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4 Keys To Success With An Email Campaign

If you are attempting to increase sales/subscribers to your online business, then you may be trying to decide on the best marketing campaign to help you achieve this goal. An email campaign can be a very smart way to drive potential customers to your website. However, in order for your campaign to be successful, you need to be strategic with the planning and implementation. Here are 4 keys to success with your email campaign:

Create a valuable & interesting message

Before you send out any newsletters to your subscribers, you need to ensure that the message is engaging and useful to your audience. If you provide information that is boring or irrelevant, then you risk possibly losing perspective customers.

Compile a careful list of contacts

When gathering a list of subscribers, you want to do so carefully. First of all, you need to ensure that those on your list are truly interested in what you have to offer. You can determine this according to how you attained their contact information. You also need to ensure that your list of contacts is “permission-based.” Permission-based means that these customers have actually requested to be placed on your mailing list.

Allow subscribers the option of unsubscribing

The last thing you want to do is lose potential customers, but this can and will happen at times. It is important to your reputation to provide your subscribers with the option to unsubscribe to your newsletter or other email information. You definitely don’t want to “force” people to receive your information if they’re no longer interested. You could set up your system to discover why a customer is unsubscribing, which can help you to make helpful changes that will increase your chances of retaining future subscribers.

Choose the right frequency

If you’re sending potential customers emails several times a day, then it might be too often. Consumers that receive too many emails from a business will unsubscribe, even if they were extremely interested in what your company has to offer. Don’t bombard your list of contacts with emails, but instead, choose a specific schedule in which to send information.

If performed properly, email marketing can be a very effective way to gain the customer base that you desire. As long as you follow these 4 tips, then your email campaign should produce amazing results.

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Why Should Your Content Marketing Plan Include Print and E-Mail?

If you’re looking to launch a successful content marketing campaign, then you’re probably already considering the ways in which you can utilize e-mail marketing as part of your efforts. After all, having an e-mail list is a quick and easy way to send out notifications on promotions, updates, and other information relevant to your site or business.

Unfortunately, all too many content marketing campaigns these days seem to be overlooking the huge impact print can have on the success of a campaign. If you think print is dead, you’re wrong–and here’s why.

Print is Guaranteed to Reach Your Audience

For starters, when you send out a print ad, you can almost guarantee that it will reach your audience. That’s because, with print, there’s no spam filter to worry about. Your print will be delivered in your audience’s mail box.

Print is Seen as More Credible

Furthermore, print is generally seen as a more credible source than media content. It’s a well established medium and, overall, a quite respected one. Therefore, when you send out print ads as part of your content marketing plan, you’re more likely to be taken seriously.

Print is Becoming Increasingly Unexpected

Finally, because fewer and fewer businesses are utilizing print in their marketing campaigns these days, the few businesses who take advantage of print tend to be quite successful. That’s because people don’t tend to expect print ads anymore. Therefore, when they do receive one, it’s seen as more of a surprise and they’re more likely to take a look at it.

While there’s no overlooking the effectiveness and importance of e-mail marketing in your next campaign, you should also keep print in mind if you want to get the best results out of your efforts.

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Email Marketing and Small Businesses

Time has changed for everyone in the world, especially for anyone in business. Whether the business is small, large or a corporation, technology has changed the way businesses market their company. Technology is everywhere in businesses and private homes and the Internet is becoming the fastest way to keep in contact with customers. Email marketing is what helps to keep the business profitable.

Email marketing is an affordable way to contact customers for any number of reasons such as, product information and problem solving, perks, rewards, coupons and promotions. Businesses find email marketing cost-effective and when small business email marketing done in the correct fashion can build their brand and form a group of loyal clients.

Most companies send out newsletters and there is no better way to do this than through inexpensive emails. Emails help businesses to tailor their products and their customer services through emails.

If a small business decides to correspond with their customer base through emails, they must decide if they need an HTML. There are pros and cons to this question and the small business owner must research these pros and cons and decide if an HTML is going to fit their needs. Next, the small business needs to ask themselves if they are going to offer a newsletter as many other businesses do for their customers.

Newsletters offer information about specific products, services, sales and special tips. Add a bit of humor to your new email newsletter and people will sit up and pay attention. There is an old saying that says it just right, “Why I am too broke to even pay attention.”

Surveys find that more and more businesses are establishing themselves on solid ground through a business website. When small businesses start email marketing like the big companies it puts them in the race and gives the small business owner the same advantages when it comes to competing businesses.

The small business owner must get in and run the race for profits through their use of Internet marketing and email marketing to stay profitable and compete with other small businesses offering the same products and services.



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Common Email Marketing Mistakes

An email marketing campaign should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. However, an email marketing campaign needs to be done right or you might as well have not bothered to do one at all.

The emails you send to your customers, and your potential customers, are the face of your business. In most cases, your emails are what your customers see the most because they will generally receive your emails more often then they will visit your facility or your website. Therefore, your emails must convey your message in a way that will grab your customers attention and keep them coming back for more.

