Diversifying Your Marketing Efforts

Healthy paranoia is good for business. Most companies or individuals who do their marketing have placed too much emphasis on single methods of driving their businesses thereby dropping concerns on diversification. It usually gives a payoff for a short term but eventually the company has to deal with the disasters that accrue from failing to spread its marketing efforts. Small scale or medium scale businesses are widely affected by failure to diversify their marketing efforts appropriately.

Digital marketing provides the perfect platform for diversifying your marketing practices. It is currently the best environment for diversifying your marketing practices as digital marketing has spread its wings to ensure they grab as maximum attention as possible.

Self-Publication and syndication

What would be the sense in creating great content if you can’t get it out there in a streamlined manner? It doesn’t exactly matter how big or small the company is, the most important thing is producing thought provoking useful contents. It is a quick way to establish oneself as a leader and build trust with current and potential customers.

Campaign Microsites

Large brands like Coca-Cola run thousands of campaigns at the same time. They have their bandwidth to create micro sites within their main site where they can track specific digital marketing tactics. Small and medium class brands should also consider separating properties for promotions during events like holidays.


Get yourself a good cinematographer produce high-quality videos. One can part ways with wholesome amounts of money, but it proves worth it when we reap the benefits. We cut humorous GIFs to use in innumerable internal marketing campaigns.

Customer Loyalty and Engagement.

You may be throwing away dollars by failing to incentivize current customers and visitors. It is important to engage with your customers because they get more distracted and even schizophrenic in their buying habits. You should understand “what gets them going.”

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Does Print Have A Seat On The Technology Train?

The short answer to this questions is YES!

Marshall McLuhan described advertising as 20th century’s greatest art form. Technology has tremendously shaped advertising, including the use of tools such as print. The number of print media readers has been on the decline. Does this imply that print as a marketing tool has become obsolete? Print advertising is not dead; it is still useful in marketing and will continue to be for a long time to come. This, however, will be affected by how well print adapts to evolving technology.


One of the current trends is that companies that were traditionally digital-only are also producing print publications. This is because print is still an important part of the media mix in marketing. Therefore, even with advancing technology, print still adds value to advertising campaigns.

Consumer Engagement

Print advertising is engaging and well-appreciated. There are people who still pay for magazine subscriptions. Technology allows for subscriptions to be made online. Therefore, ads can be fine-tuned to reach a particular target consumer group based on their online activity and subscriptions. Given that print has longevity since they can be saved and shared, this makes them still relevant in tech-driven environments that put lots of emphases on sharing of information.

Print Is the Foundation

Magazines and newspapers are easily available digitally and on mobile thanks to technology. However, the percentage of strict digital-only readers is below 10%. Most people find offline reading more captivating and engaging. It is worthwhile to note that most people first subscribe to magazines before discovering them online.

All in all, print is still an essential life source for digital and mobile magazines and newspapers. It is, therefore, relevant and an adjuvant to media technology. It will, consequently, have a place in both modern and future technology.

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Top 3 Worst Habits When Using QR’s on Your Print Material

If you are using QR codes and are not getting the response you expected, then perhaps you should rethink the way you use them. The worst habits are the bad ones that are repeated because users don’t realize how quick response codes work. Here are three common bad habits that people seem to have across the board.

Is Your QR A Homebody?

Make sure your code actually leads somewhere. If you link it to a desktop website, then you will defeat the purpose of using the code. It must be attached to a mobile website. The whole idea behind using QR coding is convenience, which means saving time. The site should be concise, but complete with exclusive QR discounts, information, or incentives that would appeal to someone who would use a code in the first place.

Does Your QR Suffer from Motion Sickness?

Mobility is not your friend, in this case. Using a billboard or a moving screen creates an obstacle for your potential customers. Taking a picture of a particular section of a billboard from a moving car isn’t the best of ideas. Neither is trying to chase down a code on a scrolling marquee. Yes, you might want to reconsider bumper stickers as well.

You Wanna Put What Where?

QR codes are so often too small or out of the way. Your code should be no smaller than 1.2 square inches. The standard equation is the distance between the scanning device and the code, divided by 10. Getting the appropriate size is a moot accomplishment if the code is placed in an awkward location. You don’t want potential customers having to stand on the tips of their toes or mooning passersby to click a photo of your code!

