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5 Ways to Stand Out From the Competition In Sales

5 Ways to Stand Out From the Competition In Sales

Are you looking for some ways to separate yourself as the best when it comes to sales? Doing so doesn’t just happen. It takes intentional steps gained through knowledge and experience. Here are 5 ways to do that.

Leave the Competition Alone

Bringing up the competition rarely benefits you. It’s like taking a stick and stirring up a bee’s nest. Simply walk by the nest and keep going. Although it may seem that the opposite is true, the people you’re relating to want to hear about your products. Running down the competition will make them less impressed with you and put them on the defensive. You’ll show yourself as more mature, competent and professional if you stay on the high road.

Offer Better Prices

Everyone must make money to function and businesses are no different. Understandably, the focus is often on how to make more money. You may fear that offering better prices will lose you money but not necessarily. Look for ways that you can cut costs and transfer some of those savings to your customer and you’ll start getting noticed more.

Become an Industry Expert

Learn everything you can about your industry. Leave no doubt in your customers’ minds that you know exactly what you are talking about. That sort of expertise takes time to develop. Find a few new ways every week to get better and wow your customers.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

You are unique in ways that no one else is. Unfortunately, the tendency is to suppress these differences. Being yourself will break down barriers and build relationships. Are you humorous, compassionate or non-threatening? Anyone will appreciate those qualities. No one likes to interact with a sales machine. Real, authentic people interactions are always more fun and sell more. This is true of both personal interaction and advertising. When it comes to being authentic, has this to say: “Be yourself, be interesting, be interested.”

Highlight Benefits

Anyone can rattle off a bunch of facts or features about their products. Although this can be interesting to potential customers, it doesn’t scratch them where they itch. Show them all the benefits they will experience in life by choosing you instead. That will set you apart much better than quoting rote facts. Facts are like a frozen pizza just pulled out of the freezer. Benefits are a slice of delicious, hot pizza on a plate from a restaurant. They’re easier for the customer to digest.

Being different makes all the difference in sales. Ask yourself every day how you can be unique so customers can’t help but pay you a visit. That’s a place where every business can eventually be.

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What exactly is integrated marketing and the benefits of its practice

What exactly is integrated marketing?

These days, there are many different ways to reach both potential and existing customers. Some various avenues include mobile phones, PCs, websites, and traditional advertising, such as billboards and newspapers. Integrated marketing combines all the various ways of marketing together into one seamless approach to promote one unified vision of the brand or company. It is a combination of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing, all working together to reach out to connect a company with its customers.

What are the benefits of integrated marketing?

There are many advantages to applying an integrated marketing approach to a business. When social media gives one message about a company, but the website presents a very different image of the company, customers can feel confused. That is why the same approach needs to be used by all media that the company uses.

Having an integrated marketing approach means that a company has a clear and seamless vision of who they are, what they have to offer and what their customers want from them. This vision is specific and easy to communicate across a broad range of media platforms. This helps the company realize their own goals, who their target customer is, and how best to reach them. At the other end of the spectrum, the client feels that their needs are being met.

During an advertising campaign, having a combination of interactive social media and more traditional advertising can lead to higher customer interaction, satisfaction with the products or services, and increased sales. Customers increasingly enjoy interacting with a company through social media, and companies that employ this approach increase brand loyalty. There are many great ways that integrated marketing can help a business.

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Connect with your customers with on social media

A social media usage survey by Washington, D.C.-based Pew Research Center found that social media usage has grown to 65% of adults in 2015. Social media includes such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Interesting about the study was the fact that usage among seniors has tripled to 35% between 2002-2015 and women are more likely (68%) to use social media than men (62%).

You may use social media personally. If you have not thought about connecting with your customers via social media, you may be leaving potential business on the table, and missing opportunities to promote your brand and increase your customer base.

Create your social media plan

Connecting with your customers through the various social media platforms starts with a plan or strategy. This plan, at a minimum, sets forth the goals you have for reaching your customers on social media. It should also take a critical look at the way you currently use social media and outline a strategy for the type of content that will most appeal to your customer base.

Implementing your social media plan

Once you establish a plan for your business, it is important to not only implement the plan but also create a process for measuring its progress through the use of analytics. The social media tools available for your business provides you with a way to track the number of unique visitors versus those repeat customers and give you insight on the parts of your social media content that is appealing and attracting customer attention. Analytics are important because they provide you with a way to make necessary course changes, as they arise, in order to maintain relevancy and meet the goals you set for your social media strategy.

