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Your Website Content Can Affect Your Sales

Websites are no longer just visual representations of brands and companies. In fact, they play a pivotal role in any online marketing or SEO campaign. No truer is this then when it comes to effectively marketing products and services to core, niche and mass audiences. With this in mind, your website content has to be easy to scan and digest. It should also entail industry-relevant and high-quality content for visitors and potential customers. No matter the industry or sector you serve, your website can truly be a tool in generating leads, profits and recurring revenue.

Visibility is the Key to Success

According to industry experts, your website must have the following features in order to secure higher visibility across Google. These essential tools can also foster brand validity and growth, while driving business and sales across the board:

Uniformity and Consistency

Sites must have gripping templates and user features that are easy to access. This includes eye-catching logos, along with menus and designs that establish uniformity and consistency across your pages. The days of intricate Flash presentations and add-ons are simply over. Today’s websites are streamlined, centralized, and optimized for SEO and especially mobile and wireless access.

Captivating and Compelling Content

Your content must also be precise, concise, and to the point. This will keep visitors and customers on your pages longer – resulting in higher conversion rates and sales. Long gone are the days of lengthy content that would turn potential clients and customers away. Keep your content direct, industry- specific, and inclusive of strategic keywords and links that connect your customers to the products and services they seek.

Websites must also feature links to your social media pages. This can generate a lasting buzz about your brand, while appearing in local search results and Google Maps.

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Understanding Optimal Frequency can Improve your Email Marketing

According to a TechnologyAdvice survey, 45.8% of subscribers consider business emails as spam when they perceive they are emailed too often. It was also the most cited reason as recommendations of how businesses could improve their email efforts at 43.9%. Ignoring the importance of the frequency of your email campaign can have a devastating loss on your business through loss of subscribers and consequently potential customers. Campaign Monitor determined that two weeks seems to be the optimal frequency to send email marketing materials without having a negative impact on a company’s subscriber base.

The ideal frequency for your company may differ from the norm. You have to know your subscriber base and their preferences. Here are some tips for optimizing the frequency of sending email marketing campaigns to your subscriber list.

1. Don’t Send Everything to Everyone

Know your audience. If you’re having a sale on men’s razors, you don’t need to send them to every person on your list. Tailor your marketing campaigns to the relevant people on your database.

2. When in Doubt, Just Ask

Include a page on your website that allows subscribers to select their preferred frequency of receiving marketing emails. Having a place where subscribers can let you know how they feel will save you the effort of having to guess.

3. Trial and Error

While two weeks is the optimal frequency found for the average email marketing campaign, this may or may not apply to your subscriber base. Vary your frequency in sending marketing campaigns and monitor the results until you find a frequency that works for your subscriber base.

There is plenty of data out there supporting various optimal email frequencies. When it comes down to it, the most effective frequency is the one that works for your subscriber base.

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Millennials are Loving their Direct Mail

When most of the mail being delivered by the Post Office seems to be catalogues and direct mail coupon offers, it would seem that the tech-savvy Millennial generation would likely ignore those daily offerings, since they appear to enjoy their interaction with portable technology more than paper. If your company provides services targeted at that valuable twenty-something demographic, you might be thinking that adding a direct mail campaign to your advertising budget would be a waste of money. It isn’t, and here’s why:

Unique Eye-Catching Opportunity

Millenials spend their entire day ignoring the swarm of ads generated by social media and massive search engines. Unless they are actively shopping, those Google-ads are not so likely to receive the clicks needed to convert a sale. When a direct mail ad appears in their mailbox, it is a singular piece of advertising held in their hand, and not as likely to be swiped away. Take advantage of the stationary moment at the mail box, and put your product in front of young, hungry consumers.

Millenials Love to Save

This new generation has been imbued with a refreshing approach to life–they are less interested in buying objects and far more motivated in purchasing services. Unlikely to waste money, a coupon promoting technology, restaurants, and convenience services will be collected and encourage the hard-working individual to utilize the added bonus.

