Top 3 Worst Habits When Using QR’s on Your Print Material

If you are using QR codes and are not getting the response you expected, then perhaps you should rethink the way you use them. The worst habits are the bad ones that are repeated because users don’t realize how quick response codes work. Here are three common bad habits that people seem to have across the board.

Is Your QR A Homebody?

Make sure your code actually leads somewhere. If you link it to a desktop website, then you will defeat the purpose of using the code. It must be attached to a mobile website. The whole idea behind using QR coding is convenience, which means saving time. The site should be concise, but complete with exclusive QR discounts, information, or incentives that would appeal to someone who would use a code in the first place.

Does Your QR Suffer from Motion Sickness?

Mobility is not your friend, in this case. Using a billboard or a moving screen creates an obstacle for your potential customers. Taking a picture of a particular section of a billboard from a moving car isn’t the best of ideas. Neither is trying to chase down a code on a scrolling marquee. Yes, you might want to reconsider bumper stickers as well.

You Wanna Put What Where?

QR codes are so often too small or out of the way. Your code should be no smaller than 1.2 square inches. The standard equation is the distance between the scanning device and the code, divided by 10. Getting the appropriate size is a moot accomplishment if the code is placed in an awkward location. You don’t want potential customers having to stand on the tips of their toes or mooning passersby to click a photo of your code!

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