding direct mail to your email campaign increases advertising effectiveness. A mail piece encourages consumers to consider your offering and helps them form an opinion of your brand. A follow-up email communication allows you to increase your brand strength in the consumer’s mind, divulge more information about your offering and lead your consumers to conversion.

Direct mail and email used together can help move consumers through the sales process and increase your consumers’ lifespan with your firm. Marketing campaigns that combine direct mail and email see a response rate five times higher than email marketing used alone. Using these two mediums together can give your marketing campaigns a response boost that will greatly increase your firm’s profits.

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How Can Print Marketing Materials Produce Sales Leads For Your Business?

Growing a business heavily depends on the strength of its marketing presence. While there are many forms of marketing, from television ads to inbound, Internet based methods, print marketing materials can still produce sales leads for your business. Regardless of the services or products you provide, there is a means to boosting your business. It all just comes down to being proactive and taking initiative in these methods. There may also be some trial and error regarding marketing, as what works for one business does not necessarily work the same way for another, but as long as the company evolves its marketing strategy, it should pinpoint its best advertising potential.

Product Mailers

The product mailer has been around for a while, and while older, it is not out of date. With a print mailer, it is possible to spread information on the company and provide desirable sales benefits, such as discounts on products and services. Even if you run an online business, this works just fine. The integrated code on the mailer allows you to monitor where the sales are coming from and whether or not it is proving profitable.

Survey Request

The survey request may be provided with a checkout receipt or just inside of the store itself. The survey can provide you with valuable information. For starters, it points out what your business might be doing right and what it needs to work out. Also, you can provide the opportunity for individuals to fill out their contact information. With this contact information, you can then turn it around and offer the individual a special deal or products they might need.

Product Information Displays

If you visit seminars and conventions, having information about a product is important. These pamphlets or displays should assist you in boosting sales and overall consumer interest in what you sell.

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Methods for Effectively Communicating Messages on Printed Collateral

Direct mail continues to be a strong and viable marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes, providing an average response rate of 25 percent — 2 percentage points over email — the CMO Council, citing the Harvard Business Review, says. The ultimate success of any direct mail marketing campaign depends on how well a business is able to get their message across to the targeted demographic. Here are some ways to effectively communicate your message on printed collateral and make direct mail work for your business.

Give ‘Em An Offer They Can’t Refuse

People today are inundated with advertisements, and you only have a few seconds to get your company’s message across. Your printed collateral should prominently feature an offer that’s easy to read and understand. Preferably, the offer will be one that recipients can’t refuse.

Link To Your Company’s Website Or Landing Page

QR codes let you include links on printed collateral that can easily be scanned with a smartphone. By including a QR code that links to your company’s site or a landing page that’s specifically designed to complement the direct mail campaign, you’ll make it easy for potential customers to purchase your offer. Of course, whatever page the QR code links to should be mobile-friendly, since most people will scan it with a phone or tablet.

Personalize And Individualize The Campaign

A personal touch will show recipients that the mailing is meant for them, not just anybody. From using regional phrases to including the colors of a favorite local sports team, there are lots of ways to create a personalized mailing without actually changing each, individual one.

Direct mail is one of the most effective marketing tactics, but it requires an ability to effectively communicate your message on printed collateral. Include an unrefusable offer, link to a landing page and personalize your campaign. You’ll soon see your response rates climb.

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What Is Die Cutting and How Can It Enhance Your Marketing Materials?

Die cutting is a process that can mass produce specific shapes from fabric, metal, paper, plastic, wood, and other materials. A die is made by mounting blades, that have been bent into desired shape, onto a strong backing. Sometimes shapes are built upon shapes to create a more compelling product. It may be easier to visualize if you consider a cookie cutter process that can produce a great number of identical cookies that may be uniformly and simultaneously decorated. If a standard business card is two dimensional, then a die cut product is three dimensional with bells and whistles.

A die cut product can substantially increase the chances of making the statement you need to propel your business to success in many ways as they:

· stand out a lot more than flat, standard business cards or flyers.

· are word-of-mouth builders and conversation starters.

· allow you to use unlimited creativity which will help you to build a unique identity for you and your business. They can be made from multiple materials to produce a number of diverse effects and purposes.

· may be initially shared to demonstrate your creativity, but ultimately focus on what you are offering.

· are interactive, which makes them all the more memorable and personable.

· demonstrate your own faith in your product by presenting a polished, professional representation.

· are reusable, which is cost effective for future print orders.

· are versatile and can be applied to more than just business cards, like door hangers, magnets, and kits that contain pieces that make structures

Die cut products are definitely worth the expense. They help you to get your message across while enhancing your singular product or perspective.

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Three Must-Haves for Your Mobile Website

A good mobile website can be the backbone of a business. It can provide a trustworthy source of news and information for existing customers. It can provide a thorough explanation of products and services that prospective clients will enjoy. Nowadays, mobile websites can serve as a source of direct income and payment collection, as well. Several tools are available to help a business get to where it needs to be in a mobile sense. The following are three must haves for a mobile website:

Shopping Cart

For businesses that deal with order placement and fulfillment, a shopping cart is the number one item that is needed for their websites. An on-site shopping cart allows visitors to conduct transactions if they are interested in the business’s offerings. A non-monetary benefit to having a shopping cart is that visitors will stay on the page for long periods, which is the main goal of any business.

