How to Connect Mobile with Direct Mail

With mobile phones and devices being utilized in virtually every aspect of life, mobile marketing is becoming one of the number one ways to reach your target market.  With an overload of digital ads on a daily basis, how can you find a way to utilize digital marketing and ensure that your product or service stands out?

Direct mail is a great form of advertising to present your company in a physical way in front of potential customers.  So why not find a way to merge both the benefits of digital and print marketing mediums?  Try the tips below to help connect your next direct mail campaign with your customer’s mobile devices.

Get Connected on a Social Level

Social media is an effective way to connect and engage clients and prospects with your business.  You can use various social media platforms to keep your customers updated on current offers as well as new products and services available from your company.  Social networking outlets are also a great way to drive traffic to your site as well as expose yourself to a larger audience through sharing capabilities.  To take advantage of social media options include your social media icons on all of your direct mailing pieces.

Connect Your Mailing Piece to a Video

Through QR code linking you can take your customer directly from your direct mail piece to a video on YouTube or one that featured on your site.  Show your product or service in action or provide your customer with useful information through a well-executed marketing video.

Stay Connected Via Text Messaging

Compile a client texting list, by offering discounts, coupons, or rewards for texting a word or code and accepting to receive text message advertising and updates.  With spam blocking software and the prevalence of readers deleting email advertisements before they read them, text messages are a more efficient way to get your name in front of the customer and stay in the front of their mind.

Providing ways for your customers to engage with a direct marketing piece digitally is an effective way to increase your company’s ROI on a marketing campaign as well as promote future customer engagement.

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Get to the Point: Why Less is Sometimes More When it Comes to Your Direct Mail Pieces

Providing customers a tangible sense of the products and services you offer, direct mail campaigns have long been an indispensable part of any solid marketing strategy. For all their proven success driving sales generation, strongly targeted mailing pieces can be difficult to create.

One of the biggest hurdles marketing professionals face on this front is a tendency to delve too deeply into the subject matter for which they have a passion. Proving you are an expert on your product is important, but better reserved for face-to-face discussions on the sales floor or in your office. When it comes to crafting a direct mailing campaign, it is usually a good idea to KISS – keep it short and sweet.

You have probably heard the old adage before, but how exactly does it apply to branded mailings? Put yourself in the customer’s place for a minute. You’re sifting through your mail after a stressful Wednesday when you come across something that looks more like the Epic of Gilgamesh than a catalog – how likely are you to actually read it?

Not very.

In other words, a direct mail campaign virtually guarantees your message will get into the consumer’s hand, but not that they will actually read it. Keeping your pieces concise and to-the-point exponentially increases your chances of getting the customer engaged in your product.

The expert marketer achieves this by limiting their mailings to three key areas: what their product does, why it is better than the competition, and a call to action. With an efficiency of language in mind, you should strive to limit each of these points to a few punchy sentences or impactful bullet points.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll see reader engagement skyrocket in no time at all.

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Common Website Mistakes to Avoid

Websites are the modern equivalent of a business card. They’re necessary to stay competitive. If you don’t have a website, the chances are that your competitor down the street does.  And you can bet that customers will go to that business in a heartbeat if they can’t find out anything about your business online.

These days, an online presence confirms your legitimacy as a business.

With that being said, you don’t want to waste people’s time when they do come to your website. They want readily available information that gets straight to the point of what they need. Wading through useless, peripheral information will only frustrate them and send them clicking over to your competitor before the web page has finished loading.

Website mistakes which can cause that situation to happen more quickly include:

1. Talking Too Much About Yourself Instead of What You Can Do for the Client

Your website is a marketing tool. It is not a one-sheet for your personal or business biography. Your “About” page can give some relevant background about your business’ origins or mission statement, but when people visit your website’s homepage, the focus should be on how they landed on the right website to get exactly what they need. The “who” is not as relevant in this case as the “what” and “how fast.”

2. Forgetting to Add a Search Box

If all the things that you offer can’t fit on one page, then people will probably want to do a quick look up for what they need. The emphasis here is on the word, quick. People are used to doing web searches, and they will look for a search box if they don’t immediately see what they are looking for. That search box should be in a highly visible place because if your visitors have to search too long for it, they’ll just as soon go to Google and search for another business that can deliver whatever it is they’re looking for.

3. Allowing Links to Other Sites to Open in the Same Window

The goal is to keep your website visitors on your site for as long as possible. The longer they stay and engage with your content, the more likely they are to become a customer or at least a subscriber. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to link to third party sites for such things as reading source material or to complete a purchase. No matter the reason that they leave, you always want your visitors to come back. Make it easy for them to do that by having all of your outbound links open in a new window. This way, your website remains present and available as a reminder for visitors to take another look whenever they’ve finished doing the offsite tasks.

By having a website for your business and avoiding these three common mistakes, you can create a better online experience for your prospects and customers.