Shop Local Is Key

Like the direct mail appearing in their mail box, the local services advertised is another aspect of the economy the Millennial generation values over the anonymity of the global internet market. Introduce your business to your neighbor and see them walk through your door. Even online services provided by local individuals are more appealing than corporate giants.

Add a direct mail campaign to your advertising budget today.

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Direct Mail and Print Marketing Can Complement and Increase Online Sales

Do not believe it when pundits say that print advertising is dead. Those who want to promote online marketing often put forth this claim. True, we live in the Internet Age. Any business without an online presence will probably fail. However, relying solely on digital media to make sales is a mistake too many make. They need to recognize and respect the value of direct mail and print marketing.

Following are three important ways printed material can complement and increase online sales.

A More Personal Experience

There is no better way, besides actual door-to-door sales, to provide potential purchasers with a personal experience. Printed media allows the user to touch something and see the products on display in their hands. They identify more intimately with the company and its products than they do online.

Stimulation of the Senses

Printed media also provides a pleasing feast for the senses. For example, the recipient can hold a catalog. They can see the products on the pages. At times, it might even be possible for them to smell fragrances. For younger people, this stimulation of the senses is a welcome break from the more impersonal online experience. The older generation finds printed media rekindling memories of their youth. Either way, it is a winning situation for the sender.

Inspire Confidence in the Business

Last, but not least, printed media helps a business appear real. There are too many fake websites out there today. Moreover, some legitimate sites are unfortunately outdated. Nothing is worse than clicking a link to make a purchase only to find out that the business no longer sells the item. A waste of time.

A contemporary direct mail campaign can inspire confidence in the legitimacy of a business.

Start a Direct Mail Print Campaign Today

The goal of any successful marketing campaign is to capture new customers and retain current clients. Printed media remains a primary means of doing so.

To stay ahead of the competition, get started with a direct mail print campaign today. Readers will find the material engaging and then visit the listed website address for further information.


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6 Tips to Make your Website More Attractive

It is well known that an attractive website catches the eye and draws interest far better than a bland, boring one. A website is a first impression; a glance into how the business runs and operates. But what makes a website attractive?


Keep it Simple

Don’t fill up the website space with too much content. If it is hard to find certain information, the reader will go somewhere else. Have clear sections with titles, enabling quick access to the different topics you have.


Be Colorful Without Overdoing It

A little color can go a long way. Make sure the website pops, but can’t be mistaken for a complete color wheel.


Make Text Easy to Read

A favorite photo may seem like a great idea for a background, but if the text can’t be seen because of the background colors the photo creates, it will cause frustration. Also, make sure the color and font style are clear and easy to see. A bright yellow text color in Edwardian Script may seem pretty, but is not easy for the reader.


Keep Text Short

Short paragraphs, lists, and bullet points have been shown to be more attractive and easier to engage in. Longer pieces are overwhelming, especially if the information is technical or leans towards the informative side.


Make Information Easy to Locate

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a specific piece of information than having to toggle between website pages or search through vague titles or headers. The design of the website should be in blocks of information with clear outlines of space.


Include Contact Information

You went through all the work of making your website the best it could be to make the content shine. But it is all for nothing if no one can contact you.


Creating a website doesn’t have to be difficult and can lead to a wider, more engaged audience.

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3 Reasons Your Mobile Website Matters in Today’s World

Staying up to date on the latest trends is crucial when it comes to the success of your business, and it’s important to not drop the ball in regards to mobile friendly websites. If you really want to reach your customer base, stay in touch with current trends, and maximize your search engine exposure it is vital that you make use of a mobile website. If you’re in need of some convincing, here are three reasons why a mobile website matters in today’s world.


