Does Print Have A Seat On The Technology Train?

The short answer to this questions is YES!

Marshall McLuhan described advertising as 20th century’s greatest art form. Technology has tremendously shaped advertising, including the use of tools such as print. The number of print media readers has been on the decline. Does this imply that print as a marketing tool has become obsolete? Print advertising is not dead; it is still useful in marketing and will continue to be for a long time to come. This, however, will be affected by how well print adapts to evolving technology.


One of the current trends is that companies that were traditionally digital-only are also producing print publications. This is because print is still an important part of the media mix in marketing. Therefore, even with advancing technology, print still adds value to advertising campaigns.

Consumer Engagement

Print advertising is engaging and well-appreciated. There are people who still pay for magazine subscriptions. Technology allows for subscriptions to be made online. Therefore, ads can be fine-tuned to reach a particular target consumer group based on their online activity and subscriptions. Given that print has longevity since they can be saved and shared, this makes them still relevant in tech-driven environments that put lots of emphases on sharing of information.

Print Is the Foundation

Magazines and newspapers are easily available digitally and on mobile thanks to technology. However, the percentage of strict digital-only readers is below 10%. Most people find offline reading more captivating and engaging. It is worthwhile to note that most people first subscribe to magazines before discovering them online.

All in all, print is still an essential life source for digital and mobile magazines and newspapers. It is, therefore, relevant and an adjuvant to media technology. It will, consequently, have a place in both modern and future technology.

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