There are several common mistakes that many email marketers make. Here are the most common email mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

1. Not Using Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

The first thing your customer will see when they receive an email from you will be the subject line. If the subject line doesn’t grab their attention, your customer will likely not even bother to open it. A great way to deliver attention grabbing subject lines is to scour the emails you’ve received, then make a swipe file to record the subject lines that you found most effective. You can then use that swipe file to help create the subject lines for your future email campaigns.

2. Unorganized Email Content

Not only do you need to provide your customers with high quality, engaging content, but you also need to include a hyper-linked table of contents at the top of all your emails. People are busy and many of them don’t have time to read a lengthy email. A hyper-linked table of contents will help your customers navigate directly to the part of your content they want to read. This will help keep you from losing readers due to them not wanting to read the entire email just to get the one piece of information they need.

Additionally, you should always use sub-headings, numbered lists and bullet points to make your emails easier to read. And always make sure your emails are optimized so they can be easily read on mobile devices.

3. Not Including A Strong Call-To-Action

You spent all that time researching an engaging topic for your email, writing out an attention grabbing subject line and the content you thought your customers would enjoy. Then you spent more time formatting your email in a way that would be visually appealing. So why did you do all that? Because you want to keep a customer and hopefully make a sale – right? If you want to make a sale or achieve a specific customer response, you must include an effective call-to-action. If you don’t tell your customers exactly what it is you want them to do, they won’t do it.

Do you want your customer to:




Whatever action you want your customer to take, you have to tell them exactly what it is you want them to do – if you want them to do it.


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Email Marketing-The Importance of Tracking

Tracking email marketing campaigns is essential to measure your success or lack of-if that happens then you will know what to do next time around. Email marketing performance and the importance of tracking are crucial for success.

They allow you to see exactly how well a campaign performed or did not and why. Giving you an advantage to change tactics or improve them for better email marketing performance. Following the news in the email marketing sector which provides insight on the best practices.

Three Important Marketing Metrics Tracked Today

  • Deliverability rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Open rate

Deliverability rate is the most important step in defining a formula for calculating the rate of delivery throughout the program. Dividing the total of delivered emails by the number of emails sent, thus giving you the deliverability rate. Removing non-active accounts will improve the rates. Determine what form of messaging works the best and with what customers, continue to improve on the delivery methods ensuring a strong customer base.

Click-through rates are the most tracked in email marketing due to the ability to further track additional information such as email ROI and revenue generated by each email. Using different calls to action, links and content will have a direct impact on the rate. Targeted email marketing messaging, in smaller segments is more relevant and highly increases results.

Open rate is a principal metric of email marketing, the largest impact is on the subject lines rating to see which works best with the headlines. Body styles are also tested using click-through and open rate to establish which style combination brings results. The results will prove if redesign is necessary. Keeping a close eye on the time of and what days your messages are sent out, different times of the day affect rates.

A successful email marketing campaign depends on your tracking methods and practices, even the slightest changes make a difference. If you continue to track and measure the results, only the best possible solutions will arise, furthering your campaign success. The importance of email marketing tracking is what forms the bond between you and your customers.


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Five Steps To A Solid E-Mail marketing List

In order to extend sales opportunities and generate new customers an email marketing list is a very influential tool for reaching potential customers, with targeted messages or promotions. Here are five steps, that are sure to build a solid email marketing list according to

Sign Up With Email Marketing Service Provider

In order to get the opt-in form, you must pay (around $20 a month) a service provider to collect email addresses, send messages to providers and manage the volume for you. Once you have your account set up, customers can sign up.

Create email opt- in link on your home page

Integrating an email opt-in link on the first landing page of the website will quickly get attention, ask the least amount information as possible-its gets more sign-ups. Offering a gift or bonus to customers for signing up is a great way to increase your list, and keep them coming back.

Ask For Opt-In At Check Out

Most payment processing companies work hand in hand with email marketing, adding an opt-in form at check out promising future discounts and sales information to customers that already buy your products is beneficial for return sales.

Pop-Up Forms

The continued presence of pop up ads proves although irritating, proves they are an effective marketing tool. However opt-in pop-up forms have to be tracked for an increased subscription rate, if it is effective you will see it in the metrics.

Opt-In Forms On Blog Sites

Proving a popular way of reaching people that are already VIP customers, communicate on your blog and have a genuine interest in what your company is all about. Engaging customers in useful conversation. Using blog plug-in software, a low cost investment (about $100) for a more personal connection with customers.

Email marketing strategies change, keeping current on trends and most importantly “what your customers want” will ensure a solid email marketing list to grow and business to expand. In order to continue the success, tracking and inventive ideas and promotions are sure steps to a solid email marketing list.


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Cross Media Marketing and Your Printing Services

Building your brand as a printing company locally and online is possible with the right marketing campaigns and techniques in place. Understanding how to implement cross media marketing to boost the sales of your printing services is a way to take your business to the next level of success.

