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How Much Is Too Much Blogging?

How Much Is Too Much Blogging?

For most businesses and personal blogs-posting once a week is the norm. But blogging frequency will not be the same for all. There are a few areas that you will need to investigate before you can decide on the perfect number of postings for your blog.

Blogging Goals

Ask yourself this question-What am I striving to accomplish with a blog? And then set yourself up for success by setting blogging goals that run parallel with your overall business objectives. Or on a personal note- are you just having fun or want to help others with your wisdom? Give the best of yourself by setting a blogging schedule and be consistent. People will show up and respect you for not wasting their time.


Blogging is not just about you. Who is your audience of readers? Are you making connection with them-or overwhelming them? Posting too much may chase your readers away because they can’t keep up. Give your readers informative and delightful content-but don’t overdo-keep them in a bit of suspense and always wanting more. Make sure your reader has time to absorb and enjoy what you have created-they don’t want to be rushed.

Quality vs. Frequency

Fresh insight and wisdom needs a moment of incubation time before release. Frequency of posts does not automatically promote quality content. If the quality of your content is slipping-it’s just a matter of time before your readers slip away. Don’t breed familiarity- keep ahead of your clients and friends and let them chase you in anticipation.

Too Much Blogging…

If your blog is just words on the screen and not accomplishing your goals-too much blogging.

If your readers are overwhelmed and leaving-too much blogging.

If your posts are many and void of quality content-too much blogging.

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Three Tips for Keeping an Active Blog

In today’s digital age, a company’s blog could easily become one of its most successful marketing tools.  The next time you are out somewhere in public take a look around you.  How many people are passing time waiting in line, taking a walk, or simply sitting down with their noses and fingers buried in their cell phones or mobile devices?  These people could be consumers researching a product or service they are interested in buying.  Wouldn’t it be great if they were researching your product or service in their spare time?

What steps can you take to be sure your company’s blog stays active and helps you market your products or services?

  1. Schedule it:  Marketing your company’s products or services has the ability to make or break your business.  Blogging is a great way to get word of mouth about your products or services out there.  Make your blog a priority every single day.  Every aspect of your business can be an inspiration, from new products or services to money saving tips.  Keep your customers informed and intrigued.

  2. Maintain a Fresh Collection of Topic Ideas:  Here is where being in touch with your customer’s needs can put you light years ahead of your competition.  Your customer service representatives are your best to start.  Find out what questions and concerns are most popular with your customers.  Consider picking a few items and expand them on a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  Monitoring similiar businesses is important too.  Considering reading other industry blogs or setting up Google Alerts to help you keep up with new industry trends.

  3. Consider Hiring a Writer:  Writing is not something that comes easy to everyone.  Yes, it is very important to be informative, but you also need to keep your audience’s attention.  If you find that you cannot keep people informed, yet entertained, perhaps it is time to consider hiring a professional writer.  An informative and professional looking website or blog can ensure repeat visitors, and perhaps even repeat customers.

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Interactive Print? Is that even possible?

When it comes to print ads, there are thousands of different ideas and concepts that can be employed and used. How do you make your print interactive? Though it may seem like interactive print is something that is unattainable, it is far easier than you might imagine. Here are three ways that you can make your print interactive and really get your readers and viewers involved.


1    QR Codes- Everyone has smart phones these days, something that proves as a distinct advantage to the individual or the company that is using print ads. A QR code is a block code that can be read by QR readers on smart phones. These codes can lead your viewers to websites, other content, videos, other advertisements, and so much more. These codes are easy to make, easy to use, and incredibly fun.


2    Purpose Driven Ads- Another great way to amp up the interactivity of your ad is to create an ad that can be used for something else; an ad that has a purpose. This could be something as simple as an ad that has perforated edges and can be popped up to create a 3d ad, to something as complicated as an ad that can be made into something else. This will allow companies to make their print ad and convey the information they need while creating an ad that is fully interactive and completely memorable.

3    Wired Ads- There is a whole new genre of this, that is fully interactive because it has been wired. This means that the ad actually does something. It could be anything from playing music, to reading a message or changing the color of a picture. Whatever it is, these ads will be highly interactive. While they can be great, they do sometimes cause problems and tend to be more expensive.


By following these tips, your company will become a creative and memorable business. Remember: Interactive ads are a thing of today, not a thing of the future.

