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What do Unsubscribes Mean?

In this digital world we live in, it is important to have the option to unsubscribe from different things online. This is why you should know what this means as well as how it will work. It will help you to improve your experience when using the Internet.

What Does Unsubscribe Actually Mean?

Essentially, the meaning of unsubscribing is opting out of information from someone. This could be a person on Facebook or a company that keeps sending you annoying junk mail. This is why if you find that you are seeing things that are frustrating or offensive, save yourself the time and annoyance and simply unsubscribe. You will no longer have to see the information which will make things easier on you.

How to Unsubscribe?

A common misconception people have with emails is that companies will continue to send them junk mail, even if they no longer want it. Companies are actually required to have an opt out feature where people can unsubscribe from future mailings. If you take the time to look at an email, you will see this feature somewhere. Often, you will have to look at the bottom of the email to find it in small print. Just click and follow the instructions.

When using sites, such as Facebook you will need to use their procedures for unsubscribing. Looking at the help feature on the website is a good way to find it. Otherwise, you can always contact support.

It is also important to note with this that the procedures for unsubscribing are different with each company. Some may take you off their list for future mailings immediately and others may take several days to do this. You will want to read the message that comes up after completing the unsubscribe so that you will know when the messages will stop showing up.

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Making the Most of Your Email Lists

Santa is not the only one who benefits from the judicious use of lists. As a small business owner, you should be maximizing the return on your marketing investment by ensuring that you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to making the most value out of your email list. The tendency among neophyte internet marketers however, is that they view their electronic missives little differently than they view the direct, bulk-mail offerings that they have extended in the past. In fact, a highly calibrated email marketing campaign can lead to an increase in customer loyally, and a growth in newly engaged visitors who you can convert to future customers.

Segmented Email Lists

Just as Santa has two very distinct lists designed to serve two entirely different populations, you can also segment your email list to specifically target who gets what marketing message. After all, what sense does it make to craft a marketing message designed to lure in new customers, and then waste the energy sending it off to long-time, loyal customers who might be insulted that you seem unaware of their status as long-time loyal customers? Targeted email lists allow you to focus your marketing message like a laser on the specific segment of your customer base that you want to develop, which maximizes your efficiency while engaging your customer base.

Use the Customized Tools

Once a bulk, direct-mail campaign is launched and the coupons are in the mail, you really have no idea what is happening to those mailings until a customer hops into your shop, or places an order online for your wares. Utilizing the customized tools of email marketing programs gives you the power to actively track the progress and response to your mailings to each specific customer. You will know when they’ve opened it, read it, or horror of horrors, deleted it without so much as giving it a peek.

If you are going to use an email marketing list, you might as well make the most out of it for your investment in time and resources.

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Benefits of Personalization in Marketing

An estimated 74 percent of customers get frustrated when ads that are featured for them do not seem to have anything to do with their personal interests. That alone should be enough reason for companies to realize the importance of personalization, but the benefits do not stop there. When companies take the time and energy to personalize the advertisements they are sending out to their customers, companies get more for their investment and customers receive information about products and services that are helpful for them. It’s a win for everyone involved.

Improving Conversions

Ads that are personalized have a much better chance of netting customers. Customers enjoy feeling appreciated and singled out by companies, just like they appreciated individualized service in a store. Personalized emails, for example, were found to improve conversion rates by 10 percent alone. Customers are being bombarded by marketing and advertisements on nearly every platform. Creating ads that are personalized to the individual user means that these marketing tools will stand out to customers by being actually useful.

Improving Customer Retention

Personalization of advertisements is a fantastic first step towards building a relationship with the customer. Loyalty programs and other offers that contain personalized offers are much more likely to be responded to and customers will feel more positively about a company that has gone the extra step.

Personalizing marketing offers is a fantastic way to reach customers. Rather than hitting everyone with a generalized message, personalized messages are directly applicable to the customer receiving them. Although this might take a bit more of an effort on the part of the company, the potential benefits of higher conversion rates and higher customer retention greatly outweigh any cost. Companies should definitely investigate how personalized benefits can help them be more successful in their marketing campaigns.

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Digital Campaigns vs. Print Campaigns

The very basic fact – which has been true for some time now – is that digital email campaigns don’t have as high a conversion rate as commercial printing. The reason: brochures, posters, banners, direct mailers, and similar products are in front of potential customers, and in easy view. For example, anyone who has ever gone through their physical junk mail knows that any flyer, brochure, etc. that is high quality and has a particularly visual ad will easily draw their attention. Thus, they are effective at generating interest in a service or product.

