Latka Communications understands the importance of having an appealing, easy-to-navigate web presence that represents your brand effectively and takes advantage of the many features and formats of electronic communication – including animation and instant response. Mobile websites present their own challenges such as formatting, screen size, and the behavior of users on mobile devices. It is more than just transferring your traditional site to mobile technology. Click here for an example that shows the best of both types.

Regardless of the technology on which they appear, websites should offer something for both casual browsers and committed clients and be easily adaptable to keep it fresh and entice users to return frequently to the site.

We know from experience – our own and our clients’ – that websites take time, advance planning, and a solid knowledge of what both you and your clients expect from the site. Call us today to begin discussing what you want from your website and how Latka Communications can help you adapt your current site or develop a new one to achieve your aims.