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Why We Love Print (And You Should Too!)

We love print media and there is a reason that you should love it, too. When you are working on a marketing strategy for your business, print can help you to reach your entire target demographic, regardless of their age. You cannot rely solely on the Internet because print is how you are going to market to those who are right in front of your face.

Print provides security that someone is going to see your marketing message. You never have to worry about viruses or other malware preventing your message from reaching the intended audience. Once it is printed, it is available for the world to see – you just have to get it in front of the right people.

Printing is available using new technology that allows for higher quality images, larger formatting, full bleeds and real-life colors. This ensures that you are able to portray your company in the way that it needs to be so that people find out who you are and what you are all about.

We love print because it is diverse. You can choose small business cards to hand out to people when you see them, flyers for upcoming events, and banners to tell people where you are. It is a form of marketing that has always been around and will continue to thrive as long as there are face to face interactions taking place.

Print can be affordable and there is room for small and large businesses alike to partake in it. Small businesses generally focus on personalization while large businesses focus on bulk printing. Regardless of who you are, print media can help you achieve your marketing goals in one capacity or another. From catalogs to bulk mail to posters, it can all help you market your business.

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Tools for the Print Industry

The print industry is still very much alive. Throughout the industry, there is more technology than ever before and this has led to a better quality image that can be produced. As a result, when you work with a printer, you can enjoy such things as a clear image of the photos you wish to print, a full bleed on your flyers, and colors printed in the exact hue that you need them to be.

One of the primary tools that everyone in the print industry should be using is a digital printer. Digital printers ensure that there is no pixelation on larger prints and that the images are as clear as they can possibly come out in a printed format.

Large printers are also a must to ensure that you can get the banners and posters that you need. If you need a 24×36 poster, then it should be made available to you without having to work with a company clear across the country, which also involves shipping, handling and a longer wait time.

Various die cut tools should also be available so that you can get the shapes that are important to you. Whether you want club cards to hand out that are round or you want business cards with rounded corners, you should have the options available to you.

Not everyone in the print industry uses the same tools – or uses them in the same manner. It’s important to ask questions of a print company before you submit your order to ensure you are getting the quality that you need.

A significant amount of technology is available and anyone in the print industry should be tapping into this technology to provide you with a superior product to enhance your business.

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Applications of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing puts the customer and the business in direct contact with one another, therefore the term direct. The main benefit of using this form of marketing is that the results can be measured using hard data, such as through numbers or statistics. This allows marketers to understand if the applications they are using to engage customers are working. In terms of applications of direct marketing, there are several to mention.

Print Media

Years before there was Internet, print media ruled the world of direct marketing. Today it is still useful, albeit with less of an emphasis. Catalog distribution, fliers and promotional letters are three of the most common forms of direct marketing. Additionally, if your business publishes magazine or newspaper advertisements that encourage a response, such as a survey or coupon to be used in a store, this would be considered direct marketing.

Internet Methods

As email became a commonplace way to communicate, it joined the ranks of direct marketing applications. Often you will see web based forms asking users to submit their email address either for contest entries, a newsletter sign up, or to receive free material such as an eBook. This is another form of direct marketing as it allows businesses to create a database using the email addresses of web users. Blogs that promote interaction between customers are another form of direct marketing online. The website advertisements that encourage users to click to redirect to a business’s page allows marketers to track web users’ activities so they can measure the success rate of such ads.

Mobile Technology

One of the first direct marketing applications using the telephone was through telemarketing. Marketers continue to use this technique. However, the methods have changed from cold-calling to connecting with customers who call in to customer service agencies for specific needs, such as when signing up for a credit card or updating banking information via the telephone. Cell phones with their ability to text message provide businesses with another form of direct marketing. This application allows marketers to reach customers through their mobile devices as yet another means of connecting with potential customers. Often times a text will include a coupon or sales ad that will promote a business, while helping marketers track the users of this application of direct marketing.

