Direct Mail on a Budget

Direct Mail on a Budget: The Variables

Most people consider direct mail to be a thing of the past, concentrating most of their efforts on digital marketing. What they don’t realize is that direct mail is still a big game player. And while it might be a bit more costly in comparison to other techniques, direct mail usually has a much higher success rate than other traditional marketing techniques. So, are you looking to use direct mail, but on a budget? If “yes,” then you should know the variables, otherwise you might end up overspending.  

Go for in house production:

Unless you have some fancy designs or ideas in mind that require professional assistance, you should always go for in-house design or individual freelancers. Pros know the staff better than an average person and can churn out an elegant piece for you. But, freelancers would charge you a lot less compared to any professional agency.

Break down the task in pieces:

Suppose the budget for your whole project is $100. Now you hire an agency to do all the tasks for you and pay them $100. Alternatively, you can break down your whole task to several small easy to do segments. Now invite the best bid for each segment from the individual agency and you can get the whole project done for less.

Choose your format wisely:

In most cases, your chosen format will largely decide the overall cost of your project. Sending postcards and multi-page letters would likely incur two different costs. While postcards can be printed for pennies, multi-page letters or brochures would require a lot more resources. On the other hand, you will need to decide on your postage medium too. Planned well in advance, you can save significant amounts on postage cost.

Purchase materials wisely:

Maximum caution should be maintained while purchasing printers, inks, papers or envelopes. Prices of these products tend to vary from vendor to vendor. Hence, first do a thorough research, then purchase products from vendors who offer the best value for your money. In addition, if possible, try to renegotiate the prices after doing businesses with the same vendor for quite some time.

As you can see, direct mail on a budget can be a tough thing to accomplish, but not impossible. If you have a clear plan and can follow those aforementioned steps accordingly, you can reduce the overall costs.

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