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How Do I Track My Direct Marketing Campaigns?

When starting a marketing campaign for your business or company, the first thing you want to establish is a way to track the success of your campaigns. This will help you figure out what is working for your company and what’s not working. By establishing clear cut ways to track your marketing efforts, you can determine where your ideal audience is viewing your marketing efforts and if they are responding to it.

Traceable Codes

There are 2 main ways you can use traceable codes in your marketing campaign as a way to measure their success. If you are sending out mailers that indicate a special sale or promotion that you are having, use a specific code on the mailers that the users have to enter in order to access the discount. When the promotion or sale is over, you will be able to determine if customers found the sale via the mailers and unique code you used and how effective the mailers were. The other way traceable codes can be used is by adding them to your coupons that you offer. You may choose to offer coupons to your newsletter subscribers and a lesser coupon to all of your other potential customers. With 2 unique coupon codes, you will be able to trace which coupons were the most effective.

Sales Campaigns with Unique URL

When sending out mailers or a newsletter to your customers, you can include a specific, special URL that the potential customer has to type in or click on in order to get to the offer or discount. This way, you will be able to track how many people accessed the discount via the specific URL.

Offer a Gift with Specific Purchase

A great way to track a marketing campaign is to offer a small, free gift with the purchase of an item. You can offer this free gift when the item is purchased with a specific code, through a specific URL, or during a short time frame. You will then be able to check how many customers redeemed the free gift offer.

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Why Chase Around When Inbound Marketing Works?

Ask anyone who owns or manages a business about the never-ending chase for customers and they will testify as to just how annoying and expensive it is. Thankfully, the days of chasing after customers are giving way to the new era of inbound marketing. The magic of inbound marketing is that the customers actually come to you.

There is no sense in dedicating a chunk of your operating budget toward outbound marketing efforts like TV commercials or ads on billboards, in newspapers or magazines. Sure, you will reach plenty of people by advertising on these mediums yet many of them might not have any interest in your product or service. Inbound marketing is a convenient solution to your advertising woes. It is now possible to use social media, search engine optimization (SEO), your company website, blog and other avenues to add to your customer base. The beauty of inbound marketing is that the customers do the vast majority of the work. They actually have a real need or desire for your company’s product or service so they hop onto the world wide web and disover your online footprint.

Consider how cheap and efficient inbound marketing is compared to outbound marketing methods. Improving your company’s SEO, website, blog, e-mail list and social media accounts is not a very costly endeavor. Yet taking out advertisements on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines will cost a pretty penny to say the least. It is much more convenient to hire an outbound marketing specialist to drive customers to you rather than chase them down with outbound advertisements. The best part is that your inbound marketing efforts will pull in customers who are likely be loyal to your brand across posterity. These are individuals who actively searched for your business’s niche, product or service because they legitimately need or want what you are selling. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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Have You Established a Marketing Niche?

Every company needs to identify the customer base that makes them unique among their competitors. This is more than just a list of the people you already sell to, it’s a thought process that allows you to determine what makes you and your company unique and indispensable to your competitors. Once you know this, your entire marketing strategy can be built around the things that your customers can only find with you.


Start by identifying the things that make your company special. Specifically, think about how your company is unique and different when compared ti ti’s competition. To help you, think about the feedback from your existing customers. Why did they pick your product service instead of other ones in the market? The answer to this question is your specialty.


Next, consider what groups of people will find your specialty particularly useful. Your ideal customers will have a particular need for your product or service, and find what you’re offering to be more useful than what is being offered by your competition. You need to figure out how to reach this group with your marketing.


In some cases, this is as simple as placing advertisements in the geographical location of the customer base you have identified. In order for niche marketing to truly be successful, however, it’s important to make each of those advertisements clearly express your company’s specialty. Your potential customers should come away from your advertising with a clear message about how your company’s product or service can improve their lives.

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SEO Tools to Improve Content Marketing

As more customers turn to the internet as their primary source of finding a new product or service, it’s becoming crucial for businesses to pay attention to their ranking in the search results of major search engines. The best way to do this is to improve your SEO marketing. Here are some of our favorite tools to help you with that.

 1. Yoast

This is a WordPress SEO plugin, allowing you to assign keywords to pages that you write content for. The tool has a number of useful features, but some of the most useful ones are designed to keep you appraised of the most common search terms related to your subject and the keywords that your competitors are using.

2. Google Keyword Planner

This tool was originally designed to help websites that generated revenue on a pay-per-click basis, but it can be used by just about anyone. It allows content generators to search for keywords and ad groups related to specific terms. Once the list is generated, it will also tell you the popularity of each search term.

3. Google Trends

This tool allows you to see the popularity of various search terms over a specified period of time. This makes it ideal for websites or businesses that see surges in business during certain times of the year or month. You can even set up an editorial calendar based on the search word trends in order to adjust to the rising and falling popularity of various terms.


These tools are just some of the dozens of SEO tools available out there. Don’t be afraid to try different ones as you work to improve your website.  As we mentioned, SEO for your website is becoming more and more crucial in the digital age.  Nearly 90% of consumers utilize a search engine at least once during their time spent on the internet.  It is becoming one of the top ways for potential customers to find your business.

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Can I Make Cross Media Marketing Cost Effective?