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4 Ways to Get Creative with Content Marketing

What is the absolute BEST way to get your website content seen? People consume content all over the internet in many different ways.  Think of various websites like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook.  The popularity of these platforms lies in the fact that people can choose how they consume information.  So, how can you make use of this when creating your own web content?  Here are four ways to get creative with your content marketing strategies and help encourage more website engagement from your viewers:

Video Blog with Transcript

Video blogs are exactly what they sound like… a video of you (or someone else) speaking on a topic; and they are becoming increasingly popular.  However, you should consider taking that video a step further by including a transcript of it on the same page.  By doing this, you will optimize both the written content as well as the video content for search engines.


Many people love infographics, and for a good reason! They are incredibly easy to understand and can be reviewed quickly.  Infographics are nothing more than simple images that convey your message.  A Google Image search of the term “Infographic” will provide several hundreds of examples.  Best of all, with the right tool (like that provided by, creating a custom infographic can be easy.

Expert Interviews

Nothing gives you credibility like having a celebrity endorsement.  However, that is not always possible.  The next best thing is showcasing an individual’s expertise – whether that is someone within your company or outside of it.  Creating content using an expert interview is an excellent way to add credibility to your website.  You can even combine this concept with the video blog tip, above.

“A Day in the Life”….In Photos!

People love to see a story. Is your company having a business retreat soon?  If so, that could be an excellent opportunity to add a “human” element to your website and help your target audience connect with you.  Just a few pictures, each with a caption telling the story, can go a long way towards building rapport with your audience.

With so much content on the web, it is important that yours stands out among the crowd. Changing things up and throwing in something other than a blog or whitepaper every once in a while can make a world of difference for your business.

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Do Catalogs Still Drive Sales?

The belief that print is dead is not only erroneous, it is a false mindset that can cost you customers. Catalogs and brochures remain very effective tools to reach customers and drive sales. Printed marketing materials need to be a component of a successful outreach campaign. Email and digital materials are easily dismissed with a click of a button, whereas print is tangible, vibrant, and imparts information in an effective manner. Catalogs make shopping a more interactive, tactile, and physical experience. Many customers enjoy a mix of print and digital information, and when making the buy decision, many tactile people would rather shop from a printed catalog.

Catalogs also make a perfect leave behind at the conclusion of a sales call; rather than state that you will email them material, you are able to put it in their hand during those vital moments when they are strongly engaged with you. Catalogs are also perfect for recurring customers with whom you want to keep in touch, by having your catalog on their desk, and making that visual impression, can help to keep your company, and your products, at the forefront of their mind. Printed materials that are vibrant, promote the company’s brand identity, and impart useful information will be an effective piece of any direct marketing campaign.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your firm does not need printed materials, and that digital can meet all of your marketing needs. Catalogs continue to play an important part in driving sales and keeping repeat customers engaged in the sales process. Catalogs present your products and services in a straightforward, informative, and easily digested manner that is accessible to customers across many market niches. Make sure that your marketing campaigns contain all of the tools available.

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Creating Effective Copy for Direct Mail

Direct mail is key to a robust marketing program, and is essential to keep your customers engaged and coming back to you. Creating dynamic content is necessary for a strong online presence, and finding your company’s voice will help to establish your brand identity with prospective and ongoing customers. In order to create good content it is key to cover topics that interest your customer base, explain how you can fill their needs, and why you are better than your competitors. When creating the copy for direct mail campaigns, be sure to focus on the following to make the content effective:

  • speak to your clients’ needs and aspirations. Briefly explain how your product or service can fill a gap for them and improve their bottom line,
  • give real world examples of business cases along with actionable steps for them to take to increase their market share,
  • ensure that all of your direct mail and printed pieces share a philosophy that weaves your mission statement into the content and also adheres to your brand’s identity,
  • do not overlook proper spelling and grammar, and adhere to usage rules such as tense and verb agreement, and
  • present your company as a stand-out in the industry, let your clients know why working with you is their best option.

Direct mail is an important part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, and when performed well can create many business opportunities. Creative content tells your brand’s story, and informs the reader about the advantages of a partnership with you. Well written, informative, and engaging direct mail content will keep you top of mind, and establish your firm as a thought leader, and a trusted resource. Find a distinct voice, be clear and concise, and guide them to a strong working relationship.

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Lead Generation for Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail can prove a useful tool for lead generation and attracting new customers. Targeted mailings that pre-qualify the recipient give you an edge in reaching potential customers that can benefit from your product or service.

What Can You do for Me?

When generating new sales from direct mail outreach, you have to let the target know why they need you. How can you help ease their points of pain, increase their profits, and add benefit to their overall experience. What do you have that will help to make their day to day more efficient, productive, and profitable? Keep this information short, sweet and to the point.

Benefits of Your Product over the Competition

After you have let them know that you can fulfill a need for them, tell why you are better than the competition. Highlight areas such as affordability, strong and engaged customer service, and quality of the product. Sell your company, and be sure to add some quantifiable statistics to enable them to see how you stack up against the rest of the market.