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Benefits of an Informative Business Card

Imagine for a moment that you have just returned home from a networking function. Within an hour and a half of “working the room,” you could have reasonably returned from the event with at least 30 new business cards. But in, let’s say a month or so, how will you distinguish between those companies, especially if you have cards from multiple organizations competing in the same industry?

The truth is–most small business owners get “carried away” by the design choices when creating a business card, forgetting that this tiny 2 x 3.5 inch card is, indeed, a marketing tool. Therefore, your business card should not only be attractive, it should also be informative. Following, we’ve put together a few benefits for taking time to create an informative business card.

  • Who Are You? Business cards provide a great way of telling potential customers what your business does and what you stand for.
  • What’s In It For Them? A well-crafted business card will go beyond telling you the business name and industry; it will delve answer the question most customers are asking themselves: “Why should I choose this company?” Your business card can eliminate the guesswork, explaining briefly what makes your company unique and what perks they’ll get by working with you.
  • Invite Them To Engage. Remember, people do business with other people. Therefore, if you’re active on social media, by all means invite a prospect to engage with your company. If you offer incentives such as coupons or special invitations for connecting socially, the business card is a great place to tell them that, too.
  • Give ‘Em Something To Remember You By. Your business card will often give a prospect their first impression of your company. It’s a perfect way to create a brief but powerful statement while leaving them wanting more, more, more.

In short, informative business cards separate you from the pack by answering the burning questions on your prospects mind, leaving them with a positive impression of your business, your mission and your message.

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How Print, Mobile, and Marketing All Tie Together

Combining different marketing strategies to create a single campaign may seem complicated, but it is growing in popularity. Print marketing, which is a traditional form of reaching a target audience, is starting to combine with mobile strategies to create an alternative method of attracting potential customers.

Using Mobile Technology

Mobile marketing is not limited to just advertisements on mobile devices and applications. It is also possible to combine mobile marketing with print marketing by creating applications that allow smartphone and tablet users to take pictures of barcodes or print advertisements for additional features. By using applications in an interesting way, it is possible to get younger audiences involved in the marketing strategy.

Adding Print Advertising

Print advertising takes many forms, such as fliers in the mail, coupons and billboards. Depending on the specific type of ad, the impact on an individual will vary. For example, a billboard might only be seen by a local audience while a newsletter sent in to a mailbox would reach a wider group of potential customers.

Adding print advertising to the marketing campaign can provide the opportunity to reach a specific demographic while the application on the mobile device helps appeal to younger generations or smartphone users.

Tying it Together

Tying all of the marketing strategies into a single campaign is a useful way to reach your target audience and incorporate a wide variety of marketing solutions. It is not necessary to use only old-fashioned or modern marketing techniques when you can combine both solutions into a single marketing strategy.

Marketing is a method of getting your name and reputation out to the public. Tying it all together with mobile applications that give special videos or features to those who also receive print ads can develop a greater amount of interest among potential customers.

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Connections Between the Printing and Mailing Industries

Printing and mailing often go hand in hand. Why? When you print something, think about what you are going to do with it. If it is some kind of marketing campaign, it needs to be distributed – and this usually means mailing it.

The printing industry often supports the mailing industry. While many people have gone to electronic statements for their credit cards and receive a lot of other things electronically, businesses are still able to market inside of a person’s physical mailbox. They will work with a printing company and then seek a company that offers mailing services to get it all done.

When you can find a company that works within the printing and mailing industries, you get the best of both worlds.

It can be extremely easy to create a direct mail campaign when your print company will do all of the work for you. Think about all of it – designing a flyer, printing a flyer, and distributing the flyer – all provided by one company so you can save time as well as money.

The mailing industry is much more than simply helping things get mailed to different locations. The mailing industry is also responsible for managing mailing lists. If you want to print something and have it distributed, you will want access to a mailing list so that your marketing campaign gets into the hands of people who actually care about the product or service that you are trying to promote.

It works to your advantage for the printing and mailing industries to have a very strong connection. When the print industry partners with the mailing industry, you benefit because they are able to offer you better services.

