How to Combine Email Marketing and Direct Mail

If you are a business owner then you might already know how hard it is to convince a potential customer to purchase your product or service. No matter how attractive your promotional campaigns are, most of them will just ignore your offers and go about their usual business. If this is the case, how can you expect positive reactions from your customers just by sending them a single generic promotional email? You need to reach them repeatedly through multiple marketing channels and make sure your messages are heard. In this regard, combining email marketing with more traditional direct mail might be an effective idea. You take the benefits from both online and off-line marketing channels, mix and match between them, and send them to your target customers. Below are some ways on how this should be done.

Branding your product

Both your marketing channels should complement each other. Make sure your potential customers recognize your emails and postal pieces just by glancing through them. Use the same tag line on both the envelope of your direct mail and the subject line of your emails. You should also use the same logo, design, and message in all your marketing channels. While the email is more interactive and easy to use, direct mails would confer legitimacy. Hence, you should include your web address in all your direct mail, and make sure your web pages have all the necessary information regarding your products.

 Timing is key

Companies often get confused when deciding on the timing and frequency of emails and postal pieces. In an ideal world, emails should be sent on the same day of your delivery of direct mails. But it would be perfectly fine if a client receives the emails within one week of receiving the direct mail. We would suggest delivering the direct mail pieces first, as they have longer shelf life compared to emails.

Next, you would have to decide on the frequency of your marketing mail and postal pieces. It usually depends on what you are sending to your clients. Ideally, you should send brochures and catalogs once every three months. Regarding promotional emails and direct mail, you should arrange for monthly deliveries. General rule? Try to be on your buyer’s face as long as, and as many times as possible.

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