Increase Search Rankings

Google has spoken. In an effort to deliver the most up-to-date, user friendly content for its customers, your website’s mobile friendliness will now factor into the algorithm that is used to rank websites during searches. If you’re wanting your site to stay up on the top pages of Google, reaching millions of people per day, it’s important to make sure you are jumping on the mobile website bandwagon. Failure to do so could lead to a decline in web traffic. (Source:


Drive Sales

If you’re striving for an increase in sales, lacking a mobile website could be killing your business goals. With the majority of consumers-64% of them-using mobile devices, it’s important that they have an easy way to browse your inventory or services. In today’s world, approximately 60% of consumers make purchases through their mobile device so you could be throwing your sales out the window by not incorporating a mobile website into your business. (Source:


Stay in the Spotlight

With 50% of all searches taking place on a mobile device and 80% of mobile searches involving the word “nearby” it is important that your website become mobile optimized to remain at the forefront of your potential customer’s searches. These statistics are hard to ignore, and it would be a shame if your competition won a new customer-a customer which should have been yours-simply due to the fact that their website was more searchable. (Source:


There are so many reasons to make the switch to a mobile friendly website. Staying up-to-date, searchable, and providing an easy selling platform for customers are all benefits that your business can reap. Make sure that you take the time to help your business grow by ensuring that your website is mobile friendly.

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Print Marketing Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a wonderful way to get the word across, in today’s high-tech world. But businesses who combine print materials with their “click of a button” techniques will find greater audiences for products and services. The first thing to remember is that there is never a “one size fits all” approach to marketing. Digital and print advertisements can and do go hand in hand — they target different segments of the population in different ways.

For example, creating fliers, brochures, circulars and promotional giveaways for newspapers, direct mailings and product displays allows the potential customer to experience immediate “in your face” messages. This is very effective because your brand must constantly be on the front burner — it’s your best and most important identifying feature! Within the printed advertisement your website address should always be in big BOLD lettering. Let the customer know that they can view the entire stock of Brand X at such-and-such-dot-com. Getting there is the first step, and once the customer is on your website (thanks to the printed flier they received in the mail), they’ll keep perusing your products and then, hopefully, say “yes!”

Creating an effective print/digital marketing campaign is done by following a few simple steps:

  • Branding. It must be consistent. What’s on the brochure or mailing ads should be prominent on the website and social media pages. Remember, branding is everything!
  • Determine your target audience. Age can be a factor here — consider how slang words and idioms are used. Remember that what looks “acceptable” in digital form may look stupid and unprofessional in print.
  • Coupons. These are a great marketing tool in print and digital format. People love to save money! Printed coupons can lead a buyer to the website with a promotional code.

Print and digital advertising do complement each other. Create colorful printed advertising to lead audiences to the internet. Print this!

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What Is Integrated Marketing and Can It Work For You?

There are different philosophies out there about marketing, and it helps to understand them all before deciding on a particular plan to follow. Integrated marketing is a business strategy where all of your communication follows the same certain style and gives the same type of message. Here’s what you need to know before you embark on your integrated marketing campaign.

Consistent Branding

Coming up with one message isn’t easy, especially since your company probably stands for many ideals. However, brands benefit from boiling down their mission statements so it’s easy for customers to remember. Let’s say you want to focus on a message of environmental responsibility. Integrated marketing would mean that all of your communication, such as PR statements, social media and direct advertisements would somehow incorporate this theme. It doesn’t mean that the same message has to be repeated again and again, it just means that you have a sense of consistency when it comes to presenting your company.

Is It for You?

If you’re starting to feel like your company lacks any type of cohesion, then integrated marketing is a good way to get employees and customers back on track with who you are as a business. Whether you want to promote social empowerment or your ability to push your products to the limits, integrated marketing is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. It helps reassure people that everyone is on the same page, and all working toward the same end result. It also means that people will get used to your style no matter where they are seeing your company name. When there’s an opportunity, either through your packaging or through a commercial spot, you simply have to work in your company branding theme into each communication piece.

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