Direct mail is the outcome of the relationship – and you can market your business effectively because people still like seeing things in their mailbox.

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Measuring Your Print Campaigns

Despite all the new technology found on the internet, the old fashion methods of reaching new customers are still powerful and effective. Companies literally spend billions of dollars each year on print marketing ads and campaigns.

Managing a successful print campaign is possible when business owners can answer two of the most important questions in marketing? What is your company’s goal, and what are you hoping to accomplish?

Perhaps a new product has great potential and the market is ready for something new and exciting. What better way to introduce the newest product to potential customers, than print ad marketing and campaigning. Completing an analysis of the marketing demand can increase brand awareness, and increase sales and profits.

To measure a successful and profitable print ad campaign, just follow these simple rules:

Have a system for locating and tracking the success of a print ad campaign. Make sure the trail leads back to the company’s marketing department.

  • Perform self initiated analysis and assumption, and plan accordingly. Know how many ads to print, where to distribute them, and which audiences are targeted.
  • How many responses are expected, how much does the project cause and what profit is the business expecting in ROI.
  • Custom print materials can track sales and customers. Using codes and coupon with special numbers imprinted, can track sales and responses.
  • Train personnel and customer service representatives to ask the important questions. “How did you find us?” “What products or services are you interested in?” and “How can I make you happy today?”

Print marketing is concrete. Potential customers see an item that want, that pass the print along to the people in their circle. This form of networking, gets the print moving in new directions, and can actually increase sales in unexpected geographic locations.

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5 Ways To Stand Out At Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are meant for standing out amongst the competition. You need to make sure your booth has more people crowding around it – and that may be harder than it looks. If you go to any trade show, it’s the companies with the best looking booth that has the biggest crowds.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you stand out and get the crowds that you need to make sure your sales increase.

1. Signage. You have to have well-created signage to make sure you are seen. This means large signage at the top of your booth with your logo. As soon as people enter the trade show facilities, they need to be able to spot where you are.

2. Banners. Banners along the sides of your booth will make it easier for people to know when they have spotted you. Just as you need far away signage, banners will act as your close signage.

3. Lights. You need lights, even if it’s in the middle of the day or in a well-lit conference hall. The lights will make it easier to attract people and ensure that people are able to read all of the information that you have available at the show.

4. Giveaways. All trade shows have booths that give out something. Some people give out business cards, some people give out tootsie rolls, and others give out really cool things like pens, note pads, and even tote bags. These items should be printed with your logo so they know how to get in touch with you when the trade show is over.

5. Printed materials. Some people don’t want to talk to a sales person at the tradeshow. They just want to come by to collect information. If you are going to stand out, you have to provide material about your product or service to give people when they leave.

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3 Ways to Make Print Interactive

To truly capitalize on advancements in the worlds of marketing and communications, businesses must find ways to make print work with new channels.

Here are three ways that print can be made interactive:

Use QR Codes to Drive People to Mobile-Optimized Sites
The numbers behind the growth in mobile marketing truly are impressive. More and more of your customers and prospects are visiting websites on their mobile phones. By adding a QR Code to your printed materials, you will be able to reach that mobile audience. QR Codes truly can make print interactive. By driving people a mobile-optimized site where they can watch a video, learn more about a product, or sign up for future alerts, you will further build your database and increase brand awareness.

Promote Social Media Pages for a Company or Product
Companies of all sizes and across all types of verticals are turning to social media to help better serve their customers and interact with prospects. However, they need people to know those pages exist to truly maximize the impact. One way to do this is to promote the social media sites on printed materials. Many people use their smartphone to hop onto sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. They may do the same thing after learning that your company has something to offer on those sites.

Use SMS/Text-Messaging as the Call-to-Action
While we may place less phone calls on our cell phones than we did two years ago, SMS/Text-messaging usage seemingly continues to rise. A number of companies have found ways to engage their fans and build their mobile marketing database by inviting people to send a text message to opt-in for a special offer.

There are plenty of tools and channels to choose from when trying to make print interactive, so see what works best for your audience and take it from there!

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