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How Can Your Marketing Collateral Draw More Attention?

One of the most often misused tools of any business, marketing collateral can be leveraged in amazing ways. Defined as the collection of ads and media used to support and grow one’s business, marketing collateral is often thought to be mere accessories to a business when, in all actuality, they can be the very lifeblood of any thriving company. Not to worry. If you need help finding better ways to use your marketing collateral to garner more attention, keep reading.

Appeal to Emotions

First and foremost, one of the best and easiest ways to better leverage your marketing collateral is by using writing copy that appeals to the emotions of consumers. For instance, if you are selling bug spray, showing a woman in a swarm of angry mosquitoes would be a very great way to appeal to the emotions of consumers. By doing this, you will find that more customers are compelled to try your product as the jolt to their senses will leave them looking for a new solution to their issue.

Call to Action

Another important element of marketing collateral is to ensure it includes a quality call to action, or a word or phrase requesting that the customer purchases your product or service immediately. Although this may seem like a minuscule task, by presenting the customers with a problem and insisting that they immediately try your product and service to fix it, many customers will find themselves drawn to your page or site in order to quell the unpleasant emotions being created by the mere thought of experiencing the scenario you have presented.

Overall, marketing collateral can be a highly influential tool. Nevertheless, unless you are aware of how to use these tools effectively, they amount to little more than collateral damage.

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8 Ways to Use Variable Data

Are you using your customer data to the best of your ability?  Are you not satisfied with your return on investment for all of your direct mail marketing efforts?  Utilizing variable data may be your answer to these frustrations.

By using this particular service, it will help you create more customized marketing campaigns for your customers depending on what information you have about them.  By creating and delivering more customized and personal messages to your audience, you can be sure to see an increase in your marketing response rates!

Here are some of the ways variable data can add more value to your marketing campaigns:

  1. Create personalized messages by using your customer’s name and company in your online and offline marketing campaigns.
  2. Add coupon codes for specific services and promotions.
  3. Use it for the numbering sections for invoices, and cross-promote related products if applicable.
  4. Take advantage of their order history to promote related products to them at a later date.
  5. Utilize their address or location for geographical promotions if you have more than one store.
  6. Add a personalized URL to track who went to the correlating landing page.
  7. Graphics can be different depending on what types of clients you are sending your promotion to.
  8. Just like graphics, text can also be adjusted to help your marketing message relate to your audience more.

As you can see from these examples, you can understand why these tactics will help make your marketing efforts stand out more to your targeted audience.  If you have data that can help you make more specific marketing messages to your audience, take full advantage of it!

If you would like to learn more about how you can start incorporating variable data in your marketing campaigns, give us a call!

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How Print Materials can Spread Your Company’s Message

From screen printed T-shirts to high gloss posters, your company can reach out to the public for increased visibility. Soon people will recognize your colors, logo, and connect your brand image with your company when you use print materials on a wide scale. Depending on your marketing budget plan, you may want to have materials printed large enough for bus stop enclosures or print materials suitable for mounting on fencing or on stadium or sports field walls. People love the look and texture of a high gloss multicolored post card or pamphlet, plus it finds its way into their office or home to be picked up again as a reminder. Below are some ideas to consider!


1) Try making wall calendars and refrigerator magnets, as they have taken the place of bookmarks. Laminated place mats have replaced disposable ones in restaurants and coffee mugs are something that will always keep your company on your customer’s minds.

2) Make creative water bottles, customizing messages for conferences, seminars, and community events, to show that you have innovative ideas!

3) Magnetic signs for car doors and other vehicles can be specialized and are a great way to spread your company’s name. Upload a picture of your business card on the magnet and make sure it has an enlarged phone number people can punch into their cell phones is efficient and creative!

4) Stand out! Colorful ad campaigns used for package inserts that can also be included with a customer receipt as a handout can offer a valuable incentive for next time purchases.


Imagery Over Wording Print Work

Get print messages out in short, bite sized phrases to satisfy the short attention span of today’s purchases and decision makers. Make your print more visual with images and little text. Printed packaging that makes the customer or client want to re-use it for something, is a successful engagement and memorable experience. Print companies are constantly printing on every media imaginable, for non-profits and small businesses to corporate accounts, using experiential booths at festivals and conferences, sporting events, job fairs, and conventions, providing necessary visible recognition. Unusual packaging shapes, sizes and materials can be printed with intuitive designs and company logos, making a lasting impression on your customers. 

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Creative Presentation Kits – Why They Are Useful To Have

When it comes to creating awareness for your brand, promoting your company goes a long way. Companies are starting to hire marketing firms to help grow their company and earn them more public recognition. One of the main things that marketing firms are doing is telling the company that they are representing to have customized promotional products made for their company.


Why should you have custom made Promotional Products?

Below are some reasons explaining why your company should have customized products.


