How to Drive Sales with Your Monthly Newsletter

Driving sales is the primary factor towards the growth of any business. With more sales, come more revenue and thus more profit. Sales can be divided into two parts: initial sale and upselling. Initial sale is when a product or service has been sold to your customer, and upselling is when you offer a better package or an improved deal with an increase in price and increase in the benefits the customer will receive if they opt for it. One of the best ways to drive sales and upselling is through monthly newsletters. Newsletters can be tailor-made and personally addressed to your customers as they arrive in their email inboxes. Today we will discuss some golden points that, if included in your newsletter, can boost your sales.

Include Relevant Content

Your newsletters must be informative and filled with articles which are relevant to its readers. Features like dynamic content can come in handy and show different and related stories to individual subscribers of your newsletter. Short, simple articles about how to solve your client’s problems and quick tips about how to deal with daily issues people come across can make your newsletter interesting for people to read.

An Image Says a Thousand Words

Try adding a compelling image relevant to the content in your newsletter. Pictures draw more attention, and through it, you can promote your business. Take a shot by adding an upselling link of your product to your website. While it may seem unimportant, attractive visuals can help to make the customer stick to your newsletter.

Promote 1 Thing at a Time

You might be selling many products and advertising all of them may increase your chances of a click on any one of them, but it also increases the frustration of your reader by making them feel you are all about getting money from them. As a result, they could opt out of your newsletter, and as such your company will disappear from their sight and mind. The magic ratio between educational and promotional content should be 9 to 1.

Use a Minimalistic Design

Usually, the most common mistakes made in newsletters are stuffing it with content. Try using a clean, minimalistic design and keep a balance between blank spaces and content. Such designing makes the newsletter look attractive and engaging.

Track Your Results

Finally, make sure to follow the sales conversion ratio from newsletters so that its shortcomings can be measured and changes can be implemented.

The newsletter is an informative and assuring tool to drive sales. They get delivered right to the reader and are better than one-time tv advertisements or a radio broadcast.

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