Since the cost of large-scale radio, television and print advertising is out of reach financially for many small businesses, you might have given up hope on ever being able to afford an effective cross-media marketing campaign. Plus, advertising via social media and your website is quick, easy and inexpensive, which is why it’s so easy to get stuck in the digital advertising rut and stay there. If you’ve been wanting to break out into other forms of advertising in addition to digital advertising, but don’t think you can afford it, consider this.

The number one factor that determines whether or not your marketing campaign is worth the dough you’ve invested is your return on investment. The more people that you can turn into customers with your campaign, the greater your ROI will be. To boost your ROI, be sure to put your advertising dollars where they will have the most effect by tailoring your campaign to your market.  ROI can also be boosted by limiting your investment to only relevant and cost-effective communication mediums that you’re confident will be reach your target audience.

For example, instead of sending out mailers to everyone in your community, do some research so you can send mailers out to residents who will be most interested in your services. Also, purchase advertising space  in relevant publications to your target audience and don’t spend unnecessary money “just to get word out.”  Make sure your communications and targeted and relevant.

Keep in mind that it’s not so much about how much advertising you’re doing as it is about when and where you’re doing it. Five thousand brochures given to the wrong people will do little for your business. However, if you hand those brochures out at a community event where attendees are interested in your products and services, you will gain new customers.

Narrowing your audience allows you to spend less money on advertising while improving your ROI, which will make your cross-media campaign much more cost effective.

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Fulfilment and QR Codes, They Work Together

Plenty of marketers are familiar with putting QR codes on their products in order to communicate with their customers, but these codes are becoming a lot more common in the back rooms and factory floors of many manufacturers. In fact, these codes are ideal for companies looking for ways to improve their product fulfillment.


Many large distributors, such as Amazon, have started using these codes to track products as they move through their distribution facilities. In some cases, each customer order is assigned an individualized QR code. As their order is produced and filled, the QR code is scanned and the customer’s account is updated.


This allows the factory floor manager to be aware of every stage of the production, fulfillment, and distribution process. For large scale operations, this provides an unprecedented level of awareness. Each order can be individually tracked, allowing management to collect data from every package that leaves the distribution center. With QR code tracking, it’s possible to collect data on the speed at which every item is moving through a fulfillment center.


That means as soon as there is a slowdown in work, it’s possible for management to be immediately alerted. This system replaces individual work evaluations and guesswork with actual data from the fulfillment center floor. Problems can be quickly identified and resolved within minutes instead of performing time-consuming case studies of individual lines.


Customers also love the fact that they can use the data to track their individual order. Rather than dealing with constant customer inquiries about the status of their order, a QR code system can allow them to access that information on their own.

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Integrating a New Product and How to Market It

Integrating a new product and how to market it

You have just come up with a new product. You are confident that it’s going to be a big hit when you introduce it into the market. You probably have the product in your stores in large quantities. However, you are wondering how you are going to integrate it into the market. You are wondering how to market the new product not only to make people aware of its existence but to make them buy it. There are countless books that you can read about marketing new products that may help. Here are simple proven strategies that you should use to integrate and market your new product:


Create a plan

You will only succeed when you have a good plan. The first thing that you have to do is define your target market as accurately as you can. You need to have a deep understanding of the people that you will be selling to. For example, instead of defining men as the people who will form your market, you should say you are targeting men in their 40s. The more specific you are when defining your market, the more accurate you will be when you start employing your marketing efforts. Your plan must also include the marketing activities that you are going to use to make people buy your new products. Create a timeline within which you must complete the different tasks that you have at hand.


Focus on building and expanding your market

You should always be working on building and expanding your market. If you have a good product, there is no limit to where you can sell it. Work on establishing good relationships with all the retailers and wholesalers that you are going to deal with. Find new retailers and wholesaler to help you expand your market reach.

It will be challenging to make people accept a new product. It is upon you to convince them that the new product will be useful to them. That is what marketing is all about.

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Direct Mail Pieces and Landing Pages, They go Hand in Hand

Direct Mail Pieces and Landing Pages, They go Hand in Hand

While emails may be more popular because they are quick and free, direct mail pieces can be exceptionally helpful in making your business more interactive.

Benefits of Direct Mail Pieces

Using direct mail provides your target customers with a more personal touch. The feeling of reaching in your mailbox and pulling out a piece of mail that is not a bill is still desirable to most people. Direct mail is ideal when you want to send special offers to tempt leads into becoming dedicated customers. An example of an offer would be a free consultation.

Combining Direct Mail with Landing Pages

There are numerous ways you can connect a direct mail campaign with your online campaign something as simple as including the link to an appropriate direct mail landing page at the end of the letter. You can even attach a business card with the link to the online land page to the letter. The more creative you are the better results you will get. Make a unique brochure that is colorful but not too busy, tell your potential customers about yourself, your business, and why they need or want your product. It is all about presentation!

Benefits of Landing Pages

Your landing page is an online version of your direct mail pieces, usually with a little more information and a special offer or gift to entice you to sign up. The landing page also allows you to capture information about your visitors. Your landing page is more like an order form, you want the visitor to take action and purchase your product or your service, so when designing the landing page make sure it is appealing.

How Direct Marketing and Landing Pages go Hand in Hand

You are basically presenting your potential customers with a hardcopy (direct mail) and an online copy of the same thing. This way potential customer and loyal customers can chose the option that works best for them.

One of the first rules in marketing is use as many avenues as possible to get your business and product out there for people to see. Therefore, direct mail and landing pages are a perfect fit.

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