#1. One of the main purposes of having custom kits is to help enhance your company’s look and become professional. By having a professional name or logo, current and potential customers will take you more seriously, helping to build a better relationship. Having a unique and professional look is also very important because you want to attract new clients and make sure that they know you are a trustworthy and reliable company.


#2. It is a great way to gain publicity for your company. Today, almost every company has some custom products that they give away to customers and prospective clients. Some give away pens, cups, or shirts with the company name on them while others give away binders and key chains. The bottom line is that this is an effective way to advertise your business and increase your brand recognition.


In What Types of Situations Can Custom Presentation Kits Be Useful?

As previously mentioned, custom presentation kits are a great way to expand your brand recognition and are useful in situations where you can reach a lot of people at the same time. Some of which include:


#1. Trade Fairs: Trade fairs are a great opportunity to do some advertising for your business because they are usually attended by large crowds. The only problem with trade fairs is that the other companies that are present also recognize that it is a great opportunity to increase their brand recognition as well, so when you go to trade fairs, you should try to make your custom kit stand out above the rest. This will help you to differentiate your company from the others and become memorable.


#2. Presentations: when you are trying to make a sales pitch to a potential client, having custom kits can be beneficial in a couple of ways; it helps your business look more professional, and they can also be given as gifts to members of the team that you are making the pitch to. It may also help them keep your company in mind when making their final decision.


#3. Promoting Your Company Image: If you want to generate some goodwill for your company, nothing beats giving away free stuff because who doesn’t like free stuff? One of the best ways to buy that positive image for your company is to give away free custom kits to people, regardless if they are prospective clients or not.


By following these tips above, your company will be on its way to becoming a successful, professional, and reliable business.

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How Can Print Marketing Materials Produce Sales Leads For Your Business?

Growing a business heavily depends on the strength of its marketing presence. While there are many forms of marketing, from television ads to inbound, Internet based methods, print marketing materials can still produce sales leads for your business. Regardless of the services or products you provide, there is a means to boosting your business. It all just comes down to being proactive and taking initiative in these methods. There may also be some trial and error regarding marketing, as what works for one business does not necessarily work the same way for another, but as long as the company evolves its marketing strategy, it should pinpoint its best advertising potential.

Product Mailers

The product mailer has been around for a while, and while older, it is not out of date. With a print mailer, it is possible to spread information on the company and provide desirable sales benefits, such as discounts on products and services. Even if you run an online business, this works just fine. The integrated code on the mailer allows you to monitor where the sales are coming from and whether or not it is proving profitable.

Survey Request

The survey request may be provided with a checkout receipt or just inside of the store itself. The survey can provide you with valuable information. For starters, it points out what your business might be doing right and what it needs to work out. Also, you can provide the opportunity for individuals to fill out their contact information. With this contact information, you can then turn it around and offer the individual a special deal or products they might need.

Product Information Displays

If you visit seminars and conventions, having information about a product is important. These pamphlets or displays should assist you in boosting sales and overall consumer interest in what you sell.

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The Benefits Of Bringing Traditional And Digital Marketing Together

With the business community constantly changing over the past few decades, advertising has managed to make the most drastic. Implementing modern marketing techniques has become necessary if you want your business to become successful in today’s society. In the past, television advertisements or hanging up flyers were the ways to communicate with customers, however, today, internet marketing has become the preferred way of advertising. In addition to making these changes, it’s important to have an audience with a wide variety. By making sure that you reach all age groups when displaying your services, it will show current and potential customers that you care and want to help all customers reach their goals.

When hiring new companies, it’s important to have diversity to show that you can help accommodate everyone’s needs. Whether it’s a printing service that will handle flyers and pamphlets, a television agency for commercial broadcasting, a web design company, an SEO company or a social media marketing agency, make sure that you cover all aspects of business. Combing all of these industries will help get your company exposure and better your reputation.

The most important part of marketing your company is making sure that you have a quality website to showcase your company’s services and products. You want your website to be simple, yet professional, attracting customers and showing them that you are better than your competitors. If your website looks unorganized or outdated, you are unlikely to receive new customers. By allowing your business to have a combination of both modern and traditional marketing techniques, you will receive the necessary exposure to becoming successful.

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Capitalize on Print-To-Web

Switching your marketing strategy from print advertising to digital platforms, known as print-to-web, is not an easy task. Business owners benefit from cutting mailing expenses and upgrading to modern technology standards. Although a complicated process, transitioning to digital publishing is a step towards success, if executed properly. Here is how to use print-to-web strategies effectively.

Start with PDF Magazines

For new businesses, small companies, or establishments new to digital marketing, PDF magazines are a budget-friendly and simple way to start. This form of digital literature allows publishers to keep the same print format but offer a convenient option for those on the go. PDF magazines are easy to create and cost much less compared to printing physical copies but offer few features.

Ease into Flip-Books

A “flip-book” is similar to PDF magazines but give readers more features. Also known as digital magazines, there are different formats available. These online magazines allow readers to search for content, zoom in and out, and advanced features such as bookmarks. Flip-books keep the traditional book format allowing them to view and turn pages exactly as they would with a real magazine.