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The Importance of Accurate Data for Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is used by thousands of companies for marketing and promotional purposes. While this can be a great tool for attracting and maintaining a solid customer base, there are pitfalls. Having inaccurate data can substantially limit the effectiveness of the campaign. An effective direct mail campaign needs to be sent to the right people, at the right time, and with the right offer or promotion. The following are three reasons why accurate data for direct mail campaigns is so important.

1. Maintaining a Personal Connection

When it comes to maintaining a positive relationship with current customers it is important to send information to up-to-date addresses and spell names correctly. Nothing says impersonal mass advertising like a misspelled name. Even if the right advertisement or coupon reaches the correct individual, if other information is inaccurate a customer can feel disconnected and unappreciated by the company.

2. Targeting the Right Audience

Not every customer you’ve ever had is right for each deal or promotion. A company probably won’t send out a coupon for baby furniture to an elderly couple. But they still will want to keep them on their mailing list for other furniture discounts. It’s important to not only maintain accurate names and addresses, but general age ranges, income levels, and accurate information regarding past purchases.

3. Cost Effective Marketing

In simplest terms, inaccurate data is a waste of money. Even with the Internet and social media, direct mail can still be effective. It isn’t cheap, however. Even though it might initially cost extra time and money to have a system in place to make sure data is accurate and current, it’s worth the extra expenditure in the area of direct mail.

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The Benefits Of Bringing Traditional And Digital Marketing Together

With the business community constantly changing over the past few decades, advertising has managed to make the most drastic. Implementing modern marketing techniques has become necessary if you want your business to become successful in today’s society. In the past, television advertisements or hanging up flyers were the ways to communicate with customers, however, today, internet marketing has become the preferred way of advertising. In addition to making these changes, it’s important to have an audience with a wide variety. By making sure that you reach all age groups when displaying your services, it will show current and potential customers that you care and want to help all customers reach their goals.

When hiring new companies, it’s important to have diversity to show that you can help accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether it’s a printing service that will handle flyers and pamphlets, a television agency for commercial broadcasting, a web design company, an SEO company or a social media marketing agency, make sure that you cover all aspects of business. Combing all of these industries will help get your company exposure and better your reputation.

The most important part of marketing your company is making sure that you have a quality website to showcase your company’s services and products. You want your website to be simple, yet professional, attracting customers and showing them that you are better than your competitors. If your website looks unorganized or outdated, you are unlikely to receive new customers. By allowing your business to have a combination of both modern and traditional marketing techniques, you will receive the necessary exposure to becoming successful.

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Advertising in the Digital Age – Do NOT Forget Print

Advertising a new startup or brand is possible in the digital age with online and print marketing strategies. Launching a successful campaign in print and with web resources is possible with an understanding of some of the best advertising techniques available today.

Local and Online Newsletters

Local and online newsletters help to reach an expansive audience, especially when targeting a wide group of potential customers in a regional area or a specific state. Local newsletters are intimate and help to quickly build the name for local businesses, while online newsletters are great for international exposure and maintaining communication with online followers, customers, and fans.

Social Media & Direct Advertising

Social media is another effective method of advertising in the digital age. Entrepreneurs now have the ability to integrate “paid campaigns” when creating updates and new content for thousands and millions of followers. It is also much easier to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns with the use of built-in trackers and analytic services. It is also possible to directly advertise on relevant blogs in your industry by contacting webmasters and other entrepreneurs you have networked with in the past yourself.

Web-To-Print Solutions

Web-to-print marketing and web development services are ideal for new companies and brands looking to build their image. Using an all-in-one package to re-brand any company and create new marketing campaigns is an effective method of reaching any target audience or demographic you have in mind.

Implementing some of the best methods for advertising in the digital age with the inclusion of print is a way to reach a wider group of potential customers while also engaging those who are interested in your brand through multiple mediums. Expanding your brand’s image and reputation is an effective method of making a name for any company, regardless of the market or industry you represent.

