Improving conversion rates for landing pages, 5 simple tips

Every small business needs a website, but it’s important to make sure that people who find your website use it to become your customers.  In most cases, great graphics aren’t going to make them make a purchase.  These five strategies, however, have been shown to increase conversion rates.


  1. Have an e-mail newsletter sign-up.  Signing up for the company newsletter means that your viewers will be reminded about your company on a regular basis.
  2. Offer a printable coupon.  Having a coupon that customers have to print out will get them to come into your physical location, and you’ll be able to keep track of your conversion rates manually.  If you sell online, give a coupon code.  Ideally, tailor each code to your different landing pages.
  3. Offer a flash or lightening deal.  If people think that a deal is going away, they’ll be a lot more likely to take a risk with a new product or business.  Of course, make sure that you can handle the quick surge in orders that these deals tend to produce.
  4. Make it easy to contact your business.  If your business relies on selling a new product or customization, you want to make sure that new customers can easily reach you.  Prominently display your phone number and e-mail address, and make sure that both are answered promptly.
  5. Keep it relevant to their search terms.  The most important aspect of a landing page is that the people who find it should be interested in your product or service.  Simply attracting everyone with a general interest will lead to a lot of people taking a quick look and leaving.


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  1. Henrietta Y December 16, 2014

    My company has had great success with printable coupons. It’s a great call to action, with results. Direct and email marketing can be very effective, because you can put your brand right in their hands! Or on there cell, pc etc. These are all good tips, thanks for sharing them!