Direct Mail Do’s and Don’ts

A solid marketing plan uses a variety of methods to reach a target audience. Direct mail is still used effectively in a variety of situations, but anyone using direct mail needs to understand how it has changed over the years.

Do Allow a Direct Mail Campaign to Build on Itself

 An effective direct mail campaign starts out with a small number of target audience prospects, and uses market data to decide how to make the campaign better. You need to include methods for measuring the effectiveness of your mail pieces to develop a larger campaign that will get results. Your campaign should be done in stages, where data from each stage is used to improve future results.

Don’t Confuse Your Audience

 Any direct mail piece should focus on one marketing message and finish with a strong call to action. If you try to put too much into your direct mail piece, your message will get lost. Keep the focus on one marketing message, and use an effective call to action.

Do Talk Directly to Your Audience

 You should make your direct mail pieces creative and comprehensive, and you should include a personal element to your message. You can try a more relaxed tone that puts your audience at ease, or you can tell a story to get your point across. Storytelling in a direct mail piece is always a good idea because it is easier to get people to read a story than a marketing message.

Don’t Forget to Receive Your Own Mail Pieces

The best way for you to see what your direct mail piece looks like when it arrives is to make sure you are on the mailing list. You can learn a lot about how effective your campaign is by seeing what your customers see when it arrives in the mail.

A good direct mail campaign can strengthen your marketing efforts and build your customer base. A well-designed piece with a strong message can do wonders for your company’s bottom line.

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