Case Studies

Hartley Brothers Landscaping

The Challenge:

Our client, Hartley Brothers Landscaping, specializes in transforming ordinary lawns and gardens into the spectacular living spaces that most homeowners only dream about.

Our task was to create a brochure that would highlight the range of services that Hartley can provide and entice brochure readers into calling Hartley for a design consultation and quote.

The Solution:

Capitalize on the dream and whet the appetites of prospective customers. We wanted them to imagine what their own properties would look like with a varied array of plants and shrubs, dramatic stone walls, soothing water gardens, and pools and patios for relaxing and recreation – the Hartley treatment. And we wanted them to picture themselves living in such landscaped luxury.

To achieve this, Latka Communications combined photos of actual Hartley projects into a panorama of wonderful outdoor living spaces. Then we let the photos work their magic. An imaginative die-cut design and minimal text highlighted the company’s services and contact information. It is simple, dramatic, and lets the company’s work speak more effectively than pages of text.


Community Music School

The Challenge:

 To update the image and improve the user-friendliness of schedules and catalogs for the Community Music School of Springfield. Although packed with accurate and interesting information, the previous documents needed refreshing to increase their appeal and use-ability.

The Solution:

Latka Communications first suggested using full-color photos and brighter colors to give immediate life and appeal to both the summer schedule and fall-spring catalog. Then we worked with the school to incorporate some dramatic changes in how the content was organized to make finding information much easier for the user.

Class titles, dates, and times now stand out clearly on a poster-like summer schedule. And the fall-spring catalog benefits especially from a short-sheet format in which the catalog sections are indexed for easy accessibility. The results are modern, exciting, and easy to use.


American International College

The Challenge:

 To assist this respected Springfield institution to implement a cost-effective, multi-media rebranding and marketing strategy to capitalize on the college’s strengths and attract a new generation of students in a highly competitive educational environment.

The project demanded giving an updated look and modern tone to all of the college’s communications at a cost that would facilitate maximum exposure and opportunity.

The Solution:

Over several years, Latka Communications worked closely with the AIC marketing department to integrate a new visual identity and casual, friendly tone into both new and existing documents and electronic media.

In particular, we helped the college identify cost-effective production strategies for a range of print challenges, including maintaining the brand consistency whether a project printed offset full color, 2 color or digitally.

The response to the new look was positive from the beginning from all, both internal and external college audiences. That enthusiasm continued as document after document, web page after web page were rolled out for public view.

Latka also assisted AIC with the timing on direct mail marketing materials to hit for the best impact and response rates.

When AIC needed to boost enrollment in certain programs, Latka’s expertise in direct mail marketing helped the college identify a specific geo demographic audience to target, resulting in increased enrollment in the targeted programs.