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Integrating QR Codes with Personalized URLs

Integrating QR Codes and Personalized URLs
QR codes offer a number of benefits for marketers. One of the most important benefit is the ability to tie together the print, mobile and web channels to increase the response rates on multichannel marketing efforts.

Since QR codes make it easy for people to jump from print to the web, this intelligent tool can add to the success of your personalized URL (PURL) campaigns, too.

QR codes have the ability to lower the barriers often surrounding customer response which, in turn, leads to an increase in overall campaign response rate.

Here are several benefits that can be easily achieved by coupling QR codes with PURLs to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns:

Providing one-to-one communication
PURLs can be embedded right into QR codes, so when a customer or prospect scans the code,  they are taken directly to their personalized landing page.

Once a recipient is at that personalized page, you have the opportunity to engage with them and have a one-on-one dialogue.

Making it easy to respond
QR codes make PURLs portable. They allow the recipient to access each individual PURL without the need to sit in front of a computer.

Because people are on the go, and many carry their phones with them at all times, this portability is ideal in increasing the response rate.

Additionally, QR codes eliminate the need for a recipient to type what may be a rather lengthy PURL into their web browser.

By simply pressing one button on their smartphone, your prospect or customer is automatically directed to their own personalized website. This eliminates the chance of typos and decreases the amount of effort required by the recipient to access the information.

Tracking and measuring
Every marketer knows there is nothing more important than being able to measure the success of a campaign.

PURLs provide the ability to track which recipients visit their personalized page and, depending on the level of the PURL, gather additional contact information about each individual.

Similarly, various software programs have been developed that will also record the amount of scans per day, what time those scans took place, the location of the scans, and the type of device being used to scan the code.

Together, QR codes and PURLs can provide a more complete picture of which recipients express interest and which leads are the hottest.

QR codes will only enhance the value PURLs already bring to campaigns, becoming a logical extension of the PURLs you may already be implementing. Use them to fill the gap that other cross-marketing tools cannot.

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Interactive Print? Is that even possible?

When it comes to print ads, there are thousands of different ideas and concepts that can be employed and used. How do you make your print interactive? Though it may seem like interactive print is something that is unattainable, it is far easier than you might imagine. Here are three ways that you can make your print interactive and really get your readers and viewers involved.


1    QR Codes- Everyone has smart phones these days, something that proves as a distinct advantage to the individual or the company that is using print ads. A QR code is a block code that can be read by QR readers on smart phones. These codes can lead your viewers to websites, other content, videos, other advertisements, and so much more. These codes are easy to make, easy to use, and incredibly fun.


2    Purpose Driven Ads- Another great way to amp up the interactivity of your ad is to create an ad that can be used for something else; an ad that has a purpose. This could be something as simple as an ad that has perforated edges and can be popped up to create a 3d ad, to something as complicated as an ad that can be made into something else. This will allow companies to make their print ad and convey the information they need while creating an ad that is fully interactive and completely memorable.

3    Wired Ads- There is a whole new genre of this, that is fully interactive because it has been wired. This means that the ad actually does something. It could be anything from playing music, to reading a message or changing the color of a picture. Whatever it is, these ads will be highly interactive. While they can be great, they do sometimes cause problems and tend to be more expensive.


By following these tips, your company will become a creative and memorable business. Remember: Interactive ads are a thing of today, not a thing of the future.

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Three Must-Haves for Your Mobile Website

A good mobile website can be the backbone of a business. It can provide a trustworthy source of news and information for existing customers. It can provide a thorough explanation of products and services that prospective clients will enjoy. Nowadays, mobile websites can serve as a source of direct income and payment collection, as well. Several tools are available to help a business get to where it needs to be in a mobile sense. The following are three must haves for a mobile website:

Shopping Cart

For businesses that deal with order placement and fulfillment, a shopping cart is the number one item that is needed for their websites. An on-site shopping cart allows visitors to conduct transactions if they are interested in the business’s offerings. A non-monetary benefit to having a shopping cart is that visitors will stay on the page for long periods, which is the main goal of any business.

Easy Navigation

Mobile website managers will need to also provide easy navigation to customers and prospects who are visiting the site. Poor navigation scares people away. Other sales prospects are more likely to make a purchase if they can move around the site easily and transfer to other pages without stress.

A Short Video

Videos can do wonders for a website and a business. One positive aspect of having videos on a mobile website is that the business can spread messages quickly without losing quality, all the while keeping visitors entertained. The video can work to captivate guests who are still on the fence about buying or signing up for your services. The video may end up being the perfect ice breaker and decision maker.

Businesses who are looking to improve their mobile websites should make an attempt to incorporate these three items as soon as possible. It’s important to remain ahead of the curve and in-tune with the evolving mobile audience.  In doing so, sales activity should pick up immensely.

