The Importance of Accurate Data for Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail is used by thousands of companies for marketing and promotional purposes. While this can be a great tool for attracting and maintaining a solid customer base, there are pitfalls. Having inaccurate data can substantially limit the effectiveness of the campaign. An effective direct mail campaign needs to be sent to the right people, at the right time, and with the right offer or promotion. The following are three reasons why accurate data for direct mail campaigns is so important.

1. Maintaining a Personal Connection

When it comes to maintaining a positive relationship with current customers it is important to send information to up-to-date addresses and spell names correctly. Nothing says impersonal mass advertising like a misspelled name. Even if the right advertisement or coupon reaches the correct individual, if other information is inaccurate a customer can feel disconnected and unappreciated by the company.

2. Targeting the Right Audience

Not every customer you’ve ever had is right for each deal or promotion. A company probably won’t send out a coupon for baby furniture to an elderly couple. But they still will want to keep them on their mailing list for other furniture discounts. It’s important to not only maintain accurate names and addresses, but general age ranges, income levels, and accurate information regarding past purchases.

3. Cost Effective Marketing

In simplest terms, inaccurate data is a waste of money. Even with the Internet and social media, direct mail can still be effective. It isn’t cheap, however. Even though it might initially cost extra time and money to have a system in place to make sure data is accurate and current, it’s worth the extra expenditure in the area of direct mail.

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