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Making the Most of Popular Marketing and Communications Channels/Platforms

Know What You Have Before Adding On

Multi-channel marketing campaigns and integration of communications campaigns like PR, direct e-Mail, blogs, and sales force materials not only need cross channel management, but the future holds an expansion of online social media marketing with communications channels, not less. Forward thinking business owners understand the value of getting very familiar with available cross-channel marketing execution platforms now, to be prepared and positioned on the forefront, as the digital and print technologies continue to advance. Moving at a break-neck pace, digital media is attempting to keep up with mobile marketing options, while print and communications platforms rethinking marketing options are racing to understand brand touch points, learning brand generation and how to keep the brand message targeted and consistent across all channels.

Communications platforms include social media like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Google Local, and Email using a business mailing list from their customer database or a purchased list of emails containing potential customers based on their documented purchasing patterns. In-product communication involves directly marketing with a commercially designed message to a target audience through their internet-connected device (PCs, laptops, mobile devices and tablets), or through their software application using ads or value offers.

Marketing and Communications Transitioning

The messages and related media produced is to be used within a market is the promotional part of the marketing mix, using a strategy of combining product information, pricing, placement, and promotional incentives. These must all be developed into a consistent look and feel through strategic use of the elements of branding such as logo, colors, slogans, and message statements. Brick and mortar customer service transitioned into digital customer relations, marketing communications transitioned human resources into humans solutions, and what was once “the elevator pitch” is now on trend tweets, blogs, and emails.

Some of the most interesting key players integrating marketing events, emerging social marketing technologies, and traditional broadcasting media advertising include ADRevolution, HubSpot, Marketo, smartFOCUS, Vtrenz, Eloqua, and Neolane. You get key innovation focus points like delivery to customers of only the ads they want, demand generation, open platforms integrating technology, strategy, and personalized marketing interaction, optimized ROI. Online marketing management of email, direct mail, banner ads, rich media ads, Web content, keyword search advertising, landing pages, micro sites, website visitor tracking, lead generation, and telesales.

Best Utilization Method

Obviously, a business must have an integrated contact management or CRM to tie marketing results with sales results to identify what is working and what is not. Making the most of popular marketing and communications channels and platforms means having the ability to analyze performance data and weeding out the stagnant approaches from the thriving, generating ones.

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Are Bindery Services Worth the Investment?

Full-time staff at excellent bindery service companies are skilled at quickly performing graphic arts binding and print finishing solutions. You’ll actually find lower expenses when using professional bindery experts because your temporary employees often make errors and waste materials simply because of the learning curve for each custom project. Small companies literally do save money partnering with other companies for operations they need occasionally, rather than hiring another full-time staff member with all the benefits. Bindery outsourcing is not only a cost savings, but you have a guarantee the job will be ready when you need it, and the result is a perfect product.

A bindery specialist company provides professional finishing for any type of document or print media.

First-time perfect binding
Spiral and wire-O punch and binding
Crisp folding service when needed
Die cutting, perforations, and scoring
Hand-work, fulfillment, packet assembly
Saddle stitching, finish over-stitching on fine work
Perfect touch, clean gluing
Assembly like in pocket folders and professional packets
Precision laminating
Managing the bindery staff on a daily basis is a perfect method of operations control. We also take precautions when selecting a team for each project, they are screened and trained for specialized skills because our employees are the hands-on difference that insure your finished orders look exceptional every time.

Need Help Fast?

Give our friendly and professional marketing and customer care staff a call at Latka Communications Marketing and Print Solutions, to discuss options like bound flip-books, homeschooling materials, any custom print work assembly, seminar workbooks, family tree booklets, bulk order reports, analysis or power point follow-along reports, custom cookbooks, or glossy print catalogs. We can service all of your multiple media bindery needs! Give us a quick call, (413) 562-4374, or email our office in Westfield, MA, at

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How Print Materials can Spread Your Company’s Message

From screen printed T-shirts to high gloss posters, your company can reach out to the public for increased visibility. Soon people will recognize your colors, logo, and connect your brand image with your company when you use print materials on a wide scale. Depending on your marketing budget plan, you may want to have materials printed large enough for bus stop enclosures or print materials suitable for mounting on fencing or on stadium or sports field walls. People love the look and texture of a high gloss multicolored post card or pamphlet, plus it finds its way into their office or home to be picked up again as a reminder. Below are some ideas to consider!


1) Try making wall calendars and refrigerator magnets, as they have taken the place of bookmarks. Laminated place mats have replaced disposable ones in restaurants and coffee mugs are something that will always keep your company on your customer’s minds.

2) Make creative water bottles, customizing messages for conferences, seminars, and community events, to show that you have innovative ideas!

3) Magnetic signs for car doors and other vehicles can be specialized and are a great way to spread your company’s name. Upload a picture of your business card on the magnet and make sure it has an enlarged phone number people can punch into their cell phones is efficient and creative!

