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The Importance of Responsive Design

Most business owners are not aware of the positive impact responsive web design can have on their business. The way customers are searching for products and services is changing. Consumers want a response to their questions, and answers to their problems. Modern technology such as the internet provides consumers with quick responses in record time.

Mobile technology is perhaps one of the quickest and most effective ways for businesses and consumers to communicate. Consumers can respond to emails, job requests, and conference calls regardless of where they are.

What Does This Mean for Business

This means that more and more customers are using the Internet to find what they want. These customers range in the category of business people, students, professionals and everyday housewives. Very few people are confined to a desktop computer. This is the age of technology.

Businesses Need to Invest in the Future of Their Business

There is “Office on the Go” which is what many people are using to keep in touch with their jobs and to keep an eye on their competitors. Nearly every mobile device being introduced to the market today, offers some type of responsive web design software. Consumers are able to make purchases, pay bills, and schedule their next dental appointment, from their mobile devices.

Responsive web designs allow consumers the freedom to search the website, request assistance and ask questions. Open communication is the key for businesses that rely on customer responses. This means that customers can enter a website from any mobile device and use any screen size. Businesses that are not using responsive web designs are losing out on customers, sales and profits.

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Applications of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing puts the customer and the business in direct contact with one another, therefore the term direct. The main benefit of using this form of marketing is that the results can be measured using hard data, such as through numbers or statistics. This allows marketers to understand if the applications they are using to engage customers are working. In terms of applications of direct marketing, there are several to mention.

Print Media

Years before there was Internet, print media ruled the world of direct marketing. Today it is still useful, albeit with less of an emphasis. Catalog distribution, fliers and promotional letters are three of the most common forms of direct marketing. Additionally, if your business publishes magazine or newspaper advertisements that encourage a response, such as a survey or coupon to be used in a store, this would be considered direct marketing.

Internet Methods

As email became a commonplace way to communicate, it joined the ranks of direct marketing applications. Often you will see web based forms asking users to submit their email address either for contest entries, a newsletter sign up, or to receive free material such as an eBook. This is another form of direct marketing as it allows businesses to create a database using the email addresses of web users. Blogs that promote interaction between customers are another form of direct marketing online. The website advertisements that encourage users to click to redirect to a business’s page allows marketers to track web users’ activities so they can measure the success rate of such ads.

Mobile Technology

One of the first direct marketing applications using the telephone was through telemarketing. Marketers continue to use this technique. However, the methods have changed from cold-calling to connecting with customers who call in to customer service agencies for specific needs, such as when signing up for a credit card or updating banking information via the telephone. Cell phones with their ability to text message provide businesses with another form of direct marketing. This application allows marketers to reach customers through their mobile devices as yet another means of connecting with potential customers. Often times a text will include a coupon or sales ad that will promote a business, while helping marketers track the users of this application of direct marketing.

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How Print, Mobile, and Marketing All Tie Together

Combining different marketing strategies to create a single campaign may seem complicated, but it is growing in popularity. Print marketing, which is a traditional form of reaching a target audience, is starting to combine with mobile strategies to create an alternative method of attracting potential customers.

Using Mobile Technology

Mobile marketing is not limited to just advertisements on mobile devices and applications. It is also possible to combine mobile marketing with print marketing by creating applications that allow smartphone and tablet users to take pictures of barcodes or print advertisements for additional features. By using applications in an interesting way, it is possible to get younger audiences involved in the marketing strategy.

Adding Print Advertising

Print advertising takes many forms, such as fliers in the mail, coupons and billboards. Depending on the specific type of ad, the impact on an individual will vary. For example, a billboard might only be seen by a local audience while a newsletter sent in to a mailbox would reach a wider group of potential customers.

Adding print advertising to the marketing campaign can provide the opportunity to reach a specific demographic while the application on the mobile device helps appeal to younger generations or smartphone users.

Tying it Together

Tying all of the marketing strategies into a single campaign is a useful way to reach your target audience and incorporate a wide variety of marketing solutions. It is not necessary to use only old-fashioned or modern marketing techniques when you can combine both solutions into a single marketing strategy.

Marketing is a method of getting your name and reputation out to the public. Tying it all together with mobile applications that give special videos or features to those who also receive print ads can develop a greater amount of interest among potential customers.

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