How to Connect Mobile with Direct Mail

With mobile phones and devices being utilized in virtually every aspect of life, mobile marketing is becoming one of the number one ways to reach your target market.  With an overload of digital ads on a daily basis, how can you find a way to utilize digital marketing and ensure that your product or service stands out?

Direct mail is a great form of advertising to present your company in a physical way in front of potential customers.  So why not find a way to merge both the benefits of digital and print marketing mediums?  Try the tips below to help connect your next direct mail campaign with your customer’s mobile devices.

Get Connected on a Social Level

Social media is an effective way to connect and engage clients and prospects with your business.  You can use various social media platforms to keep your customers updated on current offers as well as new products and services available from your company.  Social networking outlets are also a great way to drive traffic to your site as well as expose yourself to a larger audience through sharing capabilities.  To take advantage of social media options include your social media icons on all of your direct mailing pieces.

Connect Your Mailing Piece to a Video

Through QR code linking you can take your customer directly from your direct mail piece to a video on YouTube or one that featured on your site.  Show your product or service in action or provide your customer with useful information through a well-executed marketing video.

Stay Connected Via Text Messaging

Compile a client texting list, by offering discounts, coupons, or rewards for texting a word or code and accepting to receive text message advertising and updates.  With spam blocking software and the prevalence of readers deleting email advertisements before they read them, text messages are a more efficient way to get your name in front of the customer and stay in the front of their mind.

Providing ways for your customers to engage with a direct marketing piece digitally is an effective way to increase your company’s ROI on a marketing campaign as well as promote future customer engagement.

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