4) Stand out! Colorful ad campaigns used for package inserts that can also be included with a customer receipt as a handout can offer a valuable incentive for next time purchases.


Imagery Over Wording Print Work

Get print messages out in short, bite sized phrases to satisfy the short attention span of today’s purchases and decision makers. Make your print more visual with images and little text. Printed packaging that makes the customer or client want to re-use it for something, is a successful engagement and memorable experience. Print companies are constantly printing on every media imaginable, for non-profits and small businesses to corporate accounts, using experiential booths at festivals and conferences, sporting events, job fairs, and conventions, providing necessary visible recognition. Unusual packaging shapes, sizes and materials can be printed with intuitive designs and company logos, making a lasting impression on your customers. 

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Is Integrated Marketing Appropriate for All Industries?

Business owners want to use a well-coordinated marketing plan using different promotional methods with consistent brand messaging that reaches across non-traditional as well as traditional marketing channels. Print materials and online visuals alike, must have the same recognizable elements of color, visual stimuli, and Brand representation across paid advertising, public relations, social media, owned assets, and promotional items. You want to relate to your prospects and customers in a consistent manner whenever you contact them. High-level marketers will develop your marketing plan and direct your investment toward:

opportunities for added value and bonus
singular/synchronized brand voice and experiences
creative and productive design and cost efficiency
If your company is experiencing limited connectivity – shift your marketing strategy to pervasive connected-ness. Your marketing partnership should provide you with high accountability in market spend, specialized media engagement, and a quick move from traditional marketing systems into interactive digital marketing with integrated campaigns that all incorporate the same launch and end phases. You need to select a few strong e-commerce methods to begin increasing your online presence. Develop your SEO, (search engine optimization), SEM, (search engine marketing), mobile marketing, email campaigns, blogs, articles, and other forms of consistent content marketing, plus regular posts on your chosen channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

Integrated Marketing Beyond Print and Internet

Have promotional opportunities like contests, coupon giveaways, freebies, premiums, rebate news releases, and special events. Take part in related trade shows using advertorial company booths, product demonstrations, and glossy handouts at the exit. Become and active participant in your business locality. Join in on volunteering opportunities, with your staff decked out in identifiable T-shirts, water bottles and baseball caps.

Weaving an effective integrated marketing campaign together successfully means you have leveraged every communication channel available to your company to achieve engagement with your target audience having a noteworthy effect. With familiarity, your potential clients will examine communications according to the brands’ perspective, a “one sight, one-sound” approach that directs consumer responses and loyalty.

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Creative Presentation Kits – Why They Are Useful To Have

When it comes to creating awareness for your brand, promoting your company goes a long way. Companies are starting to hire marketing firms to help grow their company and earn them more public recognition. One of the main things that marketing firms are doing is telling the company that they are representing to have customized promotional products made for their company.


Why should you have custom made Promotional Products?

Below are some reasons explaining why your company should have customized products.


#1. One of the main purposes of having custom kits is to help enhance your company’s look and become professional. By having a professional name or logo, current and potential customers will take you more seriously, helping to build a better relationship. Having a unique and professional look is also very important because you want to attract new clients and make sure that they know you are a trustworthy and reliable company.


#2. It is a great way to gain publicity for your company. Today, almost every company has some custom products that they give away to customers and prospective clients. Some give away pens, cups, or shirts with the company name on them while others give away binders and key chains. The bottom line is that this is an effective way to advertise your business and increase your brand recognition.


In What Types of Situations Can Custom Presentation Kits Be Useful?

As previously mentioned, custom presentation kits are a great way to expand your brand recognition and are useful in situations where you can reach a lot of people at the same time. Some of which include:


#1. Trade Fairs: Trade fairs are a great opportunity to do some advertising for your business because they are usually attended by large crowds. The only problem with trade fairs is that the other companies that are present also recognize that it is a great opportunity to increase their brand recognition as well, so when you go to trade fairs, you should try to make your custom kit stand out above the rest. This will help you to differentiate your company from the others and become memorable.


#2. Presentations: when you are trying to make a sales pitch to a potential client, having custom kits can be beneficial in a couple of ways; it helps your business look more professional, and they can also be given as gifts to members of the team that you are making the pitch to. It may also help them keep your company in mind when making their final decision.


#3. Promoting Your Company Image: If you want to generate some goodwill for your company, nothing beats giving away free stuff because who doesn’t like free stuff? One of the best ways to buy that positive image for your company is to give away free custom kits to people, regardless if they are prospective clients or not.


By following these tips above, your company will be on its way to becoming a successful, professional, and reliable business.

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