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Your Marketing Checklist for 2017

Everyone who runs their own business knows the importance of marketing. This is the only way to educate the public about the impressive products and services that the company features. With this in mind, there are some important marketing tips that everyone should keep in mind as the calendar rolls over to 2017.

Business Cards

While some people think that business cards might be antiquated and outdated, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact remains that business cards are an easy, familiar, and portable marketing device that even includes the contact information for the business as a reminder of the services a company provides. This doesn’t mean the business card can’t be spiced up. Use these business cards as a promotion for prospective customers and as a marketing tool to spread the word about the business. Then, watch the phone calls and emails roll in!

Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media has completely changed the marketing game. It is not secret that almost everyone has a social media account of some sort, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This gives businesses a direct line of communication to the pocket of their customers. Take advantage of this platform to learn about customers and target products and services to their needs. Best of all, this marketing strategy costs little to no money at all!

Do Not Neglect Promotional Campaigns

Do not be afraid to have customers sign up their friends in exchange for some promotional offer for both parties. This is one of the most efficient marketing campaigns out there because everyone enjoys free stuff. Offer up a discount for a current customer and their friend if they get their friend to purchase something. This doesn’t cost much to the company and helps to spread the customer base. Give it a shot!

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Vlogcast and Blast Competitionists

YouTube, is the NEW Me, Myself and ITube in PR (public relations)! People love the individual identity on-demand viewing has.  YouTube assists with budget marketing on steroids. Social networking strategies have positive outcomes with just a little know-how.

Vlogging (video blogging) is one-on-one interaction where planning can boost company image.  Components of a successful marketing campaign are creativity/writing, preparing/revising, forming/building, associating/networking, AND understanding SEO (search engine optimization).

Although it appears difficult at first, the best YouTube sites are TEAM built.  Factors contributing to success generate “followings.”  The TEAM can combine the following ideas:


CREATIVITY(Team members have originality).

PRODUCT/SERVICEABILITY(customers must see their NEED for the product/service).

EDUCATION(know and keep up with market changes).

VLOGGING PATIENCE(Rome was not built in a day).

LAYOUT(be easy, and simple with ideas people identify).

KEYWORDS/ADWORDS(keywords gather strength).

ANALYZE(access Google Analytics solutions).

GADGETS(connect SEO Search Engine Optimization/FIREFOX).

ROBOTS(use robots exclusion protocol.  Websites crawl the right content).

LITERARY MASTERPIECE – Portray commitment.  Answer questions.  Team up with other YouTubers.  Interview.  Savor the moment.  Be exclusive and upbeat.  Allow tagalongs.  Hook and Tweak.  Remember Thank You.

SNAP-CRACKLE-POP LINKS WHAAAT!!!! Include clickable links from YouTube to your website.  BE cool!

LOCALITY VISUALITY/WORLDWIDE OPPORTUNITYSocial Media is a MUST for the world audience and your neighborhood.  Marketing plans are essential for both.

COMPANY ESTEEM BUILT FROM SELF-ESTEEMShow the magic of the business through YOUR personal IMAGINATION.

RiDe ThE wAvEs Of TrUsT – Confidence, Assurance, and Truth will build rapport.

Latka Communications understands your needs and supplies your marketing essentials efficiently and responsibly.  In business for 30 years, Latka is built on quality at reasonable prices.  Services include marketing, printing, and mailing.

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How to Stand Out at Your Next Tradeshow or Conference

Trade shows and conferences are an excellent opportunity for your business to promote your products and services to a new audience of potential customers. The number of industry-specific shows and conferences, filled often times with your direct competitors means you have to know the best strategies for making yourself distinguishable from the others, in order to gain an edge.

Here are some simple strategies to employ that can help your company stand out and shine at your next tradeshow or conference. These tips, if properly executed, should provide you with an increase in foot traffic and access to the type of prospect with whom you want to do business.

