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Avoid these 5 Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is one method for small businesses to reach a global audience. It is cost-effective and timely. If you’re beginning your email list or even if you’re a seasoned pro, you should avoid these 5 email marketing mistakes.

One: Ask Permission

Adding people to your list without asking first can cause trouble such as being blacklisted for spamming. Do not add email addresses from business cards, contacts from a former business or customers not asking to be emailed. Email is a privilege you don’t want to abuse.

Two: Give Them a Choice

People are on the go nowadays. They locate the content they need, make a decision and then they’re gone. Capture their attention by establishing multiple places to opt-in for email such as a sidebar, beneath your blog, on your checkout page as well as in pop-ups or slide bars.

Three: Lack of Engagement

Engagement is the backbone of marketing. Take time every day or two to send inspiring, informative or special offer emails. Giving your customers value ensures loyalty and referrals. Find time to reply to customers’ emails; they need to know they’re important to you.

Four: Do Not Buy Email Lists

Many email providers forbid buying lists. It’s uncertain where the email addresses originated, or if their owners’ have been spammed with other business opportunities. Additionally, if the list is legitimate, the recipients won’t know who you are and might consider your email spam.

Five: Don’t Be Shy

Beginning marketers often don’t want to bother people. They don’t message their customers or prospects frequently.  Devise valuable content with no hard sell, and customers will not be annoyed by your emails.

Email is a creative way to effectively get your message across. Avoiding these 5 mistakes will keep your business growing.

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How Do I Track Direct Marketing

When starting a marketing campaign for your business or company, the first thing you want to establish is a way to track the success of your campaigns. This will help you figure out what is working for your company and what’s not working. By establishing clear cut ways to track your marketing efforts, you can determine where your ideal audience is viewing your marketing efforts and if they are responding to it.

Traceable Codes

There are 2 main ways you can use traceable codes in your marketing campaign as a way to measure their success. If you are sending out mailers that indicate a special sale or promotion that you are having, use a specific code on the mailers that the users have to enter in order to access the discount. When the promotion or sale is over, you will be able to determine if customers found the sale via the mailers and unique code you used and how effective the mailers were. The other way traceable codes can be used is by adding them to your coupons that you offer. You may choose to offer coupons to your newsletter subscribers and a lesser coupon to all of your other potential costumers. With 2 unique coupon codes, you will be able to trace which coupons were the most effective.

Sales Campaigns with Unique URL

When sending out mailers or a newsletter to your customers, you can include a specific, special URL that the potential customer has to type in or click on in order to get to the offer or discount. This way, you will be able to track how many people accessed the discount via the specific URL.

Offer a Gift with Specific Purchase

A great way to track a marketing campaign is to offer a small, free gift with the purchase of an item. You can offer this free gift when the item is purchased with a specific code, through a specific URL, or during a short time frame. You will then be able to check how many customers redeemed the free gift offer.

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Direct Mail and Print Marketing Can Complement and Increase Online Sales

Do not believe it when pundits say that print advertising is dead. Those who want to promote online marketing often put forth this claim. True, we live in the Internet Age. Any business without an online presence will probably fail. However, relying solely on digital media to make sales is a mistake too many make. They need to recognize and respect the value of direct mail and print marketing.

Following are three important ways printed material can complement and increase online sales.

A More Personal Experience

There is no better way, besides actual door-to-door sales, to provide potential purchasers with a personal experience. Printed media allows the user to touch something and see the products on display in their hands. They identify more intimately with the company and its products than they do online.

Stimulation of the Senses

Printed media also provides a pleasing feast for the senses. For example, the recipient can hold a catalog. They can see the products on the pages. At times, it might even be possible for them to smell fragrances. For younger people, this stimulation of the senses is a welcome break from the more impersonal online experience. The older generation finds printed media rekindling memories of their youth. Either way, it is a winning situation for the sender.

Inspire Confidence in the Business

Last, but not least, printed media helps a business appear real. There are too many fake websites out there today. Moreover, some legitimate sites are unfortunately outdated. Nothing is worse than clicking a link to make a purchase only to find out that the business no longer sells the item. A waste of time.

A contemporary direct mail campaign can inspire confidence in the legitimacy of a business.

Start a Direct Mail Print Campaign Today

The goal of any successful marketing campaign is to capture new customers and retain current clients. Printed media remains a primary means of doing so.

To stay ahead of the competition, get started with a direct mail print campaign today. Readers will find the material engaging and then visit the listed website address for further information.