Easy Navigation

Mobile website managers will need to also provide easy navigation to customers and prospects who are visiting the site. Poor navigation scares people away. Other sales prospects are more likely to make a purchase if they can move around the site easily and transfer to other pages without stress.

A Short Video

Videos can do wonders for a website and a business. One positive aspect of having videos on a mobile website is that the business can spread messages quickly without losing quality, all the while keeping visitors entertained. The video can work to captivate guests who are still on the fence about buying or signing up for your services. The video may end up being the perfect ice breaker and decision maker.

Businesses who are looking to improve their mobile websites should make an attempt to incorporate these three items as soon as possible. It’s important to remain ahead of the curve and in-tune with the evolving mobile audience.  In doing so, sales activity should pick up immensely.

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Examples of How to Incorporate QR Codes into Postcards

Quick response codes are scannable square images that work somewhat like bar codes. Tablet and smartphone users may photograph QR codes to make their devices instantly perform various tasks. For example, a certain code might instruct a phone to load a specific website or “like” something on Facebook.


Although phones and tablets are portable, PR Daily reports that about three out of five QR code users scan them at home. Postcard advertisements provide an excellent place to print QR squares. They save space and boost convenience; mobile device owners won’t need to enter phone numbers or lengthy Web URLs.

Unlike traditional website addresses, quick response campaigns are easy to track. An advertiser can create a different code for each mailing and count how many people scan it. To ensure proper function, it’s crucial to print codes that are bordered by white space and cover at least a square inch.


Marketers find many innovative ways to use these codes on postcards. For instance, an advertisement for a healthy new snack could include a code that instructs the user’s phone to obtain an online coupon for the product. Alternately, it might send viewers to a mobile-optimized page with full nutritional facts.

Another possibility is that the postcard could promote an upcoming festival with Quick Response symbols. When readers scan a code, their devices would display a map and directions to the event site. The same card might include a code that automatically enters the user into a festival prize drawing.

Advertisers can also develop QR images that instantly subscribe readers to mailing lists, play online videos, download free apps, dial phone numbers or enter email addresses. However, people won’t just scan any code that they see; a convincing call-to-action is vital. Try to offer something special, like an exclusive discount.

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Quick tips for enhancing your email marketing campaigns

Looking for ways to breathe life back into your email marketing campaign is never a bad idea. Email marketing can create customer loyalty and boost your brand. Both of these traits result in revenue sales. Online shopping is very popular and continues to grow. If you have an internet business it is vital to take advantage of email marketing as an effective and successful way to get the word out.

With everything online often receiving emails to market information might be a bit drab. There is nothing exciting about getting emails that you don’t have the time to read which often end up deleted. Here are some tips you can use to turn your marketing around to grow your business and customer base.

Create bold, exciting content that grabs your customer’s attention. Exciting content is easy and quick to read while being interesting. This is your chance to win them over and deliver a memorable impression of your brand.
Don’t miss the chance to retain customers. Remember to use ‘opt-in’ links to keep your customers in the loop. Present them in a way that encourages customers to want to stay associated.

Develop short messages created specifically for mobile devices. Always have the ‘opt in’ option that links your customer to your website to provide the complete service line.

Include social media by making a page to sign up for email on all your social media sites this is a great way to email market to generate followers.

Find a way to develop an easy but effective survey. Surveys let you learn what your customers want. Make a point to reward participants with incentives for filling out the survey.

Use these techniques to boost your email marketing and promote your business brand.

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The importance of maintaining marketing lists

Marketing yourself or your business isn’t just about gaining new clients, although this is a vital aspect of the process. This part of marketing also includes keeping your old clients up to date with your business and making sure you’re continuously reaching out to these individuals about the specials you’re running and anything that may appeal to them enough that they want to maintain a business relationship with you.

Every six months or so you should go through your list and remove people who are no longer interested in your business. These are the individuals who no longer respond, show up to important events, open your emails or purchase your products. There’s no reason to focus on people who aren’t interested in you and your business anymore. Keep your focus on the people who have continuously made an effort to keep up with your business. You may want to reach out to the people who you don’t feel are following your emails anymore and inquire if they would like to remain on your list. You’ll also want to remove bad emails and anyone’s that bounce back to you. Cleaning out your list is important since you don’t want to focus your energy on people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

Another important aspect of managing your marketing list is to make sure your addresses are up to date. When you’re sending to addresses that are no longer valid, you’re not doing yourself or your business any favors. This is why you need to make sure people update their email with you.

In some instance, the unopened emails might be costing you. Let’s say you send out an email to a large number of people and some of them never open them. If the payment you make to your marketing agent revolves around the number of contacts you have, you’re paying for the people who aren’t opening your emails.

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