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Print And Mobile Marketing – What’s The Connection?

Marketing is a difficult thing to understand for even those that are well versed. That being said, with new developments like mobile marketing it is now more important than ever to understand how these new marketing strategies sync up with older marketing practices. Print has long been the standard when it comes to advertising, but it is now more important than ever that marketers understand that mobile marketing can improve traditional print campaign response rates when they are utilized together.

There are a few different ways that print and mobile marketing can come together to make for a very useful and effective marketing campaign. With new inventions like QR codes, we can now add mobile marketing and print marketing into one another. With QR codes that can be scanned by your smart phone, you can now make your print ad part of your mobile marketing. That is not the only progress that has been made, it is now possible to add elements to the print ad that can again link back up to the mobile ads.

With mobile marketing on the rise, there are other ways that mobile and print marketing can be one in the same. More and more people are using print ads to help lead customers to the online and mobile marketing. Print ads are most likely not going to be the only means of marketing in any campaign and they are often used in sync with mobile marketing to reach as many customers as possible. A print ad can be somewhat complete to serve the needs of the older crowd but it can also have additional content with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is growing and is far more popular than ever before and it is certain to rise and continue to grow in popularity.

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How Printers Can Benefit from Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is seen as the next great frontier for businesses of all types. When you look at the logistics of the situation, it’s easy to see why. Most smartphones, tablets and other devices have full multimedia capabilities. They can play audio, video and display graphics in wonderful quality and brilliant colors, all from a small device screen. The best part is that consumers carry these devices with them literally everywhere that they go. You no longer have to hope that the consumer stumbles onto your website late at night after they return home from work – you can connect with them on the subway, on their lunch break, while waiting for a movie to start and more.


Printers can benefit from mobile marketing in a few different ways depending on the situation. One of the biggest things that consumers will be looking for is a deal. As a result, one of your best chances at connecting with consumers on a very real level is to offer coupons, discounts and other incentives throughout your mobile marketing efforts. You can send a coupon to certain customers based on geographic location – for example, one coupon may be automatically sent to their phone when they’re within one mile of your business. Not only are you targeting people in your physical operating area, but you’re also using mobile to actually get people to come to your physical store.


Another great way that printers can benefit from mobile marketing involves using the platform to make information available to users at a wide scale. Consumers love to comparison shop. If you can provide them with the information that they’re looking for during their research using mobile marketing, you can also establish an intense level of trust in your brand at the same time.

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More Smartphones, More Opportunities

Smartphone usage has broken the glass ceiling – instantly connecting consumers to the products and information they seek. To remain in the game, businesses must meet the demands of ever-evolving use of mobile devices.

Below are three must-seize marketing opportunities well served by the ubiquitous use of smartphones today.

Mobile sites: Online storefronts know that users are more than likely shopping from their mobile device. This means a full-blown web site built for large-screen viewing is apt to put off the shopper. This is why most marketing sites today have a mobile-friendly version that auto detects the user’s device and displays accordingly to the shopper.

Smartphone apps: Customer loyalty has been propelled to a new level with the shopping apps they can use right from the palm of their hands. Storefronts like are locked and loaded, influenced by individual trends and ready to display tempting products for purchase. Members can even buy with one click.

Social media: Smart marketers know they must engage consumers via social networks. Facebook makes it easy to create a business page and then, through the viral process of cross-media marketing through platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and others, marketers are reaching relevant — and even international — audiences in real time.

The immediate impact of mobile marketing has left many long-established companies in the dust. No app and no mobile site means less visitors and less sales. They are faced with hiring media consultants to quickly bring them up to speed.

Staying in the know with regard to mobile media is today’s key to smartphone marketing opportunities. Trends come and go faster than ever now, so riding the fickle waves are more daunting. Therefore, digitally-minded marketers focused on marketing to their customers likes will continue to take the smartphone marketing future by storm.

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Tying Print With Mobile Devices

Some observers believe the marriage of print media and mobile devices is a new advertising genre. Many experts have been touting the value of print advertising, now that so many companies better understand the benefits–and the “warts”–surrounding digital advertising campaigns.

According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the Best Buy coordination of mobile marketing with their weekly sale circular, begun in 2010, has capitalized on the interactive benefits of mobile devices with the power of print advertising. Mobile device marketing offers an important advantage over traditional print marketing: Active calls to action.

This marriage of print and digital media offers benefits unavailable with other marketing options. Immediate and personal calls to action are a graphic example. There are other advantages you can enjoy.

  • Perfect your online presence with a great website and relevant social media pages.
  • Publish a regular newsletter with free subscriptions for your customers and prospects.
  • Combining print and mobile marketing helps deliver the “feel” and quality of your products.