On the other hand, email campaigns are much more affordable and can reach a much larger volume of potential customers than print campaigns can. However, what needs to be taken into account is that cheaper isn’t always better. Most email account holders can and often do delete an ad email without ever reading the actual email. Moreover, most people are bombarded by dozens of emails each day and they most often only pay attention to emails sent from people they know. This makes it difficult for a large number of people to open a digital advertisement email. There’s also junk email filters and spam filters to worry about as well.

Any product from a quality printing company – posters, direct mailers, brochures, etc. – will allow you to reach more people, captivating their interest from even thirty feet away. This is effective even if it’s for a moment or two. Some printing advertisements can be seen as works of art that capture the human eye, and ultimately the person’s interest. Sure, print costs more but it has proven time and again to have the highest conversion rate among potential customers just for the fact that you can’t immediately delete a print advertisement.

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Is Email Marketing Still an Effective Marketing Tool?

This is a trickier question than it seems to be. Print campaigns and email blasts both have their benefits and drawbacks. It may be safe to say that in order for companies to truly be effective in their marketing endeavors, both campaigns should be used. That being said, email blasts are not completely dead as an effective marketing tool.

There are a number of reasons why email blasts continue to be part of the business arsenal. If a company sends out a traditional print mail campaign, that company cannot track whether or not the intended recipients trashed the mailer, read it then trashed it, read it and kept it, etc. That is the beauty of email campaigns – you can do what you can’t do with print. Of course, it is important to mention that print campaigns do have a higher conversion rate than email campaigns. But that depends on the design of the printed materials, the quality, and who you’re sending it to.

With email blasts, assuming a company is using an established email marketing system, there are a number of advantages. For one, most of these organizations provide email reports that allow companies to know if their email was opened, when they opened it, how many times it was viewed, if it was forwarded, which links they clicked on, and a number of other useful pieces of information. In turn, this information can be used to then target future email campaigns to certain individuals to ensure that they both open the email and actually read it.

One of the most obvious reasons email blasts still exist is their cost effectiveness. It is much more affordable to have a company create and design an email blast and send it out than it is to design print materials.

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5 Tips for a Successful eNewsletter

There’s no doubt eNewsletters are highly effective ways to market goods and services to both existing and prospective clients. But how do you create a successful newsletter that customers will read and respond to?

Here are some tips to consider.

1. Write an effective subject line.

The first thing the reader sees is the subject line. Make sure it’s enticing and lures the reader into your content. Otherwise, the piece get sent straight to the trash folder.

2. Use the masthead appropriately.

Make sure your masthead includes your logo (linked to your site, of course) as well as a catchy name for the newsletter. The masthead shouldn’t take up too much space either. You want your content to be prominent and not “below the fold.”

3. Include a table of contents.

The average reader will spend less than a minute deciding if he or she will read your content. Make certain you’ve given them a clear picture of what’s in store if they investigate further. Oftentimes, a reader will use the table of contents to select the content the want to read instead of reading what you’ve placed at the top. The result? More clicks for your site.

4. Avoid sales speak.

Newsletters are supposed to contain just that – news. Readers don’t want a blatant sales pitch. Include facts, figures, photos, infographics, statistics, how-tos, tips and other helpful content that a reader can actually use. Sales pitches should be made in separate emails.

5. Highlight clients.

Incorporate testimonials and client spotlights so readers know your business is a quality outlet. Plus, by highlighting a client in your newsletter, you’ve secured your relationship even further.

Use these tips to create an effective eNewsletter for your customers and prospects. You’ll enjoy greater client engagement and increased sales thanks to a little forethought.

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Benefits of a Monthly e-Newsletter

In today’s economy, it is harder than it has been in a very long time to get the customer to open up his wallet and give you his credit card information. Due to this, small businesses that fail to innovate or, worse still, fail to connect with their existing customer base, simply fail. One of the simplest ways to make this vital connection with an existing customer base is to produce a monthly e-newsletter.

In addition to the obvious benefit of making the customer base feel appreciated and “in the know,” a monthly e-newsletter allows for experimentation within that group of people. By taking the core of your consumer base and subjecting it to things such as new schemes for sales, you are given a quick and dirty look into how well this new idea will fare with the cross-section of the population with the highest response rate toward your personal product. This high response rate also extends to the ability to leverage your existing customer base to provide free product reviews, free general marketing information, and free off-the-record critiques by simply asking them. People are often quite pleased when they learn their opinions not only valued, but specifically asked for. Use that impulse.

For those with very small businesses, the production of a monthly newsletter is just another regular cadence that can prove to the IRS that you are a business and not just a hobby. Remember, hobbies don’t pay the self-employment income tax, but cannot offset losses with deductions to anywhere near the same extent as a business. For those who are transitioning to a larger, more stable business, having as many sources of proof that you are serious about this as you possibly can will help enable you to classify yourself as a business.