Create a Theme/Product Specific Display

Your display says everything about your company, its products and services, and the message you wish to communicate to a tradeshow or conference audience. There are many portable tradeshow and conference display kits on the market that can be made customizable for your event. Invest money in purchasing a portable display that allows you to promote the appropriate message for your event. Spend the extra dollars on displays that include a multimedia element (i.e. front mounted LCD projector) in order to display product videos, commercials, and other visual content that attracts attention.

Be an Active not Passive Participant

Often times when attending a tradeshow or conference, you will see people standing behind a display booth with an expression that suggests that they are merely passing the time until the end of the show. The purpose of any conference or show is to make new contacts and increase the visibility of your company’s offerings in order to increase sales. This means your participation should be active, not passive. Actively engaging conference participants as they walk near your display booth, offering samples, giveaways, and other merchandise improves your odds of finding that prospect who can impact the bottom line of your business with a large order.

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How to increase web traffic with your direct mail piece

Nothing surpasses the effectiveness of direct mail when used correctly, in driving that much-needed traffic to your website.  Why? By placing more emphasis on a specific market, using a particular call-to-action, the response is ultimately maximized in this segment.

Increasing website traffic via direct mail involves a combination of tact and skill to grasp recipients’ attention.  Essentially, it involves the same strategies used to drive recipients to pick up a phone but instead of leaving a number for them to get back, you include a URL with an incentive to get the recipient to visit.  The incentive is what separates the good from the best; it should be carefully crafted to maximize response.
Below are a few tips to achieve this;

  • Use a simple URL; remember the direct mail URL is not clickable, this means it has to be simple and straightforward for a user to key it into a browser. The tip here is to make it easier to spell to avoid typing errors from the recipients’ end.
  • Include a convincing reason for the recipients to visit your site; a URL by itself is not enough, place a strong offer in your mail that will entice recipients to visit your website. You can include some cash discounts or a free trial depending on your line of work.
  •  Drop in a clear call to action; a call to action guarantees a greater response rate; the more specific you are, the better. For example, if you can include a line like, “visit this URL, sign up and get a discount on your first purchase.”
  • Include a deadline; a deadline gives a sense of time and urgency to your mail campaign.  Recipients are more likely to act,driving more traffic to your website before the deadline expires.

Direct mail strategy is tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience, and research has shown its superiority in yielding results when applied to perfection.

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Direct Mail Tips for the Holidays

The 2016 holiday season has arrived and the holiday shoppers are out in full force. During this season, you should consider running an effective direct mailer campaign. There are many direct mail marketing solutions available to you. Here are some clever tips and tricks that will help make your 2016 holiday direct mail campaign a complete success.

Unique Holiday Promotions

The festive holiday season the peak time for direct mail campaigns because it is also the busiest holiday shopping season. If you want to make sure your direct mailer stands out among the sea of holiday mailers, then make sure you utilize highly unique holiday promotions and offers. Offer unique promotional products instead of products that can be found in every retail store. Send these unique promotional offers out to a very specific target audience in order increase your chances of success with your direct mail holiday campaign.

Time Sensitive Offers

It’s a great idea to use special deals and promo codes this holiday season. Shoppers are drawn to exclusive deals and bargains during the holiday season. You should also offer multiple deals that are also time-sensitive. Experts suggest a variance of short-term deals can lead to highly successful direct mail campaigns as evidenced by substantially higher sales.

Utilize Technology For Direct Mail Campaigns

Some of the most successful direct mail campaigns also harness technology in order to increase their customer’s ability to connect with products and other relevant information in a convenient fashion. This holiday season, include a QR code, an email address, and the social media contact information of your business. Utilizing this type of technology will help you interact with your customers on a consistent basis as well as track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign this 2016 holiday season.

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What Is Keeping Your Customers Up at Night? And How to Ease Their Minds

Fear and worry are most likely keeping your customers up at night. These concerns run the gamut of topics such as financial, health, interpersonal, web related and more. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, every night there are people with “pain points” specific to something that you can help to resolve. With a little effort, you can discover your customers’ worries and provide them a helping hand.

Step 1: Gather Information

Although you may have an idea of the problems that your customers are dealing with, it will take some work to understand them fully. You’ll need to gather information, preferably from different sources, to find out their problems.