Launch an Official Website

Building an official website for printing services that you provide is necessary to captivate a larger audience, whether you are working locally or providing services remotely online. Having a website is not only a way to attract new customers, but it is also essential to build your brand and professional image within the market. Maintaining a modern and accessible website helps to boost professionalism while allowing you to create a reputation for yourself as a reputable provider for printing services.

Develop Your Online Presence

Develop your online presence with official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts to promote your work and spread your portfolio with social media. Using multiple platforms is a way to quickly boost your reputation while gaining traction and additional followers who are interested in your services.

Offer a Newsletter and a Local Subscription for Followers

When you want to provide local mailing lists as well as online newsletters, offer both options with your official website and when promoting marketing material with social media. Offering potential customers the option of subscribing online or off is a way to quickly increase your subscription list to help generate potential leads and future clients.

Utilizing online and offline marketing methods is a way to reach a wider audience regardless of your target demographic. The more you implement cross media marketing methods, the easier it is to generate leads and gain followers and fans who are genuinely interested in the printing services you have to offer.


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Online and Offline Presence-Building for a Business

It’s a buzzword phrase business folks hear all the time these days – “you need to expand your presence!” Unfortunately, while this action seems to be an agreed upon need in the digital world, not as many people full understand what it means.

In reality, expanding a business presence online or off is about developing and building brand awareness and reputation. It’s about developing a name, service delivery, and recognition that is synonymous in consumers’ minds with a particular product, need or service. So every time people think about a particular tool, the company’s name comes up immediately instead of just a generic tool.

While the online side of things involves websites and social media presence, businesses shouldn’t forget about the realtime, real world side of things. Local and regional presence has been developed for decades with the use of fliers, advertisement, mailers, newsletters and multiple other print options. No surprise, business sales and revenue still comes from people remembering about a coupon, an address on a pen or notepad, or seeing an add on a billboard on the side of the highway or commute road.

Another aspect about expanding presence is that, unlike the digital world, an offline presence can remain a bit more static. Time moves slower for printed material, so there’s not as much need to keep updating information to stay on a particular search engine. The biggest search engine in the print world is the local yellow pages phone book, and that only gets updated once a year.

So if your business is looking to boost its name, the digital world is a fine place to do so, but don’t forget printed hardcopy marketing tools as well. Sometimes the old tried and true is still a better path to take, especially when building local name recognition.


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What do Unsubscribes Mean?

In this digital world we live in, it is important to have the option to unsubscribe from different things online. This is why you should know what this means as well as how it will work. It will help you to improve your experience when using the Internet.

What Does Unsubscribe Actually Mean?

Essentially, the meaning of unsubscribing is opting out of information from someone. This could be a person on Facebook or a company that keeps sending you annoying junk mail. This is why if you find that you are seeing things that are frustrating or offensive, save yourself the time and annoyance and simply unsubscribe. You will no longer have to see the information which will make things easier on you.

How to Unsubscribe?

A common misconception people have with emails is that companies will continue to send them junk mail, even if they no longer want it. Companies are actually required to have an opt out feature where people can unsubscribe from future mailings. If you take the time to look at an email, you will see this feature somewhere. Often, you will have to look at the bottom of the email to find it in small print. Just click and follow the instructions.

When using sites, such as Facebook you will need to use their procedures for unsubscribing. Looking at the help feature on the website is a good way to find it. Otherwise, you can always contact support.

It is also important to note with this that the procedures for unsubscribing are different with each company. Some may take you off their list for future mailings immediately and others may take several days to do this. You will want to read the message that comes up after completing the unsubscribe so that you will know when the messages will stop showing up.

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Making the Most of Your Email Lists

Santa is not the only one who benefits from the judicious use of lists. As a small business owner, you should be maximizing the return on your marketing investment by ensuring that you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to making the most value out of your email list. The tendency among neophyte internet marketers however, is that they view their electronic missives little differently than they view the direct, bulk-mail offerings that they have extended in the past. In fact, a highly calibrated email marketing campaign can lead to an increase in customer loyally, and a growth in newly engaged visitors who you can convert to future customers.

Segmented Email Lists

Just as Santa has two very distinct lists designed to serve two entirely different populations, you can also segment your email list to specifically target who gets what marketing message. After all, what sense does it make to craft a marketing message designed to lure in new customers, and then waste the energy sending it off to long-time, loyal customers who might be insulted that you seem unaware of their status as long-time loyal customers? Targeted email lists allow you to focus your marketing message like a laser on the specific segment of your customer base that you want to develop, which maximizes your efficiency while engaging your customer base.

Use the Customized Tools

Once a bulk, direct-mail campaign is launched and the coupons are in the mail, you really have no idea what is happening to those mailings until a customer hops into your shop, or places an order online for your wares. Utilizing the customized tools of email marketing programs gives you the power to actively track the progress and response to your mailings to each specific customer. You will know when they’ve opened it, read it, or horror of horrors, deleted it without so much as giving it a peek.

If you are going to use an email marketing list, you might as well make the most out of it for your investment in time and resources.

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