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Your Website Content Can Affect Your Sales

Websites are no longer just visual representations of brands and companies. In fact, they play a pivotal role in any online marketing or SEO campaign. No truer is this then when it comes to effectively marketing products and services to core, niche and mass audiences. With this in mind, your website content has to be easy to scan and digest. It should also entail industry-relevant and high-quality content for visitors and potential customers. No matter the industry or sector you serve, your website can truly be a tool in generating leads, profits and recurring revenue.

Visibility is the Key to Success

According to industry experts, your website must have the following features in order to secure higher visibility across Google. These essential tools can also foster brand validity and growth, while driving business and sales across the board:

Uniformity and Consistency

Sites must have gripping templates and user features that are easy to access. This includes eye-catching logos, along with menus and designs that establish uniformity and consistency across your pages. The days of intricate Flash presentations and add-ons are simply over. Today’s websites are streamlined, centralized, and optimized for SEO and especially mobile and wireless access.

Captivating and Compelling Content

Your content must also be precise, concise, and to the point. This will keep visitors and customers on your pages longer – resulting in higher conversion rates and sales. Long gone are the days of lengthy content that would turn potential clients and customers away. Keep your content direct, industry- specific, and inclusive of strategic keywords and links that connect your customers to the products and services they seek.

Websites must also feature links to your social media pages. This can generate a lasting buzz about your brand, while appearing in local search results and Google Maps.

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5 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Direct Mail Marketing

In our world where email paperless billing has shrunk the amount of mail delivered by the post office, the fact remains that direct mail marketing is still a viable option or getting new customers and making more sales because most people still love getting mail, especially when it’s not bills.   However, if you have a business campaign that is a bit lackluster, then you may be searching for a way to revive your direct mail marketing presence. Five tips that will help you do just that are highlighted here.

Change your approach

Long gone are the days of creating a thin, cheap looking pamphlet to mail to customers. Instead, you need to create a great looking piece of mail that seems important. This way it will not be thought of as “junk mail,” but rather an important piece of correspondence that will garner attention and interest.

Target the right customers

It is important that you are not blindly sending mail into the world. Instead, find out who your target customer is and ensure they are the ones who receive your direct mail. This will help to optimize your marketing dollar, ensuring the highest possible potential for a sale.

Don’t go overboard

When it comes to a direct mail marketing campaign, it is essential to keep it simple. If you try to put too much information on a pamphlet or other piece of paper, or do not make the message you are trying to convey clear enough, chances are your mail will not have the desired effect and will go straight into the recycling bin.

Consider using recycled paper

While the environment may not be on the forefront of your customer’s minds, it is something they will notice if you are taking steps to protect it. Using recycled paper shows you care.

Include an online presence

When you send customers direct mail, you should include an online URL or other resource. For example, are you promoting a product? If so, include a URL where a customer receiving the direct mail can actually order that item.

Direct mail is not dead. But it may require a bit of reviving if you have not given it any thought recently. Use the tips here to bring new life into your direct mail campaign.

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Best practices for incorporate direct mail into a multi-channel marketing strategy

Businesses that employ a multi-channel marketing strategy should make consistent use of direct mail. The multi-channel approach is quite effective at reaching potential customers and engaging them in content. Out of the multitude of typical marketing channels, the best is direct mail. Let’s take a look how it can be an integral part of a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Direct mail has many distinct advantages over other marketing channels. A direct mail campaign should initially be incorporated in a test message. Don’t commit to a single message right off the bat. Direct mail affords you the flexibility to test a variety of messages to see which approach works the best. While other marketing channels can be quite costly to produce, direct mail is very affordable in comparison. If your initial test message doesn’t produce the desired results, you can still afford to tweak it until you’ve found something that works.

Another clear advantage of a direct mail campaign is that it enables a business to strive for several different goals. With direct mail, your customers are more likely to keep your advertisement around and they might consult it more than once. This means that it is the ideal platform to tout your company’s other marketing efforts on different channels. Use direct mail campaigns to inform potential customers about these efforts. Tell them all about your company’s website and social media presence on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Simply put, a direct mail campaign has the potential to do more than inform customers about your products and services. It has the potential to reinforce other aspects of the business, including its diverse marketing efforts.

Direct mail also allows a business to alter its message based on the time of the year. Other more expensive marketing channels don’t permit such flexibility. Direct mail campaigns can be timed with precision to capitalize on seasonal changes, economic changes and just about any other current event in order to maximize response rates.

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