Seek out opportunities to talk with them face to face. You’ll also benefit from sending out a brief survey by email to your customers. Why not have a few rating questions and end it with asking them about what their worries are? You can also scour the web to find out what is bothering customers in your industry. Read customer reviews about products or services that are similar to your own.

PPC expert, Robert Brady suggests getting some help from Google. Start typing an industry-related search phrase and see how google tries to guess what you’ll ask. Google does this based on things that people have searched for in the past. Brady, on, says, “These queries show you areas that people are concerned about. They are windows into the hearts and minds of your potential customers and offer you opportunities if your product can solve the issue.

Step 2: Interpret Your Findings

Once you’ve gone through the step to find the answer to what is keeping your customer awake at night, you’ll want to bring all your research together. Preferably in a group, sift through your findings and find reoccurring customer concerns that you may have missed in the past. These are the problems for which you’ll want to provide solutions.

Step 3: Implement a Plan to Help

Although every plan will differ in the details, there are some things that all businesses should do. Communicate with your customers and alleviate their fears. You can reassure customers through your website. You can also provide videos, blog articles, snail mail, email and personal interaction where you discuss and address these concerns. Lastly, you’ll want to do all that you can to make good on your promises so that your customers can happily walk away with a solution.

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Direct Mail Marketing Tips to Boost Response Rates

Direct mail marketing is not dead. On the contrary, many companies still have great success doing things the old-fashioned way. They’re just more focused on what they send, who they send it to, and how they send it. So make your next campaign a success with these helpful tips:

Target your market

Don’t sell sand in the desert. Get the right offers to the right people. High customer response rates come from good targeting. So make sure you’re investing time and resources into effective customer targeting.

Include a call-to-action.

One of the most important parts of any mailing is the call to action. Be concise and tell readers exactly what you want them to do and what they’ll get for doing it.

Use innovative packaging.

Bulky mail stands out and attracts more interest. A recent study done by the Canadian Postal Service revealed that 85% of people will open mail if it “looks interesting.”

Provide potential customers with multiple ways to respond.

Include an email address, an 800 number, and your web address. According to the Direct Mail Marketing Association, 43% of direct mail, recipients prefer to respond online as opposed to an email or a phone call.

Offer your customers something to get excited about

You’ll most likely be investing a lot of time and money into your direct mail marketing campaign. Make sure you have an exceptional offer for your customers. Everyone loves a good coupon or a great sale. Make sure to give them something exciting to act on.

One last tip

Repeat the offer in bold type throughout the letter. Most readers usually skim instead of reading the entire message. You’ll want to make sure that they can pick up your offer in every section of the mailer.

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Design Fundraising Direct Mail That Works

Simplicity is ultimate sophistication when it comes to designing your fundraising direct mail. It needs to be in such a way that grabs the recipient’s attention. Indeed, the more details you add, the more likely that your mail will end being trashed. Below are three vital ideas to incorporate in your mail’s design that actually work.

  • Pre-empt what they will see first and make it visible

Most people only skim through mails. Making sure that your headings are bolded ascertains that your reader has a higher chance of noticing your message. Ensure that pictures incorporated on your mail have captions, and that the PS is in bold. Your recipient should just glance at your mail, see and understand what it is about and heed the call to action.

  • Make it brief

In as much as your mail needs to be compelling, making it long only increases the probability of it losing meaning. Design it in such a way that it has great but contextual content. Try not to sound too corporate while picking out a message. Practicing a little ‘donor-centricity’ by not necessarily praising your course but by appraising your donors could also increase your intended fundraising proceeds. Make use of bullet point and short paragraphs as they are easier to skim through.

  • Be specific

Prior knowledge of your intended audience forearms you with knowledge on how much they could be able to raise. People tend to give more when you give them a certain range of specific amounts. Therefore, including a phrase such as ,’Your most generous contribution of $100,$150, $200 or more will go a long way in helping us realize our objective’, will work in your favor.

Fundraising through direct mail is a less costly way of raising money. Done the right way, it is the most efficient method of reaching out to potential donors.



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