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5 Quick Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email marketing may help you reach your target audience or stay in touch with past customers, but it can also create problems if you do not use caution when you are creating a marketing campaign. Fortunately, understanding what is appropriate and what is not will help.

Do Not Send Messages Several Times Per Day

Never send email ads more than once in a day. Ideally, limit the ads to two or three times per week. Sending several emails will result in being considered a spammer rather than a legitimate company.

Do Create Content that is Easy on the Eyes

Reading online is hard on the eyes due to the glare from a computer. Make your ads easier to read by offering a large amount of empty space. For example, create bullet points and keep your paragraphs very short. Make it easy to scan the advertisement.

Do Make the Headline Compelling

Focus on a catchy subject or headline that will make your customers interested in looking further. For example, if you are having a sale, then advertise the possible savings in the subject line.

Do Not Make Major Changes

After you select colors and the basic design of your brand, do not change it. Consistency is a key part of reaching your target audience because it shows that you are a company rather than a scam artist. Consistency can make customers more likely to look at your emails.

Do Allow Customers to Opt-Out of Emails

Although it might seem counter-productive, give customers the chance to tell you that they do not want emails. Offering the opt-out option will allow them to decide if they want to look further.

Email marketing can help improve the growth of your business, but you need to follow a few rules to make it more effective. By learning the dos and don’ts of the marketing strategy, you will see a greater level of success in the future.

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3 Ways to Produce an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an effective way to reach your potential customers, but only if they actually look at the email. The key to creating an effective email marketing campaign is focusing on producing email newsletters, advertisements and announcements that your potential customers are willing to look at when they are already busy.

Create a Marketing Plan

Set a specific direction for your marketing campaign and work on creating email messages that follow that idea. Organize each ad so that it is consistent with the previous ads. Nothing is more irritating than a marketing strategy that has no obvious direction and constantly seems to contradict itself. Create a focus point, even if it is just that you sell great products.

Make the Message Easy to Scan

Email marketing is not the same as a video ad or a newsletter you sent in the mail. Focus on concise messages that are easy to scan. When men and women read online, they do not usually read word-for-word until after a quick scan shows what the email is about. Use bullet points and break up the text with short paragraphs.

Limit the Emails

Send one email every few days rather than sending an email message every day. By staggering the emails and sending them less often, the email is less likely to end up in the spam folder. Nobody likes to have an inbox with so many email ads they can’t possibly follow the message. Limit the messages with one or two ads in a week and a newsletter once every two weeks or one month.

Email marketing is not as complicated as it might seem, but it does have a few key rules that make it effective. By focusing on your main point, creating messages that are easy to scan and respecting your customer’s space, you are more likely to see an increase in sales.

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7 Ways to Make Your eNewsletter Stand Out

eNewsletters are a very valuable tool for reaching out and keeping in contact with your followers and clients. Many benefits can come out of this marketing effort when they are being used correctly, here are some of our favorites.

Company news can be shared.  eNewsletters can contain all of the top news your business has been generating, important industry trends, or pertinent human resources events. It makes complete sense to have an eNewsletter to send out to your database.

Contact lists can grow.  Encourage customers to enter their emails on your website in order to get a variety of news and bulletins in a timely manner.  Overtime, a few new contacts here and there will become a brand new list of inquiries your sales team can follow up with!

Other marketing channels can be promoted.  eNewsletter can be highly interactive, especially if you integrate your social media marketing channels.  By adding a YouTube video to your eNewsletter, you can deliver a more personable message and stand out from all of the other text-heavy emails that are out there.

Your team can be promoted.  An eNewsletter is a chance for your company to exhibit some personality and to humanize your brand. Being personable and stepping out from behind the company’s curtain makes your brand more relatable to your readers.

Great information can be shared.  A lot of valuable content can be shared through eNewsletters. Information such as industry tips, best practices, and case studies can all be ways to help educate your audience and start a conversation with them.  Encourage readers to write back with questions and comments!

Brand awareness can be built.  Design your eNewsletter to match your company’s branding and color scheme, and give it an appealing layout that won’t overwhelm the eyes of your subscribers.

Services can be promoted.  By utilizing the sidebars or banners of your eNewsletter, you can offer promotions or additional links that you might want to steer subscribers towards.  Promoting upcoming webinars, available eBooks, or related services entices readers to visit your website to learn more about that particular topic.

Your eNewsletter is a powerful asset if it is well put-together.  It involves your readers and offers them multiple forms of media for them to engage in. Make it so good that your customers can’t wait to get next month’s edition!

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