Call to Action

Provide a call to action with an immediate timeframe that will spur them to want to know more. By utilizing market research, you can tailor your pitch to each potential customer niche. This is where you show that you know their needs and that you are the company to successfully address them. Giveaways, invitations to lunch and learns, limited time offers on your service packages, and similar campaigns are all ways to get your prospects in the door.

Direct mail is a key component of successful marketing campaigns and is effective when done properly. Market research analysis will allow you to speak to their needs, present your solutions and pitch your product.

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Use Your Data to Maximize Your Direct Marketing

Companies are always trying to find ways to make the most out of their direct marketing campaigns. There are ways that you can use your data to maximize the area of direct marketing, and we will be discussing several of them in this article.

Gender of Targeted Customer

It is very possible that you already have swaths of information relating to the people to whom you would like send your direct marketing. You can collect analytics from your facebook page, website, and from your email list. You can then use that information to specifically target your chosen demographic. The most obvious piece of data you will want to use is gender. Whether you are selling farm equipment or fashion accessories, you will want to figure out whether your target customer is male, female, or both. You can tuck an incentive within your marketing for customers to go to a website or to type in a code online, and this will enable you to glean even more information about who is interested in your brand.

Your Clients’ Age

Your approach will have to be tailored to the age range you are attempting to appeal to. If your look is too mature, those who are young will be disinterested, and if it is too juvenile, you will lose those who are older. A thoughtful approach will take into account the values and the struggles of your chosen demographic without trivializing them.

Income Level

Knowing the income level of your target consumer is a must. Your ads and your brand will want to appeal to the desires of the group you are marketing to, and it must do so in such a way that buying from your company will help the customer, in some small way, to realize his or her hopes and dreams.

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You Could Be Wasting a Lot of Your Marketing Budget. Here’s Why!

As a business owner, you need to make your marketing budget count. When used efficiently, this money can help you draw in new customers and make more money. However, when used improperly, you may simply be throwing money out the window. Here are a few reasons why you may be wasting your marketing budget without even realizing it.

Your Marketing Materials Are Not Impactful

When you are creating a marketing campaign, you need to ensure everything is impactful. If your flyers are bland, your signs are boring, your social media posts don’t stand out and your emails get lost in the shuffle, customers are not going to notice you. You need eye-catching materials that customers will want to stop and pay attention to. If your materials are not impactful, your marketing campaign won’t be either.

You Are Using Over-Saturated Marketing Methods

Another reason why you may be wasting your marketing budget is because you are using methods that are over-saturated in your market. For example, blowing inflatables can be eye-catching and cause people to pay attention to the store they are displayed outside of. But if every store on the block has one, people won’t be so interested. If the methods you are using are over-saturated or mimic methods for similar businesses in the area, you need to do something to stand out or you may be wasting your marketing budget.

Your Marketing Methods Are Targeting the Wrong People

The last reason you are wasting your marketing budget is you are using methods that target the wrong people. You need to know the demographic of your customer and which marketing techniques appeal to that group. Teens love phone ads and social media campaigns. But if your business targets the elderly, you may see little result from a social media campaign, as the elderly don’t tend to frequent those sites. Always make sure you are targeting your demographical group with your marketing campaign.

If you feel like you are throwing money away on a marketing campaign, meet with a professional marketing agency. They can help you put together a campaign that helps you maximize your marketing budget.

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The Color Of Your Mail Envelopes Can Effect Your Responses

How important is the color of the mail you are sending out to prospects? Consider that the envelope is the absolute first thing a person will see. Before they read the return address, before they open it and find out what it is, they will notice the color. On that one split second alone, their mind has now framed how they are going to frame the information. The person may have even decided if he is going to open it at all or toss it.

There is an entire field of study dedicated strictly to the responses people give to color. Color symbolism, for instance, studies the conditioned associations we make with color. This of course, is based greatly on where we are raised. Green, for example, is considered lucky in Ireland but unlucky in England.  Red is associated with danger in many places but not all.

Color Psychology shows the effects colors have on a person’s mood and behavior. Certainly a key piece of information when it comes to print and direct mail marketing!

So as opposed to the conditioned meanings we can give to colors, they also create a psychological response because of the way the wavelengths are received by our brains.  Red can create aggression, intensity and get the blood pumping. Green can relax and soothe.

If you absolutely want someone to open a piece of mail, a red envelop will do it.  On the other hand, it might also make them aggressive and potentially angry when they open it. They might feel the sense of urgency wasn’t worth it. So really, it comes down to figuring out what kind of reaction you want, what kind of mental state you want your prospect to be in when they receive your message.

It’s also important to make sure (and test) that it is not evoking the negative side of that emotion as described with Red. Yellow will bring up emotion and confidence, but can also evoke anxiety and fear.

Take some time to learn some basics about this concept and apply it to a split test. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn and apply from the results.

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