Understand the Age of Blogging

When the print presence of a business begins to lower or simply does not exist, blogging is the best solution for most types of publications. Blogs are not only cost-effective but they are far more popular now than decades ago. A successful blogging strategy is more effective than most print methods and is easy to distribute. Blog subscribers receive email updates and commonly follow the company’s RSS feed.

Print-to-web is a vital marketing strategy to succeed in business today. More consumers are looking online for products and services without considering a magazine or catalog. If your company is not capitalizing on these strategies, you should invest some time into learning more about print-to-web strategies that work for every industry by contacting us!

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Does Print Have A Seat On The Technology Train?

The short answer to this questions is YES!

Marshall McLuhan described advertising as 20th century’s greatest art form. Technology has tremendously shaped advertising, including the use of tools such as print. The number of print media readers has been on the decline. Does this imply that print as a marketing tool has become obsolete? Print advertising is not dead; it is still useful in marketing and will continue to be for a long time to come. This, however, will be affected by how well print adapts to evolving technology.


One of the current trends is that companies that were traditionally digital-only are also producing print publications. This is because print is still an important part of the media mix in marketing. Therefore, even with advancing technology, print still adds value to advertising campaigns.

Consumer Engagement

Print advertising is engaging and well-appreciated. There are people who still pay for magazine subscriptions. Technology allows for subscriptions to be made online. Therefore, ads can be fine-tuned to reach a particular target consumer group based on their online activity and subscriptions. Given that print has longevity since they can be saved and shared, this makes them still relevant in tech-driven environments that put lots of emphases on sharing of information.

Print Is the Foundation

Magazines and newspapers are easily available digitally and on mobile thanks to technology. However, the percentage of strict digital-only readers is below 10%. Most people find offline reading more captivating and engaging. It is worthwhile to note that most people first subscribe to magazines before discovering them online.

All in all, print is still an essential life source for digital and mobile magazines and newspapers. It is, therefore, relevant and an adjuvant to media technology. It will, consequently, have a place in both modern and future technology.

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Offset and Digital Printing, What’s the Difference?

When it comes to choosing a printing style people often ask, what’s the difference between offset and digital printing? Both printers have a unique set of advantages. From precise images to beautiful prints, we have gathered together the main differences between the two types of printing.

What is offset printing?
Offset printing creates an image on a plate, which is then attached to a cylinder. Rollers will apply ink to the various cylinders. The cylinders then apply the link to “blankets” or rubber rollers. The rubber rollers will then place the image onto the paper. Unlike other printing methods, where the ink is placed directly from the stone or plate to the paper, offset printing uses a plate to blanket to paper methodology.

Offset printing can be used to create beautiful and vibrant marketing materials, including customized envelopes, letterhead, business cards, invitations, posters, brochures, and a number of other print materials. Offset printers can be found in a variety of makes and models, including a two-color offset press, and four-color process that specializes in CMYK coloring.

What is digital printing?
Digital printing has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. A digital printer doesn’t use plates, which can reduce cost, overall waste, and set-up time. In a toner-based digital press, the powder color pigment is transferred to a blanket or plastic sheet, which will then transfer the image directly to the paper. Heat is generally used to set the toner permanently to the paper.

Digital can be the ideal printing choice for low quantity jobs and variable image items like a customized postcard. Digital printing can be used to create a number of vibrant marketing materials, such as banners, pop-up tradeshow displays, or posters.

The next time that you need to have items printed by a professional printing company, be sure to keep the above differences in mind. Knowing whether to choose offset or digital printing will help you to create beautiful print materials that exceed your expectations and “wow” your viewers.

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Print And Mobile Marketing – What’s The Connection?

Marketing is a difficult thing to understand for even those that are well versed. That being said, with new developments like mobile marketing it is now more important than ever to understand how these new marketing strategies sync up with older marketing practices. Print has long been the standard when it comes to advertising, but it is now more important than ever that marketers understand that mobile marketing can improve traditional print campaign response rates when they are utilized together.

There are a few different ways that print and mobile marketing can come together to make for a very useful and effective marketing campaign. With new inventions like QR codes, we can now add mobile marketing and print marketing into one another. With QR codes that can be scanned by your smart phone, you can now make your print ad part of your mobile marketing. That is not the only progress that has been made, it is now possible to add elements to the print ad that can again link back up to the mobile ads.

With mobile marketing on the rise, there are other ways that mobile and print marketing can be one in the same. More and more people are using print ads to help lead customers to the online and mobile marketing. Print ads are most likely not going to be the only means of marketing in any campaign and they are often used in sync with mobile marketing to reach as many customers as possible. A print ad can be somewhat complete to serve the needs of the older crowd but it can also have additional content with mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is growing and is far more popular than ever before and it is certain to rise and continue to grow in popularity.

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