Using coordinated digital and print advertising campaigns maximize your audience reach in all demographics and gains Facebook “likes” and more Tweeter followers. This combination typically results in more customers, too. More customers equal more revenue.

Your website, social media and newsletters offer another benefit. You’ll get some interested new leads that you can convert to customers. Melding print advertising with mobile devices creates engaged fans of your products or services.

Just as Best Buy uses this combination to increase sales with interactive calls to action, you can do the same for your company. Combining quality print pieces with mobile marketing campaigns gives you the cutting edge multimedia tools you need to succeed.

Integrating marketing campaigns with combinations of print and digital media can return outstanding results. When integrated with effective email marketing, print and mobile channels can increase ROI (return on investment), revenue and profitability. Using one of the top companies, like LATKA Communications, to coordinate mail or email campaigns makes it easy for you to get the most out of your advertising efforts, while enjoying budget-friendly solutions.


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How to Target the Mobile Audience

Many marketers still incorrectly assume that the Internet usage habits of the general population have gone unchanged in recent years. In the late 1990s and the early 2000s, the Internet was traditionally something that was enjoyed in a set space in a home. After a hard day at work or school, a user would come home, grab the laptop computer (or sit in front of the desktop computer), open a Web browser and catch up on the day’s events. With the advent of the smartphone and similar types of mobile devices that can be carried with a person while on the go, however, those habits have changed significantly. People are experiencing Internet content all day long on a mobile device. In order to have the most successful marketing campaign possible, you need to make sure that you’re going after the mobile audience or you could be leaving a huge amount of potential customers behind.


One of the most effective ways to target the mobile audience is by adopting responsive web design practices. When designing your website, for example, responsive web design will help make sure that the user sees the best possible version of the page regardless of what type of device they happen to be using. A site designed for a traditional web browser will be difficult to read and hard to navigate on a smartphone. However, a site created with responsive web design will adapt to the user’s device, allowing them to easily read and use the site from that mobile environment.


Another way to target the mobile audience is with location-based options. Most smartphones and tablets have built-in GPS capabilities that always keep track of the user’s location. By targeting your marketing efforts towards users in your area with location-based options, you’re immediately going after those potential customers who are the most relevant: those who are using mobile devices in the area that your business is operating in.


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The Importance of Responsive Design

Most business owners are not aware of the positive impact responsive web design can have on their business. The way customers are searching for products and services is changing. Consumers want a response to their questions, and answers to their problems. Modern technology such as the internet provides consumers with quick responses in record time.

Mobile technology is perhaps one of the quickest and most effective ways for businesses and consumers to communicate. Consumers can respond to emails, job requests, and conference calls regardless of where they are.

What Does This Mean for Business

This means that more and more customers are using the Internet to find what they want. These customers range in the category of business people, students, professionals and everyday housewives. Very few people are confined to a desktop computer. This is the age of technology.

Businesses Need to Invest in the Future of Their Business

There is “Office on the Go” which is what many people are using to keep in touch with their jobs and to keep an eye on their competitors. Nearly every mobile device being introduced to the market today, offers some type of responsive web design software. Consumers are able to make purchases, pay bills, and schedule their next dental appointment, from their mobile devices.

Responsive web designs allow consumers the freedom to search the website, request assistance and ask questions. Open communication is the key for businesses that rely on customer responses. This means that customers can enter a website from any mobile device and use any screen size. Businesses that are not using responsive web designs are losing out on customers, sales and profits.

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QR Codes and Social Media

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are massive marketing tools for businesses. However, having a sign, postcard or newspaper advertisement telling readers to “like” your social media profile is not efficient. Enter into the equation QR codes. Also known as a Quick Response code, this is a useful tool for inbound marketing in the hands of potential customers and clients.

How QR Codes Work

A QR code is a square shaped symbol filled with matrix code that functions in the same way as a bar code on a product at the supermarket. Individuals can scan these codes using a digital reader with a camera feature, such as a smartphone or tablet. The information saved within the QR code will lead the user to a social media site, where they are then able to like or comment on your profile. For instance, someone can read about your business in a magazine. If you’ve included a QR code for your social media profile, they’ll be able to scan the code so to connect with your social media page.

Creating QR Codes

Start by utilizing a website that will create a QR code for you. All you need in order to create a QR code is the address to the website in which you want to connect to using the code.

Utilizing a QR Code

Once you have a QR code you can print off a copy of the code and paste it onto various forms of print media. For example, you would want to include the QR code for your social media sites along with your press releases, advertisements, YouTube videos, and business cards. Brick and mortar establishments for businesses often include a QR code linking to their social media page on signs placed strategically throughout the building. By allowing customers to connect to your social media site in a clever and efficient manner, you ensure that more individuals are reaching your marketing platform on the web.

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