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5 Quick Reasons You Should Offer a Monthly Newsletter

Whether you have a personal blog or a commercial website, starting a monthly email newsletter can bring enormous benefits. In today’s tech-driven world, a newsletter subscription almost seems like an old-fashioned idea. You might be surprised, though, how effective a well-managed newsletter can be for increasing traffic to your website. Here are 5 quick reasons why you should implement a newsletter:

1. To drive up sales.

People are impulsive. Hook them with a sales pitch delivered right to their inbox. Statistics from Convince and Convert indicate that up to 44% of people respond to promotional emails, like newsletters, by making purchases. A well-worded call-to-action will bring people to your site.

2. Develop customer loyalty.

Brand recognition and customer loyalty are hard to gain in today’s super saturated media-driven market. People like to feel that they have a personal connection to a brand or website. Use a newsletter to give your customers relevant, useful information.

3. Familiarity and social media connection.

Most internet users are more familiar and comfortable with email based communication versus things like RSS feeds. People are already accustomed to checking emails daily. Also, the newsletter is a great way to reinforce messages delivered via social media sources.

4. It’s not difficult.

Newsletters don’t have to be long or require tons of rigorous research. Short, to-the-point newsletters with a few select links and a strong call-to-action is all you need to get customers engaged with your site.

5. Gain momentum.

You can think of newsletters as premium content for subscribers. Information and offers not available to others, means customers feel cared for and part of a community. Time your newsletter publication with important release dates and promotions to get a burst of activity on your site.

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Avoid these 5 Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing is one method for small businesses to reach a global audience. It is cost-effective and timely. If you’re beginning your email list or even if you’re a seasoned pro, you should avoid these 5 email marketing mistakes.

One: Ask Permission

Adding people to your list without asking first can cause trouble such as being blacklisted for spamming. Do not add email addresses from business cards, contacts from a former business or customers not asking to be emailed. Email is a privilege you don’t want to abuse.

Two: Give Them a Choice

People are on the go nowadays. They locate the content they need, make a decision and then they’re gone. Capture their attention by establishing multiple places to opt-in for email such as a sidebar, beneath your blog, on your checkout page as well as in pop-ups or slide bars.

Three: Lack of Engagement

Engagement is the backbone of marketing. Take time every day or two to send inspiring, informative or special offer emails. Giving your customers value ensures loyalty and referrals. Find time to reply to customers’ emails; they need to know they’re important to you.

Four: Do Not Buy Email Lists

Many email providers forbid buying lists. It’s uncertain where the email addresses originated, or if their owners’ have been spammed with other business opportunities. Additionally, if the list is legitimate, the recipients won’t know who you are and might consider your email spam.

Five: Don’t Be Shy

Beginning marketers often don’t want to bother people. They don’t message their customers or prospects frequently.  Devise valuable content with no hard sell, and customers will not be annoyed by your emails.

Email is a creative way to effectively get your message across. Avoiding these 5 mistakes will keep your business growing.

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How Do I Track Direct Marketing

When starting a marketing campaign for your business or company, the first thing you want to establish is a way to track the success of your campaigns. This will help you figure out what is working for your company and what’s not working. By establishing clear cut ways to track your marketing efforts, you can determine where your ideal audience is viewing your marketing efforts and if they are responding to it.

Traceable Codes

There are 2 main ways you can use traceable codes in your marketing campaign as a way to measure their success. If you are sending out mailers that indicate a special sale or promotion that you are having, use a specific code on the mailers that the users have to enter in order to access the discount. When the promotion or sale is over, you will be able to determine if customers found the sale via the mailers and unique code you used and how effective the mailers were. The other way traceable codes can be used is by adding them to your coupons that you offer. You may choose to offer coupons to your newsletter subscribers and a lesser coupon to all of your other potential costumers. With 2 unique coupon codes, you will be able to trace which coupons were the most effective.

Sales Campaigns with Unique URL

When sending out mailers or a newsletter to your customers, you can include a specific, special URL that the potential customer has to type in or click on in order to get to the offer or discount. This way, you will be able to track how many people accessed the discount via the specific URL.

Offer a Gift with Specific Purchase

A great way to track a marketing campaign is to offer a small, free gift with the purchase of an item. You can offer this free gift when the item is purchased with a specific code, through a specific URL, or during a short time frame. You will then be able to check how many customers redeemed the free gift offer.

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