It is important to understand how best to make social media work for your business. Enlisting the aid of an expert in this area may provide you with a useful template for success and a way to employ those best practices that can help you grow your business and increase your customer loyalty through social media.

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Tools for the Printing Industry

The printing industry is a diverse place. Printing ability ranges widely, and quality can also vary. There are tools everyone in the printing industry needs. These tools are necessary no matter what client you’re serving or what type of jobs you’re doing. They include a digital printer, a printer for large jobs, and a variety of tools called die cut tools.

Digital Printer

Using a digital printer is faster, less expensive, and produces better results. There are no plates to swap out. A digital printer can run much more independently than other printing styles. Digital printing has made capabilities like print-on-demand practical. It’s also enabled the use of different designs across the same print job.

Large Printer

Most printing jobs are the same size or smaller than a standard letter or legal size. Posters, flyers, banners, and other products need a printer that can handle applying ink to a large sheet of paper. Without a large printer, it’s not practical to create large posters or banners. You can print them out in pieces and assemble them. Using this method doesn’t produce a result that looks professional.

Variety of Die Tools

Die tools are necessary to make a lot of attractive designs. Die cut tools are used to create custom edges like rounded corners on a business card. Embossing uses die tools. If you want your business card to have a metallic rim, that may be done by embossing. Without these tools, your printing abilities limit to traditional paper sizes and textures.

Tools are essential for the printing industry. Die tools, a digital printer, and printer for large jobs are necessary for a professional printer. If you’re missing any of these essentials look into picking them up soonest. You’ll be glad you did.

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Your Online Marketing Cheat Sheet

If you have an online business, online marketing is no doubt very important these days. There are many things that you should keep in mind in order to maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign, and the following are some tips that can help you a great deal.

You should make sure to include the target keywords in your advertisement, in both the text and the headline. They should closely be related to the keywords you bed so that your ad will show up in the relevant list of search results. Additionally, you should make sure that you write a strong call to action. Or consumers should know what you want them to do, whether you want them to download a coupon or pick up a phone and call you for a free estimate or consultation. If they know what to do, they will be more willing to click to your site and find out more information.

Make sure that you do not include the name of your business in the headline of the ad. Headlines have limited character space, so you should not waste whatever characters you have on your business name. You can include it in the optimized URL instead. Make sure that your website is updated at all times, as the internet is constantly changing. You should make sure you remain in the game as far as web standards and best practices go, so that you can always create the best and most effective website possible for your consumers. Your website should also be mobile-friendly, because most people actually access the internet through their mobile devices nowadays rather than through their computers.

The aforementioned tips are just a few of the things that you should do in order to make sure that your website is as effective as possible. Online marketing is very important, and you absolutely should not skimp on your efforts in this regard.

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Direct Mail Myths Debunked

Many businesses out there are missing out on reaching a large number of potential customers because they believe direct mail marketing is not effective. The truth is direct mail marketing remains a powerful tool to reach new customers. Below are few myths about direct mail marketing debunked.


  1. The Younger Generations Do Not Respond.

This is one of the biggest myths out there. The truth of the matter is that 76% of younger people who grew up in the digital have made a purchase as a result of email marketing. The reason driving this number is that the younger generation is so inundated by digital information that mail marketing seems new to them and grabs their attention.


2. Direct Mail Is Too Expensive.

All advertising needs to be looked at as an investment for attracting new business. And yes, while direct mail is more expensive than digital advertising it has also shown to have a higher return on your investment. In fact the Harvard Business Reviewreports that direct mail has a 1.1 to 1.4 response rate while email and internet displays offered a .03 and .04 percent response rate respectively. If cost is an issue, you can test different mailers in smaller groups to figure out the most effective campaign before sending to a wider audience.


3. People Just Throw Away Direct Mail.

False. This is one of the leading misconceptions in fact, studies have shown close to 80% of of households scan or read direct mails. In addition 92% of people prefer direct mail when making a purchasing decision.


Whether you are a brand new technology company or an 50 year old real estate firm if you are not using direct mail marketing as part of your overall marketing campaign you are missing out on new business.

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